What People Are Saying About WDW Magazine

“The magazine is AMAZING!! I look forward to it every month❤️”Ann W.
“A yearly subscription keeps me sane until I get back.”Jenny W.
“This magazine is beyond beautiful!!!! I already can’t wait till next months 😂😂😂”Jen R.
“You will read every page, devour every photo, and wait anxiously for each new issue.”Charlie Z.
“Beautiful is a understatement. The colors, the photos, the articles. And they are bigger in size than most normal magazines! ❤️”Tonya L.
“Love this magazine. It’s like getting a coffee table book every month. Going back and reading them never gets old. Thank you for making a print addition.”Linda E.
“Visually stunning magazine!”Tommie J.
“Just received my first copy in the mail today and it is a beautiful magazine!”Anthony A.
“I can’t contain myself!! Seriously LOVE this!! 💖💖💖”Stacy S.
“So glad you did a print edition so that we can save them and keep looking at the wonderful pictures. they bring back our own memories!!”Janice S.
I LOVE this magazine. It’s informative, entertaining, and just dang witty. Good work guys.Kelly B.
“I absolutely love this magazine, now in print!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️”Heidi L.
“Love the magazine, beautiful pictures and super good informational articles. A must if you love Disney. If you are planning a visit in the future, begin reading this now. You will stay up to date with events and changes at the parks.”Beth P.
“Wow. The quality is amazing”Frank J.
“I am a new subscriber from New Jersey, my first issue just came and I am so impressed! Great job on the stories, page layout and high quality photos!”Billy L.
“Stunning pictures! I love the ‘Did you know?’ section with the fun facts!”Lana P.
“This is a high-quality magazine. The photos are the BEST, the magazine size is perfect, the paper high-quality, the articles are very interesting and up-to-date, and the price is right.”Sheri D.
“This isn’t a magazine. This is a work of art. This is something to help you until you return home to Disney World.”Ruth L.
“I love this magazine, I am like a little kid waiting excitedly for each issue to come and I’m never disappointed.”Mary Ellen B.
“The printed magazines are fabulous. Pictures are down right beautiful and having this in hand keeps me wanting more. It keeps me up to date and helps me plan my next visit. Plus you can preview so many new things going on at Disney before it is complete. They also show you behind the scenes of so many projects, rides, restaurants and foods. Love this magazine.”Sandy G.
“Love my subscription! I tell everyone how great it is ♥️♥️”Maryann C.
“I was hoping for a long time that you would put these amazing pictures not only in a calendar but also in a monthly mailing that I can physically hold, read and have as a keepsake! You guys are wonderful and I just want to say thank you!”Leo O.
“Got my first copy last week and finished reading it! I WANT MORE! Love it.”Russell B.
“I love going to the mailbox and finding my WDW magazine!! I don’t get anything done the rest of the day 😊”Ronell N.
“Receiving WDW magazine each month is such a treat. It’s a piece of Disney I can have at home. Makes me more excited for my upcoming trips. Thanks so much for having the print issue each month so we can all share in the excitement.”Stefanie K.
“Beautiful pictures and great articles! Can’t wait for the next issue!! Amazing!”Jill W.
“It is a beautiful, glossy high quality print piece with tons of information about WDW. I look forward to it the way I did when I was a kid and subscribed to my first magazine.”VC L.
“So worth the price!!”Vicki K.
“It’s a very high quality magazine”Debbie S.
“Yes it’s pricey BUT it is so worth it!! beautiful pictures, great articles & when I’m feeling down i can go to a previously issue and get happy again. It also seems to arrive on a very stressful day!!💕🤩”Angela R.
“Extremely well-done. Informative articles. Amazing pictures.”Kathi S.
“This is an amazing Disney magazine—beautiful photos and great articles! A must have for Disney lovers. Thank you.”Lynn H.
“I received my April Magazine and I LOVE it! My favorite Magazine Ever!!!!”Colleen P.
“Such a beautiful magazine, well worth the price!”Lori P.
“The pictures are exceptional. This magazine makes me feel like I have a piece of Disney at my home whenever I want to look at it (which is often).”Debbie B.
“Wonderful articles and magnificent pictures, as usual. Quality is A++”Carol C.
“Don’t hesitate; don’t meditate…get a subscription to this magazine! You will NEVER regret it! My wife and I can’t wait for each issue to arrive! The articles are great. The pictures are AMAZING!!”Bob A.
“Great magazine! Wonderful photographs, articles, and it really helps when you are ‘home’ sick.”Anna K.
“A must have for Disney lovers. ❤️❤️ love love love this magazine!!”Debbie F.
“Great magazine. Helps fill the void between visits.”Linda F.
“Very happy with the magazine.”Jason C.
“It is a great magazine. It has wonderful articles and extraordinary pictures. The pictures just pop out at you. It is just like the memories we cherish of Disney only it is bringing it directly into your home. The magazine has over 60 pages. Now if you think about all that the price is well worth it. You will love it.”Joel H.
“I am absolutely in AWE of all the amazing pictures so in love with them!!”Julie L.
“The pictures are amazing! This magazine keeps you in the parks when you can’t be there in person Love it!”Juli D.
“This is much more than just a magazine. I have all my trial editions and have no intention of getting rid of them. One of them is the opening of Toy Story Land. How cool with it be looking back at that in 20-30 years.” Ben S.
“I just LOVE the print magazine!!!! Something about having it in your hands is MAGIC!!!!”Teresa M.
“We have received 2 issues now and I must tell everyone that it is a FABULOUS magazine!! Well put together. I simple love it!!! Thank you ever so much WDW Magazine.”Gail S.
“It’s well worth every penny!!!!!!”Jo V.
“WDW magazine is not just colorful pages — it’s memories you can hold in your hand. My family loves it.”Jen L.
“The magazines are worth the price. Articles are very informative. Pictures are amazing!!! So much to read. ❤❤❤❤❤”Kathi S.
“WDW Magazine is fabulous!!! I’ve subscribed since the print trial and love each and every magazine. I look forward to receiving it every month. You’ve done an outstanding job with this magazine.”Sheri D.

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