Marker Moustache: How Cast Members Make Visits Magical

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Here’s a call back to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, about how a few Cast Members can take a great night and make it magical!

Imagine if Lady Tremaine, Gaston, Cruella, Dr. Facilier, Bowler Hat Guy, or your favorite villain got to plan a party… 

For the Magic Kingdom After Hours party, Disney did just that. This After Hours event was themed, it was Villains and epically evil. 

Villains After Hours is not currently running, but it should definitely be on your list of events when the world is different. 



Left: Bowler Hat Guy Right: My DisneyBound pre-mustache. BHG Photo courtesy of

I was lucky to channel my inner evil at the event in February 2020. Since I was doing the party solo, a villain DisneyBound seemed like a fun way to make new friends and ensure a memorable night. 

When thinking stylish Villain I went immediately to the kooky, mustached, often evilly unsuccessful, Bowler Hat Guy (BHG) from the movie Meet the Robinsons

My Bound included:

  1. Bowler Hat and mustache—originally a stick on mustache. It fell off within seconds. 
  2. Baseball glove necklace—an homage to BHG’s origins as Goob, the orphan who missed the important catch during his baseball game.
  3. Black t-shirt, hoodie and sweater—Bowler Hat Guy has kind of a cape look going on, so I replicated that with a super baggy sweater. The other shirts were for warmth. It was a chilly 40 degrees.
  4. Dark boots, leggings and thick socks—my original intention was a super cute pair of shoes with mustaches on them. The weather had other ideas. 

I donned my get up in my Cars-themed room at Art of Animation and decided against the original plan of drawing on the mustache. 

Blame the long EPCOT day in the surprising cold, but I had to convince myself to even go, let alone draw on my own face. 



Disney is all about teamwork! These 3 CMs worked together to complete the BHG look. Photo by Trisha Daab

On my journey to MK I got a few stares, but no one recognized me. Disappointed but hopeful, I entered the park convinced this is where I would find my fellow Meet the Robinsons fans. 

Then it happened. I stepped into Town Square Theatre and heard, “Oh my gosh! Are you Bowler Hat Guy?!?” 

It was two lovely Cast Members handing out party maps. I shared that I was in fact bounding BHG, but, it was maybe too subtle? As if she was reading my mind, one of the CMs stated, “it’s probably because you need the mustache.” 

I shared the original plan and my serious lack of art skills to remedy my current no mustache situation. The same CM somewhat jokingly said, “I could do it for you!” 

Not sure which of us was more shocked by my answer of, “Really, you would?!?” 

This is how, about 10 minutes later I had a team of three Cast Members all working together to get me that mustache. 

One CM that was working the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game, helped procure the marker.

After exploring the Sharpie route, we went with a Dry-Erase marker. We figured it may come off easier… and maybe I wouldn’t have marker on my face during our Snow White Character Meal two days later!  

The second CM was in charge of looking at images of BHG online while coaching the makeup artist and filming. 

And the third was the incredibly talented and adventurous makeup artist. Now I was very fortunate to not only find a willing CM, but also one that does makeup on the side. Her expertly applied eye make-up was a testament to her skills. 


By Trisha Daab



Even at Villains Night, Starbucks is a must and even better when it’s a latte for Bowler Hat Guy. Photo by Trisha Daab

After a careful application and me trying to keep a straight face as the absurdity of the situation kept dawning on me, my Bowler Hat Guy DisneyBound was complete! 

Thanking my new friends I was off to enjoy the party and get recognized by countless people.

Almost every CM from the baristas in Starbucks, to the servants at Haunted Mansion all recognized the character and loved it!


When at Villains Night, you have to get a Haunted Mansion ride photo! By Trisha Daab

A few CMs at the Emporium shop and I even had a whole chat about how Meet the Robinsons has our favorite Disney movie theme song. 


Nothing was going to beat that CM drawing on my face, but these other villainous experiences made this a memorable night:

Villains Kiss Goodnight 

Photo by Trisha Daab

Lady Tremaine tried, unsuccessfully, to find her husbands for her daughters in the crowd during Villains Farewell. 

Villains’ Cursed Caravan 

Photo by Trisha Daab

Bowler Hat Guy strikes some of his signature poses on a float in the Cursed Caravan. 

Special Villainy-y treats

Photo by Trisha Daab

Evil never tasted so good! The party featured treats inspired by Ursula, Gaston, Jafar and more!

Villains Unite the Night stage show

Photo by Trisha Daab

The castle gets multiple sinister makeovers during the Villains Unite the Night stage show.

PhotoPass Villain Magic Shots 

Photo by Trisha Daab

Oogie Boogie creeped into this photo through the magic of Disney PhotoPass.  

Ride overlays

Photo by Trisha Daab

Space Mountain had a wicked overlay with villainous dialogue and music.

Love your Disney Villains? During restricted operations in 2020, Bowler Hat Guy, Queen of Hearts and others can sometimes be seen at one of the Character Cavalcades on Main Street at Magic Kingdom.

Here’s hoping once the restrictions are lifted, Villains After Hours will return once again. And maybe a cast member will help you with your DisneyBound!

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