Play Disney Parks – Your Questions, Answered

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Have you tried out the new interactive experiences offered by the Play Disney Parks app? Your questions about the Play Disney Parks app, answered here!

If you ever find yourself waiting in a long, winding line queue for one of your favorite Disney attractions, you probably wonder about ways to pass this time and get to the fun as fast as possible.

Enter the Play Disney Parks app.

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What is the Play Disney Parks App?

Play Disney Parks Welcome Screen

Courtesy of Disney

The Play Disney Parks app is sort of a companion app to the My Disney Experience. It will ask for an MDE log in information to keep track of achievements and sync information, but it’s not required to play.

Is the Play Disney Parks App Free?

Available for free on both IOS and Android, the Play Disney Parks app is a gaming app that brings magical, interactive experiences to your next visit to the Disney parks, as well as fun games and trivia directly to your phone.

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How to Download Play Disney Parks

Play Disney Parks is a free app available on the App store for Apple devices and the Google Play store on Android. It’s as simple as downloading, and logging in with a pre-existing Disney account if one exists, or creating a new log in.

My Disney Experience is not required to use most of the apps features, but does ask for an existing MDE or Disney log in to keep track of your progression and achievements earned during play.

Are There Achievements?

Check your achievements at any time in the Play Disney Parks app

Courtesy of Disney

Yup! Dispersed throughout the map is a large collection of earnable achievements. All you have to do to earn them is activate the app while near the attraction. A Disney account is required to keep track of your progression.

What’s Different from My Disney Experience?

While My Disney Experience makes the life of any guest at Walt Disney World a lot easier, Play Disney Parks adds a whole new layer of interactivity to exploring the Disney parks. Not only that, the app even brings fun to some of the lines queues, featuring their own unique games.

The main draw of Play Disney Parks is the variety of immersive, interactive games available while waiting in line to pass the time. Most non-trivia games support a player party of up to five players, some requiring at least two, making it a useful tool to have fun with the whole group while waiting in line.

How Do I Play Disney Parks?

Play Disney Parks Before You Begin Screen

Enable Location and Bluetooth access for the best experience. Courtesy of Disney

To play these games, first you’ll need to turn on location data when asked, as well as Bluetooth access. The app tracks your location to make sure you’re in line before starting the game, because some of the games require you to use your surroundings to play properly.

However, if you don’t have location access enabled or can’t get the app to recognize your location, you can tap “I’m Standing in Queue” to get right to the fun!

Where Do I Find Games?

Map of the Magic Kingdom from the Play Disney Parks app

Courtesy of Disney

Attractions with included games will be visible on the in app map, which includes markers for locations where you can earn achievements, access the games, or simply just use a fun and colorful map for navigating the parks.

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What If I’m at Home?

Location select screen in the Play Disney Parks app

Courtesy of Disney

While most of the games require a presence at the parks to fully enjoy, in contrast the “At Home Fun” experiences can be accessed and played anywhere, at any time.

These include Disney Trivia games such as Disney Parks Trivia, which tests your knowledge on Disneyland and Disney World history, characters, Films, and other fun brain scratchers, as well as The SOUL of Jazz presented by EPCOT, which focuses more on the history of Jazz that inspired Pixar’s Soul.

There’s also the more zany and cartoony Mickey and Minnie’s Trivia Time, which mixes the location based nature of other Play Disney Parks experiences by unlocking more trivia games as you visit associated attractions around Disney’s Hollywood Studios– For up to a total of five games. There are two are available at the start!

What If I’m Alone?

Unfortunately for those flying solo, the “party game” nature of the Play Disney Parks app means some experiences require at least two players. Don’t be discouraged however, as most of games offered allow for single player experiences.

What If I Have Genie+?

Disney Genie+ Logo

Courtesy of Disney

Genie+ users may not get the full Play Disney Parks experience, as some of the games require that you be within the attraction lines in order to fully participate.

Aside from maybe not getting even the time to play, Genie+ Lightning Lanes will likely be out of range from the location-based games—but, there are still plenty of opportunities to play and interact outside of the line queues.

So, if you want to get the most out of your Play Disney Parks app, wait in line!

List of Games Available on the Play Disney Parks App

The Play Disney Parks app displaying on an iPhone

Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

Keep on reading to see what interactive experiences you can find around the Disney parks using the Play Disney Parks app. Some apps are available at multiple parks, so be sure to check the app for what’s available at your next vacation destination!

