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Last week, we attended the very first Villains After Hours at Magic Kingdom! Here’s a photo recap of what you can experience at this new event.

Villains After Hours is the newest addition to the Disney After Hours line-up! You can expect the same awesome perks as the standard Disney After Hours events—low crowds, unlimited snacks, short wait timesplus special entertainment, food, and merchandise that you can only find at Villains After Hours!

Before we get started, we would like to thank Disney for inviting us to experience this exclusive event so we could bring you this inside look!

Villains After Hours media lanyard for June 6, 2019. Photo by Courtney Reynolds.

Villains After Hours Overview

Villains After Hours takes place on select nights this summer at Magic Kingdom. Click here to see the list of current event dates and times.

With this ticket, you are able to check-in and enjoy the park as early as 7pm. If you purchase tickets in advance, the price is $139 per person (plus tax). At the gate, tickets are $144 per person (plus tax). If you are an Annual Passholder or Disney Vacation Club member, tickets are $109 per person (plus tax). You can purchase tickets online, through the Disney reservation center, or at the gate.

A limited number of tickets are available, so we’d suggest purchasing in advance so you can secure your spot and save a few bucks in the process. If you wish to enjoy the parks before 7pm, you will need to purchase regular daytime admission in addition to your Villains After Hours event ticket.

Bottled beverages, popcorn, and ice cream are included with your admission. You can stop by any of the snack carts throughout the park as many times as you want throughout the night.

Specialty food and beverages items are available for purchase during the event.

Specialty Food & Beverage

Left: Dr. Facilier’s Tarot Card Tart (Sleepy Hollow) / Right: Dragon’s Breath Float (Storybook Treats). Photos courtesy of Disney.

  • Dr. Facilier’s Tarot Card Tart, Sleepy Hollow – chocolate tart filled with dark chocolate ganache and topped with peanut butter mousse and a white chocolate tarot card
  • Dragon’s Breath Float, Storybook Treats – lemon soft-serve and sprite topped with a green cherry and cherry-flavored syrup

Intergalactic Noodles (Cool Ship). Photo courtesy of Disney.

  • Intergalactic Noodles, Cool Ship – chilled noodle salad with snap peas, red onion, and sweet garlic chili sauce

Headless Horseman Novelty Straw (Liberty Square Popcorn Cart) / Hades Temptation (Tortuga Tavern). Photos courtesy of Disney.

  • Headless Horseman Novelty Straw, Liberty Square Popcorn Cart
  • Hades Temptation, Tortuga Tavern – purple frozen mocktail “Cosmo” with lemonade, violet monin syrup, and a gummy worm

Hades Nachos (Tortuga Tavern). Photo courtesy of Disney.

  • Hades Nachos, Tortuga Tavern – black bean nacho chips with “fiery” buffalo chicken and nacho cheese

A Drink from The Other Side (Sleepy Hollow). Photo courtesy of Disney.

  • A Drink from The Other Side, Sleepy Hollow – a non-alcoholic Hurricane-like drink themed after one of the most popular drinks in New Orleans

Not So Poison Apple Cupcake (Main Street Bakery) / Maleficent Cone (Storybook Treats). Photos courtesy of Disney.

  • Not So Poison Apple Cupcake, Main Street Bakery – a spiced “apple” cupcake with pecan crunch and buttercream
  • Maleficent Cone, Storybook Treats – lime soft-serve topped with chocolate horns and purple sprinkles served in a black waffle cone

Exclusive & Villains-themed Merchandise

Exclusive Villains After Hours merchandise will only be available during the event while supplies last.

This exclusive merchandise is only available during the event. Photos courtesy of Disney.

Villains-themed merchandise is available at merchandise shops all across Walt Disney World, including mugs, accessories, apparel, and more!

Villains-themed merchandise is also available during the event. Photos courtesy of Disney.

Villains-themed merchandise is also available during the event. Photos courtesy of Disney.

Decor & Photo Ops

Throughout the park, you’ll find spooky lighting, themed projections, and exclusive photo ops!

Spooky lighting and themed projections can be found throughout the park. Photo by Cliff Wang.

Make sure to stop by one of the themed photo ops! Photo by Cliff Wang.

Special Ride Overlays

Guests can experience Villains-inspired additions to Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain!

Watch as live pirates take over Pirates of the Caribbean, and experience Space Mountain in complete darkness with a wicked soundtrack.

Pirates take over the Pirates of the Caribbean queue during this event. Photo by Brett Svenson.

They also can be found on the ride itself! Photo by Brett. Svenson.

Maleficent Roams the Streets

This is by far one of the biggest draws to the event!

Maleficent makes her way down Main Street every single day in the Festival of Fantasy Parade, but there’s just something special about seeing her roam the streets at night. Colorful lighting and an upbeat soundtrack bring this experience to the next level.

Maleficent makes her way down Main Street during Villains After Hours. Photo by Courtney Reynolds.

There’s just something so cool about seeing her breathe fire at night! Photo by Cliff Wang.

Villains Unite the Night

Villains After Hours is the only Disney After Hours event to feature a special stage show.

In Villains Unite the Night, Megara and Hades from “Hercules” take the stage, accompanied by Jafar, The Queen, Dr. Facilier, and Maleficent. This show is high-energy with a great soundtrack, incredible Castle projections, and exciting pyrotechnics. Definitely a highlight of the event!

Hades is the host of Villains Unite the Night. Photo by Cliff Wang.

Meg and Hades butt heads as usual. Photo by Cliff Wang.

Meg and Hades are surprised by some visitors. Photo by Cliff Wang.

Jafar makes a surprise visit to the Castle. Photo by Cliff Wang.

Jafar loses his temper. Photo by Courtney Reynolds.

The Queen stops by for a surprise visit next. Photo by Courtney Reynolds.

The Queen gives Hades a stern look. Photo by Courtney Reynolds.

The Queen brings along her axe-wielding Huntsman. Photo by Courtney Reynolds.

Dr. Facilier stops by from the Other Side. Photo by Cliff Wang.

Looks like Dr. Facilier has something up his sleeve. Photo by Courtney Reynolds.

Dr. Facilier shows off his fire-loving friends. Photo by Courtney Reynolds.

Maleficent is the final Villain to make an appearance in the show. Photo by Courtney Reynolds.

Hades celebrates at the end of Villains Unite the Night. Photo by Cliff Wang.

A Special Goodbye

When the event ends, there’s still one more special surprise! As you make your way to the park exit, be sure to look up at the Main Street Train Station balcony. You might just be greeted—or… heckled—by a few familiar faces!

Anastasia, Drizella, and Lady Tremaine heckle guests exiting the park. Photo by Courtney Reynolds.

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