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Mulan ColourPop Full Collection

Even though the highly anticipated Mulan movie has been postponed, ColourPop Cosmetics is still launching a Mulan ColourPop collection to fill the void!

ColourPop has launched four makeup collaborations with Disney. The collections include Disney Princess Premiere, Disney Villains, Midnight Masquerade, Frozen II, and now they have added Mulan to this epic list.

Mulan ColourPop Makeup Collection

Photo Courtesy of ColourPop

Mulan ColourPop Collection Contents

This collection is slightly smaller than the other Disney collections that have been released by ColourPop, but there are still great options to round out your Disney makeup collection.

Skincare from Fourth Ray Beauty

This collection is unique in that it features two skincare items: Jasmine Face Milk and Gold Lip Mask.

Fourth Ray Beauty is a makeup line sold within the ColourPop website, and it joined in on the warrior collaboration.

Wearing and removing makeup can cause your skin to become dehydrated, especially for dry skin types. The face milk formula is made with jasmine flower, which will add hydration and a pleasant scent to your skin.

The lip mask has a golden sheen to it, which will add a soft and healthy glow to your lips!

ColourPop Brave Skin care kit

“Brave” Fourth Ray Beauty Kit: $17. Photo Courtesy of ColourPop


There are three lip colors in this collection that are perfect for every warrior. All of the lip products look fantastic, but I was drawn to the red lux liquid-lip product called Strong Chi.

Mulan ColourPop Strong Chi liquid lip

“Strong Chi” lux liquid lip: $9.Photo Courtesy of ColourPop

Remember the scene where Mulan is getting ready to meet the matchmaker? This colour reminds me of the lip color painted perfectly on Mulan’s lips.

Mulan Lips

Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

The “Phoenix” lux gloss looks like the perfect top coat for your favorite lip color. I like applying sheer glosses on top of my lipstick to add the illusion of volume to my lips. I think this would be a universally complimentary shade to put over top any lip color.

Mulan ColourPop Phoenix Lipgloss

“Phoenix” lux gloss: $9. Photo Courtesy of ColourPop

I was really excited when I saw this color because I am a big fan of a staple nude lipstick. I think a nude lip can pull together a neutral makeup look and it can also compliment a more vibrant makeup look.

This shade is similar to a Fenty Beauty lip product that looks good on absolutely every skin tone.

Mulan ColourPop hua mulan Lipstick

“hua mulan” crème lux lipstick: $9. Photo Courtesy of ColourPop

The Palette

I am someone who loves attention to detail. That is why I am usually really impressed by the names the brilliant minds in the makeup business come up with.

The colors in the Mulan ColourPop palette are named after words of inspiration and strength.

Those are central themes in Mulan and I love that names reflect the confidence of this warrior princess!

This palette is a great staple collection of eye shadows because you can create simple and neutral looks with the soft nudes—but you can also spice your makeup look up by adding the glitter! (My personal fave is “Like a Girl”)

Mulan ColourPop Eyeshadow Palette

“Mulan” shadow palette: $22. Photo Courtesy of ColourPop

For your Next Mulan DisneyBound…

The Mulan ColourPop collection includes a fan! This is such a great addition to the collection. I can think of three uses for this fan!

  1. Drying your face after you douse yourself in your setting spray
  2. Staying cool during your summer visits to Disney World
  3. Accessorizing your Mulan DisneyBound for the premiere
Mulan Fan

Mulan fan: $10. Photo Courtesy of ColourPop

Can’t decide? Buy it all!

If you’re already dreaming about all of the makeup looks you create with all of these products you have the option of buying the entire Mulan ColourPop collection.

There were so many pieces that I wanted when the Disney Villains collection came out, that it made more sense for me to buy the entire collection.

Mulan Full Collection

Get the complete Mulan and ColourPop collection for $81. Photo Courtesy of ColourPop

There is also a slightly smaller bundle that includes (what I think are) the most popular products from the collection. If you just want the palette and the lip products and want to skip out on the rest, then this bundle is for you!

Mulan ColourPop true to your heart Set

“True To Your Heart” set: $42. Photo Courtesy of ColourPop

Bottom Line

What is great about ColourPop is that their prices are similar to drugstore brand pricing. Though this brand isn’t priced like the average Sephora brand, the quality of these products are similar to Kylie Cosmetics, TooFaced, and Tarte.

If your order starts to add up ColourPop uses afterpay, which allows customers to pay for their purchase in installments, without interest or penalties. It’s a perfect “buy now, pay later” feature of the payment process.

I recommend it if you want to purchase limited edition items like the ones featured in the Mulan ColourPop collection—because once they’re gone… they’re gone!

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