Disneyland Exclusive

The Great Esmeralda mobile game

Esmerelda the Fortune Teller. Courtesy of Disney

Esmerelda the Fortune Teller

Located on Main Street, USA. Pay a visit to the mystical fortune telling Esmerelda, and see what the enigmatic woman has to reveal to you.

The Gifts of Mars

Inside the Temple of the Forbidden eye, Disneyland’s Indiana Jones attraction, lies secret coded messages related to the mysteries of the temple that are waiting to be deciphered and put together.

The Tall Tales of Fortune Red

Fortune Red is waiting inside New Orleans Square at the pirate of the Caribbean’s attraction, eager to spin you a tale of swashbuckling pirates while tempting your fate.

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Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Star Wars: Datapad from the Play Disney Parks app

Star Wars: Datapad. Courtesy of Disney

Star Wars: Datapad

Uncover the secrets and adventures hidden in every nook and cranny at Black Spire Outpost in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. You can choose to play as either a Resistance scout, a First Order Spy, or a self-serving Scoundrel as you accomplish missions for your chosen faction.

Resistance Encampment

An extension of Star Wars: Datapad, complete specialized missions scattered throughout the Rise of the Resistance line queue at Galaxy’s Edge as either a Resistance scout or an undercover First Order spy.

Flight Crews Wanted

On the loading bay of the iconic Millennium Falcon, show the galaxy’s most famous scoundrel Han Solo you can qualify to join his crew by testing your space-ship crew hand skills.

Andy’s Boardgame Blast

Bring one, two, or even up to four friends to Slinky Dog Dash to have some fun playing Andy’s own handmade board game! Made from spare toys, cardboard, and his own impressive imagination, this is a great way to pass the time as you wait to board the ride.

Disneyland and Magic Kingdom

Our Flight to Never Land mobile game

Off to Never Land. Courtesy of Disney

Off to Never Land

Spend your time in the line for Peter Pans Flight with an assortment of question, short stories, jokes, and an appearance by Tinker Bell.

Rocket Race

You, and up to four other cadets will work together to complete training missions in preparation to blast-off on Space Mountain!


Kidcot Fun Stop Puzzle Hunt

Disney Kidcot Puzzle Hunt. Courtesy of Disney

Soarin’ Challenge

Has your flight around the world been delayed? Team up with other passengers, and test your knowledge of the worlds landmarks, history, and culture with this game.

Disney Kidcot Puzzle Hunt

Explore the world at EPCOT, collecting Kidcot Fun Stop puzzle pieces at each stop during your journey around EPCOT.

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Woody's Rescue Wrangle, one of the games in the Playset Party

Playset Party. Courtesy of Disney

Playset Party

Gather up to four other playmates and help Woody and the gang put together the Toy Story Midway Mania! Playset. This game is also available at Disney’s California Adventure.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom Animal Expeditions mobile game

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Animal Expedition. Courtesy of Disney

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Animal Expedition

Located in the Tree of Life, Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, and Mahajarah Jungle trek, become a conservation hero and join expeditions around the park, uncovering wildlife trivia and a world of wildlife conservation efforts.

The ACE guide to Pandora: Valley of Mo’ara Edition

Join the Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE) on an adventure through the colorful cultures and wildlife native to the alien world of Pandora. Scan the area for native alien fauna, synthesize native music, and learn all about the Na’vi from your digital tour guide.

At Disney’s Art of Animation

Stories of the Enchanted Gallery mobile game

Stories of the Enchanted Gallery. Courtesy of Disney

Stories of the Enchanted Gallery

Show Walt Disney how it’s done and bring the décor of Disney’s Art of Animation resort to life by creating your own art!

Make The Wait Magical—Just Play

Play Disney Parks app logo

Courtesy of Disney

With the Play Disney Parks app, your time at Disney World and Disneyland Resort is certain to be well spent enjoying these interactive experiences while you pass the time in line for your favorite attractions.

Just be sure to download the My Disney Experience app if you want to save your achievement progress, as well as access all the other services provided by it– especially Genie+ if you want to skip the wait altogether!

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Brian is a longtime Disney fan, as well as a passionate reader, aspiring artist, and writer long inspired by the technical craft and whimsical feel of classic animated Disney films. He inherited his love for EPCOT from his father, and his favorite film is Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

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Brian Hodgeman

Brian is a longtime Disney fan, as well as a passionate reader, aspiring artist, and writer long inspired by the technical craft and whimsical feel of classic animated Disney films. He inherited his love for EPCOT from his father, and his favorite film is Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
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