Meet Tradewinds, the New Motor Cruiser at Walt Disney World

by | Oct 7, 2021 | WDW Blog, WDW News

There’s just something so magical about taking a motor cruiser boat during your stay at WDW. This month, just in time for The World’s Most Magical Celebration, Walt Disney World is adding a new motor cruiser to its fleet called Tradewinds.

Transportation Cast Members Crucial to Tradewinds Development


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According to WDW Resort Public Affairs Manager Meghan Caprez, the name Tradewinds comes from Walt Disney Imagineering and watercraft Cast Members. It’s a reference to the trade winds that blow across the equator—fitting given that motor cruisers shuttle guests across Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon like a gentle breeze.

Cast Members were also involved in the design of the new cruiser. Their input helped dictate everything from cabin space to the location of the pilothouse.

These cast-sourced tweaks make the Tradewinds unique from the other three motor cruisers in the Walt Disney World fleet. If you need help picking it out, it’s the one with bright orange, yellow, white, and teal colors.

Tradewinds Is First New Motor Cruiser to Join Fleet Since 1993


Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

Making the christening and maiden voyage of the Tradewinds all the more important is the fact that it’s the first new motor cruiser to join the fleet in almost 30 years.

Transportation Guest Experience Manager Collin Garton tells Disney Parks Blog that the addition of the Tradewinds is “a really big deal for our cast.” Facility Asset Management Project Planer in charge of Tradewinds Greg Klesaris agrees, saying that it was a true team effort.


Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

“From Transportation Operations to our engineers, everyone has come together to get the job done, and it’s been really great getting to collaborate with all of these people,” Klesaris says.

The fruits of their combined labors have paid off, because the Tradewinds is a beautiful boat that guests at WDW Resort are sure to enjoy.

What do you think of WDW’s newest motor cruiser? Visit the WDW Magazine Facebook page and tell us if it really … floats your boat.

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Written by Kyle Johnson

Written by Kyle Johnson

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