PROS and CONS: Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

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All-Star Movies Resort

What are the Pros and Cons of a stay at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort? Check here before you book your next trip to Walt Disney World!

Disney’s All-Star Movies is typically the favorite of the three All-Star Value Resorts due to its true Disney character theming. Who doesn’t love getting their picture taken in front of a giant Buzz or Pongo statue?

All-Star Movies Pros

pros and cons all-star movies

Photo by Mike Billick


Guests of all ages love the larger-than-life Disney-animated icons showcasing The Love Bug, Mighty Ducks, Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians, and Fantasia characters. The Fantasia pool is colorful and fun with Sorcerer Mickey right in the middle.

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Affordable is what makes this resort fun for many. Standard rooms, complimentary transportation, and outdoor movies are enough to meet many families’ preferences, which makes any All-Star resort a great choice.

pros and cons all-star movies All-Star Movies Resort

Photo by Mike Billick


OK, every Disney resort is clean. But that’s what makes this Value Resort great! The attention to detail, including cleanliness, really makes All-Star Movies a must-stay. 

All-Star Movies Cons 

pros and cons all-star movies

Mickey presides over the pool, but there is no slide to be found. Photo by Cliff Wang

Spread Out

At All-Star Movies, some guests find the walk to their rooms a bit long—especially if they’re further away from Cinema Hall. Consider booking a Preferred room, if close proximity to food and transportation is a priority.


Buses are the only mode of complimentary transportation from this resort to the parks. Sometimes, buses are shared between all three All-Star resorts, making waiting for a bus even more challenging, especially when All-Star Movies is the last resort to be picked up or dropped off.

No Pool Slide 

While the two pools located here are themed well and very cute, they don’t have a pool slide. In fact, no Value Resort on Disney Property has pool slides. If a slide at the resort pool is a must-have, consider booking a Moderate.

Should You Stay at Disney’s All Star Movies Resort?

pros and cons all-star movies

All-Star Movies is a great place to stay with kids who love Disney movies. Photo by Courtney Reynolds

If you’re just looking for a place to crash each night and won’t spend much time at your resort, book a Value like All-Star Movies!

If you need a resort that will accommodate more people, but you want that Disney animation feel, consider booking a room at Disney’s Art of Animation.


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