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What little girl (or full grown woman?!) doesn’t want to be a Princess for the day?  Fluffy dresses, shiny tiaras, glitter everywhere… it’s a dream come true to look like a Princess at WDW for the day.

Today’s Quick Look inside the July issue of WDW Magazine takes you to a special preview of one of our features – this time about how to look like a Princess for the day!  Whether you go for the ballgown or something understated, splurge for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or save money with a DIY look, there are lots of ways to primp like a proper princess.

Here’s a look at what Stephanie Shuster has to say about getting a Princess makeover (click to enlarge!):

To see the rest of the article, where Stephanie how teens and adults can look like a princess for the day – and what you need to know about dressing as a princess for a special event –  download our July issue now!

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Stephanie Shuster

Stephanie Shuster is the Director of Operations and Editor-In-Chief for WDW Magazine. She is a life-long Disney devotee, living in Hamilton, Canada and dreaming of WDW every day.