Our honest PonchEar review lets you know if this style protector is worth the price.

If you’re familiar with the Disney weather, you’ll know that it is unpredictable—rainstorms one minute and the sun shines the next. 

You may also know that park rain gear such as ponchos are not the most flattering and may clash with your Disney Style. 

A company called PonchEar has come up with a solution to some of your pesky poncho problems.

Building a Better Park Poncho

PonchEar-Review-Poncho-a-Disney-World Chiu

PonchEar is made from a thick material from head to toe. Photo by Tina Chiu

PonchEar’s rain poncho comes with an extended covering for Mickey/Minnie ears—allowing users to stay dry in style! 

PonchEar is $19.99 for the adult size and $16.99 for children. I was gifted a PonchEar to try and I was excited to put it to the test at the parks to see if it is worth the price.

Cue a couple of weeks of sunny weather.

We had to wait for a rainy day to see if it really worked (because we really wanted to test it for you, dear reader), but if you know Florida—well, it didn’t take long for the opportunity. 

Why I Liked It

Ponchear-Reusable-Poncho Disney World Chiu

Ponchear in action at EPCOT. Photo by Tina Chiu

Thicker Material: The material of the PonchEar is thicker than the ponchos you can find in the theme parks. With thicker material, it provided more coverage, dryness, and didn’t cling to the body. 

Tickets to the Ear Show: I really liked that the area for my Minnie ears was a clear material that allowed my ears to be seen, even while I’m protected from the rain. 

Have some elaborate ears? It had enough space to fit even my biggest pair of ears. That said, make sure you are not forcing an extra-EXTRA large pair of ears in there, as you don’t want to rip the plastic.

Ponchear-Reusable-Poncho -Mickey Ears-Disney World Chiu

Great for showing off light-up ears. Photo by Tina Chiu

Generous Proportions: PonchEar comes in two sizes, Adult and Child. Check out their site for sizing information. The extended materials around the head and bottom along the body helped me stay super dry and comfortable. 

Cost: I find the cost of the Ponchear ($19.99, $16.99) to be reasonable because it’s a product that you can use over and over again. It’s made of quality material that will last and also comes with a pouch to store in which is easy to throw into your park bag.

Care: Since this is a reusable poncho, you will need to tuck it away after each use.

PonchEar comes with a pouch, but you may want to bring a larger plastic bag with you to quickly stash it (as park guests will typically do on a rainy day to save ponchos). If you don’t want to spend time folding it up at least for storage between visits, then you may want to stick to disposable ponchos.

We suggest watching the below video on how to fold up the PonchEar. Watch it once and Marie Kondo your poncho for infinity.

More PonchEars in Action

Not sure if PonchEar will work with your ears? 

Check out PonchEar protecting various types of Mickey ear headbands at the parks:


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We Recommend PonchEar

I’m very impressed with PonchEar and happy I don’t have to remove my pretty ears every time it rains at the parks, now. 

PonchEar definitely addresses this problem and made my rainy park day that much better.

You can order a PonchEar directly from their website. Spin the wheel on their site to see if you qualify for up to 20% off your purchase. 

Want to see more before you buy? Check out PonchEar on Instagram to see their unique poncho in action.

A complimentary product was offered for this review so we could test drive it in the parks without hindering our snack budget. While we did receive a freebie, all reporter opinions are objective and honest to give you the best advice.

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Tina Chiu
Tina Chiu

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