Pack Your Poncho: 5 Reasons I Love Animal Kingdom in The Rain

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Animal Kingdom, WDW Blog

I think Animal Kingdom in the rain gets a bad rap. Many may say it is one of the worst parks to be in when it rains, but I disagree.

People just don’t seem to like Animal Kingdom when it’s raining, but I like it. Don’t get me wrong—I prefer a sunny day at Disney over a rainy day, but sadly the weather is the one thing Disney cannot control.

Animal Kingdom is the largest park at Walt Disney World, and when it starts to rain, you might have to walk a little bit to get to some kind of covering.

If you are someone who doesn’t like Animal Kingdom in the rain, then I am here to change your mind! There is plenty of fun to be had at Animal Kingdom in the rain—and the more rain, the fewer people!

The next time you’re caught in the rain at Animal Kingdom, try some of my favorite rainy-day attractions. Just make sure you pack (or buy) your rain poncho!

Go on a Safari!

There are two kinds of safaris you can go on at Animal Kingdom. One is a regular safari with animals, and the other is a pizza safari. Both of these safaris are perfectly suitable for the rain.

Kilimanjaro Safaris can be found in the Africa section of the park, and you are guaranteed to see the many wonderful animals that they have on the reserve.

When you board the attraction on a warm Florida day, you might catch some of the animals hiding under trees or other greenery to shade themselves from the sun.

When it rains, I never fail to see the rhinos, hippos, and elephants more active than usual!

The last time I went on Kilimanjaro Safaris in the rain, I had the pleasure of seeing the rhinos having a lot of fun in the mud. I had never seen these animals so lively before, and it was heartwarming to see them having fun.

animal kingdom in the rain

The rain doesn’t bother the animals! Photo by Laurie Sapp

When we pulled into elephant territory, all of them were huddled together near the watering hole.

It’s important that we learn from these animals. If they aren’t going to let the rain ruin their day, then neither should we!

The only problem that you can face during the rain is that the ride does shut down when lightning is in the area.

If the ride is not open due to a more severe thunderstorm, you can head over to Pizzafari for a different kind of safari.

Pizzafari Animal Kingdom

Anyone interested in a Pizza-safari? Photo by Cliff Wang

Pizzafari is located on the right side before you turn into Pandora.

This restaurant is the perfect place to take the picky eaters in your party. They serve universally loved foods like chicken fingers, pizza, and breadsticks!

Get a Drink!

Nomad Lounge is unbelievably underrated. You might have noticed this restaurant on your way to Pandora, but not very many guests drop in to check it out!

Drink at Nomad Lounge

Doesn’t this look like a refreshing way to wait out the storm? Photo by Tatjana Lazar

The lounge features a covered patio as well as indoor seating, where you can order shareable snacks and specialty cocktails.

Because this spot is usually not busy, it is a perfect place to take shelter from the rain, while also indulging in some tasty share-ables!

Nomad Lounge Covered Patio

I actually like watching the rain, so this is a perfect spot! Photo by Tatjana Lazar

Ride a Banshee!

Sivako! That means “rise to the challenge.” (The challenge I am referring to is waiting in the 300-minute lineup for Flight of Passage).

The rain in Orlando is totally unpredictable. The sun can be beating down on you in one minute, and the next minute you can find yourself soaked from a torrential downpour.

The best way to face the rain is to ride-it-out. By “riding-it-out” I do mean waiting as well as riding rides!

No Fastpass+? No problem! Take advantage of the unpredictable weather and wait it out by joining a line that is indoors.

Brett- Flight of Passage Avatar

The queue is half the fun of the ride! Photo by Brett Svenson

Both attractions on Pandora are covered and indoors, which means it would be a perfect place for you to allow some time for the rain to clear up.

Watch ALL the shows!

When I visit Animal Kingdom with my family, it feels like we never have enough time to watch both The Festival of The Lion King and Finding Nemo the Musical.

Festival of the Lion King - Lauri

The Festival of The Lion King is a great way to pass some rainy day time. Photo by Laurie Sapp

When it’s raining, it’s best to avoid the outdoor rides. No matter where you are, it’s never very comfortable to be walking around in wet clothing. This is why the shows are so perfect.

You will likely get into the next showing of the performance as soon as you join the line, so as soon as you finish watching The Festival of The Lion King, you can make your way over to Finding Nemo the Musical.

Finding Nemo the Musical

Join Dory and friends on an exciting, unique adventure with this indoor show! Photo by Laurie Sapp

As an added bonus, you can circle back to the front of the park and watch It’s Tough to Be a Bug. 

When it’s a rainy day, you have the option to take the day slowly by watching all of the indoor performances that Animal Kingdom has to offer.

Meet Safari Mickey & Minnie

If you’re like me, then you’ve met Mickey and Minnie about a thousand times. Sometimes I overlook the fun that can be had at character meet-and-greets.

At Adventurers Outpost, you can meet Mickey and Minnie, but they’re dressed in their safari outfits. There is plenty of space indoors for Guests to wait indoors to meet Mickey and Minnie.

As soon as you’re done meeting the couple, you can duck into the gift shop located right beside Adventurers Outpost if it’s still raining!

Mickey Safari Outfit

Nonna LOVED Mickey’s outfit! Photo by Alessandra Sferlazza

Whether you’re visiting from far away or you’re a local visitor of the parks, the rain should never put a damper on your day. After all… you’re at Disney World—and a rainy day at Disney World is better than a rainy day anywhere else!

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Aly is the Social Media Coordinator for WDW Magazine as well as a contributing writer. For the past five years, she has worked with The Walt Disney Company and completed her BA, B.Ed, and a certificate in Journalism. Aly loves spending every second she can at Disney World with her best friends and family. Follow Aly on Instagram

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Alessandra Sferlazza

Aly is the Social Media Coordinator for WDW Magazine as well as a contributing writer. For the past five years, she has worked with The Walt Disney Company and completed her BA, B.Ed, and a certificate in Journalism. Aly loves spending every second she can at Disney World with her best friends and family. Follow Aly on Instagram
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