Nightmare Before Christmas Merch: Halloween 2022 Merch

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Find out where to get the 2022 Nightmare Before Christmas merch at Walt Disney World…

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party comes ’round each year, bringing Nightmare Before Christmas fans from around the world with it.

The Nightmare Before Christmas has become synonymous with Halloween since its release 29 years ago, making NBC merch a must-have for the spooky season. I had the pleasure of meeting Jack Skellington and Sally at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and it was quite the experience. I’m convinced that some people come exclusively for the opportunity to snap a pic with the king of Halloween!

🎃 👻Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange? 🦇 💀

Come with us and you will see, this, our merch of Halloween! A new collection of wares is being offered at Disney World in honor of our ghoulish friend’s favorite time of year.

2022 Nightmare Before Christmas Merch

Along with incomparable meet-and-greet opportunities, the fall season offers limited edition merchandise that appeals to spookier sensibilities. Eek-worthy ensembles, horrifying housewares, and devilish doodads have been imported from Halloween Town for your amusement and adoration – take a look at them below!

Nightmare Before Christmas “Jack” Mickey Ears

There are few characters under the Disney umbrella that are more stylish than the Pumpkin King. Not sure if that’s due to Sally’s great sewing skills or Jack’s ability to pull off a pinstripe suit…

I’m willing to guess it’s a bit of both! Get Jack Skellington’s signature look with these shiny pleather ears, striped like Jack’s iconic suit with his bat-shaped bowtie sitting front and center. The back of the ears stars a white illustration of Oogie Boogie on one ear and Lock, Shock, and Barrel on the other.

🦇 Price: $29.99

Nightmare Before Christmas Holographic Grid Tote Bag

You’re gonna need something big to lug around all that Halloween candy at MNSSHP! Look no further than the holographic gride tote recently released for Halloween 2022.

Iconic Halloween Town residents are showcased Brady Bunch-style with an edgy 3-D twist. Not to mention its many uses outside of the parks: lots of room for storing your shrunken heads, brightly colored for easy spotting in dark and dank environments, and water-resistant material that’s perfect for containing various goo-like substances.

🦇 Price: $34.99

Ghostly Clear Bow Nightmare Before Christmas Ears

Nightmare Before Christmas Mickey Ears Long

Photo by Evelyn Long

These ears are probably the coolest I’ve seen in a long time! The new pair conjures up images of grinning ghosts soaring over Halloween Town skies.

Ectoplasm-esque holographic material makes up the bat-like bow and faces of NBC characters that detail each ear, ensuring that these eerie ears will manifest compliments from this realm…. and beyond.

🦇 Price: $39.99

“Full of Spirit” Zero T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love Disney’s most iconic dog? No, not Goofy… not Pluto…. I’m talking about Zero, Jack Skellington’s not-so-furry friend! For guests who prefer to play fetch at the graveyard rather than the dog park, you’ll love this brand new t-shirt featuring man’s best (undead) friend.

🦇 Price: $19.99

Children’s “Sally” Hoodie

Florida may still be hotter than a flaming Christmas tree, but fall will be here before we know it. Keep the kiddos cozy during the most spine-chilling time of the year in this purple hoodie! The pullover is detailed with ruched sleeves and what appears to be Sally’s daydream doodles.

🦇 Price: $39.99

Nightmare Before Christmas Water Bottle

Halloween, if done right, is the ultimate excuse to eat an otherwise unacceptable amount of candy. To prevent a stomach ache from all the inevitable sugar consumption (perhaps the scariest thing about the holiday), you better stay hydrated!

Stay on theme with this water bottle, which depicts a handful of characters from the Halloween classic.

🦇 Price: $27.99

Jack Skellington Socks

Nightmare before Christmas Socks Mancini

Nightmare Before Christmas socks. Photo by Lex Mancini.

Any Halloween lover knows that the extravagance of the holiday is all about the details. Pull up the hem of your pants to reveal Disney’s favorite creepy couple!

One sock is a grape candy hue that features a full-body graphic of Sally and the other is pitch black with Jack Skellington printed along it. They’re awfully soft too, which makes them handy for long-haul trick-or-treating!

🦇 Price: $14.99

Jack Skellington 3-D Holographic Backpack

Seeing double? No, you didn’t drink too much witch’s brew. The incredible red-and-blue 3-D design elements of this collection are perfectly showcased in this backpack. Although we haven’t brought our own 3-D glasses to the parks to test it out, it looks like this design might actually come to life if you’ve got the shades to go with it!

🦇 Price: $39.99

Jack Skellington 3D-Style T-Shirt

We didn’t see this one at The Emporium, but witches and ghouls alike might want to check out this Jack Skellington shirt on that perfectly matches the backpack above.

