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Wondering what it is like to book a trip to Disney World right now? The experts at Destinations to Travel have here to give you their expert insights on what it’s like to go to Disney World, even with all of the new COVID restrictions.

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Expert travel agents—check!

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Agents have been traveling to WDW all year long and are ready with the most up to date information from restrictions to new entertainment.

Let’s see what the team is saying about their most recent WDW vacations:



Photo by Brianna Moore

Brianna has made it to WDW not once but twice this year! In July, she had her first solo trip and stayed at Pop Century for four nights. She spent two days in Magic Kingdom and a single day at both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. 

For October’s vacation, it was seven nights at the Grand Floridian with her parents (who are in their 60s). They spent four days at Magic Kingdom, two at EPCOT, and one at Hollywood Studios.


On traveling to Disney World during COVID-19 restrictions, Brianna said, “Are things different? Yes. Are things still magical? Absolutely! While it is true that crowds are picking up and lines are getting longer, there is still so much magic in the air. 

Cast Members are so happy to be back to work. There are adorable character cavalcades at each park. EPCOT is still rocking their festivals (yum-o)!”

BRIANNA’S TRAVEL TIP: “Keep in mind that all ride photos are delayed because someone has to check them all for mask compliance. You may have to wait a few days for some ride photos to appear. If someone in your photo is not wearing a mask properly, your photo will not be in your account!”



Photo by Emily Morris

Emily hit both Christmas and Halloween seasons, traveling October 28th – November 2nd. She stayed at The Grand Floridian for five nights with her husband Tom, son Colin (16), and daughter Abbie (13). 

They visited each park once, except for Magic Kingdom, where they spent two days checking out the park decorations for Halloween and Christmas!


“Disney is doing a great job of keeping everyone safe and adhering to their COVID policies. I felt that since there seemed to be “less” to do, that you could accomplish what you wanted to do, therefore feeling like you weren’t missing out. 

“We still had plenty of fun on our trip, and there were new experiences like the Character Cavalcades that weren’t there before. You never knew when one was going to “pop up,” making it more special if you just happened to be there for it!

EMILY’S TRAVEL TIP: Lines for some of the more popular attractions could be long, but the lines move along quickly and only appear longer due to the 6-foot physical distancing requirement. The wait times were much less than they seemed.



Photo by Brianna Moore

With crowd levels down, I was eager to hear from Brianna and her experience with obtaining a Boarding Pass and riding Rise of the Resistance

“The groups were still being released at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM on both of my trips. I was able to get my boarding groups both times at the 2:00 PM drop. I did everything correctly at 10:00 AM and wasn’t able to get a Boarding Group. 

NOTE: Morning Boarding Group procedures have changed since Brianna’s trip.

“Both times that I rode, no other parties were in our vehicle. The first time I rode, I was on a solo trip, so I had the entire vehicle to myself!”



Photo by Emily Morris

The monorail isn’t just some mode of transportation – it’s an attraction! It’s not something I want to miss out on, and I was happy to hear how Disney is handling social distancing during the ride. 

Brianna told me, “As for the monorail, they only allow one party per bench, so a max of two parties per car. Most of the time, we were the only party in our vehicle. There are fabric barriers between cars, too.”

Staying at a monorail resort, like the Grand Floridian, has many perks, not just the monorail. It even saved time when Emily was traveling to Magic Kingdom with the additional security screenings, including temperature checks.

“When riding the monorail to the Magic Kingdom, you can go through security and temperature screening before you board the monorail at the Grand Floridian! That was awesome. It saved so much time, and you could proceed right to tickets on your arrival to the Magic Kingdom.”



Photo by Emily Morris

Both Brianna and Emily had some extra magical experiences with Disney Cast Members on their trips.

Brianna remembers, “In July, I decided to purchase a pressed penny book because I had a lot of these from my childhood, and they needed an official home.”

“I purchased the book at the Space Mountain gift shop, and Nessa, the sweetest Cast Member, rummaged around some drawers after I checked out and eventually handed me a fist-full of pressed pennies. She told me that she couldn’t send me away with an empty book!”

And Emily said of her special experience, “We have a shout out to Cast Member Jerry from the Grand Floridian who would give us rides in his golf cart to our destination around the resort when he saw us out and about. It really helped our tired feet!”

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