PHOTOS: Animal Kingdom Christmas Decorations Are Up!

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Here are the 2020 Animal Kingdom Christmas decorations and where to get your perfect holiday photo.

Today marks the the beginning of the of the holiday season at Walt Disney World, and that means that all the parks have put up festive decorations to celebrate the season!

Since just last year, the holidays at Animal Kingdom brings all sorts of wild Christmas decorations all over the park.

Take a look below to see what’s new this year!

Outside Animal Kingdom

Photo by Mike Billick

Animal Kingdom’s Christmas Tree. Photo by Mike Billick.

Even before you go in the park, there’s a (pretty big) hint that festivities are going on inside!


Photo by Rain Blanken

You can see all sorts of presents underneath the tree… We’re betting that there’s no shortage of goodies for the animals in there!


Photo by Rain Blanken

You’ll be able to find all kinds of critters from around the world hiding inside the Christmas tree outside Animal Kingdom!


As always, Tigger can be found next to the Christmas Tree. Photo by Rain Blanken

Of course, Tigger is happy to greet everyone coming in to Animal Kingdom! Be sure to get a quick photo with him before you head inside.


Garlands run all along the entrance to Animal Kingdom. Photo by Rain Blanken

Just step under these festive garlands, and head through the entrance to see everything new on Discovery Island!

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Festivities on Discovery Island


Photo by Rain Blanken

The merchants of Discovery Island have spared no expense making their shops as festive as can be- Lanterns, garlands, wreaths, oh my!


Photo by Rain Blanken

These garlands around the shops of Discovery Island are just so full of life!


Photo by Rain Blanken

These beastly lanterns can be seen running all along the roofs of the shops of Discovery Island. Which one is your favorite?


Photo by Rain Blanken

A bit of a close up of one of the lanterns placed atop the roof of Riverside Depot. We bet they look absolutely fantastic at night!


Photo by Rain Blanken

You can find this wreath hanging from the side of Riverside Depot, as well!


Photo by Rain Blanken

These festive bundles on the lamp posts have tiny elephants, birds, gorillas… and maybe mice? Be sure to keep a close eye on all the Christmas decorations at Animal Kingdom, don’t let any of those hidden Mickeys pass you by!


Photo by Rain Blanken

These festive lamps will light your way as you make your way from Discovery Island to the other continents of Animal Kingdom!

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Africa’s Decked for the Season


Photo by Evelyn Long

The continent of Africa is looking awfully festive this year! Made almost entirely out of bottlecaps, this wreath is just one example of the upcycled décor you can find all around the continent at Animal Kingdom.


Photo by Evelyn long

You can spot these gourd garlands overhead as you make your way into Harambe fort!


Photo by Evelyn Long

With wreaths made of bottlecaps, gourds, and twine, the Christmas decorations around here certainly have a delightful African twist put on them!


Photo by Evelyn Long

While you aren’t likely to find a “traditional” Christmas tree over in Africa, that doesn’t mean you won’t find one at all! The Christmas decorations around Harambe Station are certainly some of the most creative in Animal Kingdom.


Photo by Evelyn Long

These bottlecap elephants are just so adorable— and they’re giving me DIY Christmas decoration ideas of my own! How about you?


Photo by Evelyn Long

Speaking of DIY decoration ideas, taking a closer look at one of the garlands running along Harambe station, one can see that it’s made of hand-crafted dolls, painted gourds, and foliage native to Africa.


Photo by Evelyn Long

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your own home with holiday flair, look no further than Africa at Animal Kingdom for inspiration!

Christmas at Dinoland U.S.A.


Photo by Rain Blanken

In true Dinoland fashion, all of the Christmas decorations around this area of Animal Kingdom are all just so delightfully… tacky!


Photo by Rain Blanken

This tree over by the TriceraTop Spin looks like it was pulled straight out of some midwestern county fair! Fitting, eh?


Photo by Rain Blanken

Unfortunately, the lack of festive decorations around here means that there won’t be any Christmas-themed character greetings in Dinoland. However, there’s still all sorts of holiday fun to be found around the park!


Photo by Rain Blanken

All of the lamps around Dinoland U.S.A. have these delightful tinsel decorations mounted onto them. Decorating for Christmas is so easy, even a dinosaur can do it!


Photo by Rain Blanken

And finally, it look’s like Donald’s gotten Pluto quite the gift for Christmas! Hopefully he let Chester and Hester know first, though…

What About the Rest of the World?


Photo by Rain Blanken

Over in Asia, festive Diwali lanterns have been put up all along the streets of the continent. They look absolutely beautiful at night!


Photo by Evelyn Long

You can find these lanterns just as you step off the bridge from Discovery Island, right in front of the Yak and Yeti!


Photo by Rain Blanken

Finally, over in Pandora, you’ll be able to see a Na’vi take on ol’ Saint Knick— you might not be able to sit in his lap, but he’ll still listen to all of your Christmas wishes!

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Kurdt is an avid Disney fan and full-time computer geek. His favorite WDW park is Hollywood Studios, and his favorite Disney "princess" is H.R. Giger's Alien.
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