This month, we’re looking to the skies above Walt Disney World with Happily ever after, Fourth of July fireworks, and tips on where to watch them for the best views.

We’re also celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Lion King, touring the re-imagined Caribbean Beach Resort, and sharing secrets on how to plan your FP+ and ADRs like a pro!


Some of the best spots to view WDW fireworks might come from lesser known locations! Photo by Laurie Sapp

Where to Watch Fireworks

There’s nothing like heading to a Walt Disney World theme park and enjoying their nighttime fireworks spectacular presentation.

After all, being able to view the splendor of fireworks in the sky after spending an entire day of enjoying magic is what a visit to Walt Disney World is all about. Aside from actually viewing the fireworks themselves, there’s nothing better than finding that perfect viewing spot.

Kimberly Masimore shares a few tips to help you find the best viewing location for fireworks around Walt Disney World.

Who says cool treats are just for the kids? Photo by Rain Blanken

Adulting at Disney

Complaining won’t cool you off in the summer heat of WDW, and a 21-minute ride in Carousel of Progress isn’t always an option. Your best bet? Grab a cold snack and keep on truckin’… and with Disney providing some of the best food on the planet, there’s more out there than just Mickey bars and soft serve.

Rain Blanken has down the best chilly and portable snacks fit for adult palates — and a few that offer an alcohol or caffeine kicker.

Planning FP+ and ADRs like a pro starts MONTHS before your trip. Photo by Cliff Wang

How to Plan FP+ Like a Pro

Our Editor In Chief, Stephanie Shuster, shares a few secrets from her own Disney trip planning arsenal to really help you make the most of your trip, so you can plan those FastPass+ and Advanced Dining Reservations like a pro!

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