Minnie’s Halloween Dine Review at Hollywood Studios

by | Oct 2, 2020 | Hollywood Studios, WDW Blog, WDW Food

Halloween seems to mostly be celebrated at Magic Kingdom, but I was so glad to learn about Minnie’s Halloween Dine at Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood and Dine used to be an all-you-can-eat character buffet but due to safety concerns, the menu looks a little different now. I will get to the food in a minute… Could we just admire these costumes first?


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The Whole Gang is Dressed Up for the Occasion


Minnie makes a witchy appearance. Photo by Julie de la Fe

My favorite, of course, is Minnie. Her outfit screams Halloween Queen but what else do you expect from this style icon? She bounced around in her polka dot skirt and it was simply adorable.

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Mickey also stole the show with his bat suit. The colors were just perfect and he was very playful with his batwing cape, playing peek-a-boo with children and adults alike. He was very prominent in the song and dance numbers as well.


Pluto is in on the Halloween fun! Photo by Julie de la Fe

Goofy was spectacular, as always, in his cowboy outfit and interacted so well with us when we asked him about Max. And Pluto went with a minimalistic themed collar but was his normal silly self.


Goofy making quite an entrance during dinnertime. Photo by Julie de la Fe

I’d estimate that characters came out in pairs for socially-distant selfies or a song and dance number about every 10 to 15 minutes. I felt like they were out quite a bit. 

What to Expect from the Menu

Now back to the food. The salad was a pretty basic house salad and was brought family style.


Your meal comes with unlimited food and drink. I (or the kid inside me) ordered chocolate milk and Cherry Coke. 


Hey, everyone’s a kid at Disney World! Photo by Julie de la Fe

I’m sure you could have more if you asked. The bread and rolls were really good.


Salad and rolls to start at Hollywood & Dine. Photo by Julie de la Fe



A generous selection of the new surf n’ turf at Minnie’s Halloween Dine. Photo by Julie de la Fe

The entree choices seemed overly fancy for this restaurant but I really enjoyed my shrimp macaroni and cheese. Other options were prime rib, salmon, turkey, pork, or fancy mushrooms. Kids had many of the same options but roast beef instead of prime rib. 


For dessert, you had the choice of a series of  deconstructed “pies.” These were very fancy and tasty pies. You may even like them if you’re not a huge pie fan to begin with. 


Chocolate s’mores pie at Hollywood & Dine. Photo by Julie de la Fe

I chose the chocolate s’mores pie but the other pie options were apple blueberry, cherry lemon, and banana cream. 


Deconstructed banana cream pie. Photo by Julie de la Fe

Our waitress also told us the vanilla crème brulee is excellent. Thank you to Chef Shon who also allowed us to have an ice cream sundae with Mickey sprinkles (normally a kids’ dessert). 


A delicious sundae at Hollywood & Dine. Photo by Julie de la Fe

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Pricing, Discounts, and Reservations


Be sure to take advantage of the “Kodak Moment” in front of the big Halloween Dine display! Photo by Julie de la Fe

Price: Adults are $55 and kids ages 3 to 9 years old are priced at $36.

Discounts: They do offer discounts for Annual Passe holders, DVC Members, and Tables in Wonderland. 

Reservations are required so make sure to check well in advance of when you’d like to dine here. 

We had a spookily wonderful time. Make sure to check out the holiday photo spot in the entryway. I honestly can’t wait to take my son back in November when the theming turns to Christmas!

Keep the magic going!

Written by Julie De la Fe

Written by Julie De la Fe

Julie is an avid Disney-adventurer, social media enthusiast and enjoys writing about all things Disney. She maximizes her Gold Annual Pass, dresses in Disney style, and attends all the special events she can. If she could live on a Disney Cruise she just might but Animal Kingdom would be a close second.

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