10 Items You NEED To Bring To A Disney Park

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What do you NEED to bring to a Disney park?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, families had to be on their A-game when preparing for a day at a Disney park. Backpacks full of cameras, video cameras, guidebooks, batteries, cash, credit cards, room keys and more dragged them down. Fast-forward to 2017 – the age of smart phones and Magic Bands!

Magic Bands mean no more backpacks! Or do they? Picture by Disney Photo Snapper.

Disney would have us believe that being armed with those two items alone would be enough to survive a day at the parks. But in most cases they’re not. Sure, they go a long way to cutting down on bulky items like cameras, guidebooks, and wallets but to really enjoy a day at the parks in comfort you’re going to need a few more items.

Best of Mickey Mouse Crossbody Bag by Dooney & Bourke

Maybe you’ll pack for the park in a Crossbody Bag by Dooney and Bourke.

In fact, there are 10 items you should never leave home without when you’re going to a Disney Park.   Make sure you pack them and when the need strikes you’ll go from zero to hero, yes indeed!

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If you have a medical emergency in the parks, find the nearest Cast Member for help. If you need first aid, head to the First Aid Center for care. But if you get a little blister from breaking in your new shoes, a paper cut from the park map, or your little one gets a boo-boo from an overzealous spin around the splash pad, you’ll be happy you threw a couple of these in the bag. Bonus – they take up almost no space!


If you link your MagicBand to your credit card, you probably don’t need to carry a bunch of cash around the parks. But in case you max out your limit or you encounter a technical problem, it’s always a good idea to have a $10 bill tucked in your bag for emergencies like getting a cold Diet Coke for the trek back to your hotel to get your Magic Band fixed.

Disney Magic

This one is up for interpretation. I personally believe that everyone should have a little silly Mickey/Princess/Jedi inspired paraphernalia when heading to the park – you’re never too old to show your #DisneySide. So if you’re not wearing a Disney tee-shirt consider throwing a Disney pin, hair clip, or hat in your bag so you don’t feel left out of the fun when everyone else is in Mickey ears!


This is up to your family’s needs – definitely make sure you have an epi-pen, insulin, or any other life saving meds you need in your bag! For the average family, some Advil or Tylenol, as well as Pepto Bismol tabs or Immodium are never a bad idea to have on hand!


Whether you print off your PLAN from Touringplans, you’re using the My Disney Experience App to plan your day, or you’ve jotted down a few must-sees from Dad’s Guide, whatever the style of your PLAN – avoid panic and pack it!


Most days in Orlando it’s extremely bright outside right up until night fall so sunglasses are a must! If you’re heading out after the sun has already gone down you can leave these in the room but otherwise protect your eyes with a cool pair of shades!


This is non-negotiable. If you forget it, almost every gift shop sells some so pick it up and add it to your bag! The sun is intense at WDW all year round and you won’t have any fun if you get a painful sunburn. Be sun smart folks!

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are my clean-up method of choice – though some people prefer hand sanitizer I like the wipes because they can be used to sanitize or clean sticky skin, wipe up spills on clothes, and freshen up on a hot day. Pre-moistened towelettes are good, but it you prefer less chemicals you can go with Tow-Tabs that pop to life when you add water.

Ziploc Bags

This is my secret weapon at any Disney park. Ziploc bags are great to hold most of the above items and keep them organized in your bag, but they also protect your camera, phone, cash, etc. when you ride Splash Mountain, get spritzed in a spray zone, or fall victim to a sun shower (or torrential downpour). They have proven invaluable to me on each and every trip!

The average family of up to five should be able to get away with carrying all this one backpack (a couple can probably make do with a fanny-pack or small purse) to hold the absolute essentials – of course if you’ve got a little one in tow a diaper bag might be in order – but you can leave that in the stroller!

What are you must-pack items for a day at a Disney park?

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  1. I am super surprised you didn’t add poncho to this list. Its essential for the light down pours that fly by quickly.

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