🦇 Price: $29.99

Children’s “Looking for Trouble” T-Shirt

“Creepy cute” is the best way to describe this adorable Nightmare Before Christmas children’s top. Something about this shirt just feels perfect for the kiddo in your life who puts the “trick” in trick-or-treat—and flashes you the puppy dog eyes right after. But who can stay mad at a face like that?

🦇 Price: $29.99

Jack Skellington Halloween Town Jigsaw Puzzle

Nightmare before Christmas Merch Puzzle Long

The lack of corner pieces makes this truly frightening. Photo by Evelyn Long.

What’s this? What’s this? A Halloween activity the whole family can enjoy? Take a Nightmare Before Christmas jigsaw back to the resort room to keep the spooky fun going long after the party’s over!

The puzzle appears at first glance to just be Jack Skellington’s face, but upon a closer look, you’ll notice many elements of Halloween Town hidden in his head. The details make this one of our favorite pieces of this season’s Nightmare Before Christmas merch.

🦇 Price: $24.99

Jack Skellington PopWallet

Who better to protect your moolah than the scariest guy around? The circular design of PopSockets makes for a perfect spot to star Jack’s round noggin.

On the PopSocket, The Pumpkin King bares his teeth and dons a menacing look that will scare away wandering eyes. The wallet feature of this phone accessory is covered in a hypnotically groovy black-and-white pattern.

🦇 Price: $29.99

Oogie Boogie Children’s Shirt

Alright, this tee might be a little too terrifying! I’m willing to bet Oogie Boogie is one of the most hair-raising villains to ever be featured in a Disney movie.  This black-and-grey shirt continues the 3-D theme with a large photo of Oogie Boogie, menacingly lumbering over to what I imagine is some variety of deep-fried bug. Not my kind of fair food, but I don’t judge.

🦇 Price: $29.99

Nightmare Before Christmas Playing Cards

If Oogie Boogie ever needed a new deck of cards for his casino lair, these would be the perfect set. Packaged in a hauntingly appropriate coffin-shaped box, these cards feature sepia portraits of Jack and Zero ready for adventure – with Oogie Boogie surveying them in the shadow of the moon.

The suits display Jack Skellington as kings, Sally as queens, Zero as jacks, and the trick-or-treaters as aces. Oogie Boogie and Dr. Finkelstein are the jokers in this deck. As Oogie Boogie would say, “you’re joking, you’re joking!”.

🦇 Price: $14.99

Halloween Merch at Disney World

Disney World Halloween Merch 2022 Pumpkin Hat Blanken

Can’t get enough of the spine-chilling and spell-binding Halloween products that the season brings? There are ghoulish goodies for everyone this Halloween – galactic ghosties, trick-or-treating trolls, and happy haunts alike will find something that tickles their fancy this year!

Check out some of the other 2022 Halloween collections that Disney World offers: 

Star Wars Halloween Merch Collection

The kids who were wearing Darth Vader masks while trick-or-treating decades ago are all grown up – but for true fans, being a grown-up just means they’ve got grown-up budgets. Splurge those extra pennies on the Star Wars merch of little you’s wildest dreams! Halloween has summoned a new crop of spooky Star Wars wares that will make you wonder how all those products got in your cart. No, it wasn’t a Jedi mind trick – it’s all just that cute!

Trick-Or-Treat Halloween Merch Collection

Disney World Halloween Merch Trick-or-treat Crocs Blanken

Get a haunting haul of goodies without wandering around the neighborhood begging door-to-door (in a costume, no less)! Housewares, accessories, and frighteningly fabulous fashions await you this season on both in-park and virtual shelves.

Get your fix of the creepy and kitschy with this classic ode to Halloween, where you’ll spot Mickey and the gang getting into their fair share of spooky antics.

Haunted Mansion Halloween Merch Collection

Ready to join 999 happy haunts at the Haunted Mansion?

Well, you’re gonna have to look the part if you want the spirits to welcome you (although a Mean Girls-style induction into this exclusive final resting place sounds like an amazing concept for a movie). Take a paranormal peek at the Haunted Mansion oddities and offerings that Hallow’s Eve has materialized!

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Evelyn Long is a proud University of South Florida Bull and Disneyphile. She has been going to Walt Disney World since she was a child and is now an Annual Passholder. Witnesses say she has unashamedly cried at the sight of the Magic Kingdom Rapunzel bathrooms on multiple occasions.

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Evelyn Long

Evelyn Long is a proud University of South Florida Bull and Disneyphile. She has been going to Walt Disney World since she was a child and is now an Annual Passholder. Witnesses say she has unashamedly cried at the sight of the Magic Kingdom Rapunzel bathrooms on multiple occasions.
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