List of Official Disney Princesses – And the Ones That Got Left Out

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What makes Disney princesses “official”? We’re taking a look at all your favorite heroines and damsels to see which ones are actually royalty!

At the mention of “Disney Princess,” most of us paint a mental picture of our favorite animated heroines and damsels as featured on lunchboxes, binders, and water bottles. But are all of them actually Disney princesses– or do the technicalities of royal status exclude our most beloved princesses from being considered “official”? 

Official Disney Princesses

The following ladies have been lucky enough to be currently considered official Disney Princesses, whether it be by lineage, marriage, or other means. 

Some are obvious, while others may surprise you!

Snow White

Snow White sings for the creatures of the forest

Courtesy of Disney

Given that she is the daughter of a king (with pretty much the worst step-mom ever) and the O.G. princess, it’s only fitting that Snow White reserves the right to official princess status. And since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs came out in 1937


Cinderella rides in her magic carriage to the ball

Courtesy of Disney

If the shoe (or glass slipper) were to fit anyone, it would be Cinderella! Despite her humble beginnings, Cinderella found her Prince Charming, and the rest is history.

Sleeping Beauty

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) enjoying having a picnic in the forest

Courtesy of Disney

Disney doesn’t snooze on this iconic princess! True love’s kiss with Prince Phillip sealed her fate as a royal. Sleeping Beauty, Aurora, Briar Rose– whatever you want to call her, is as official as it gets. 


Ariel and Prince Eric wave to Neptune

Courtesy of Disney

Not only is she the daughter of King Triton, but she is also married to handsome landlubber Prince Eric. Is there such a thing as a double princess? While she had to share the title of a princess with her six older sisters under the sea (more on them later!), she is a princess nonetheless!


Belle and Prince Adam embrace each other at the end of Beauty and the Beast

Courtesy of Disney

While Belle may have started as the village bookworm, her life completely changed when she fell in love with a prince-turned-sasquatch and, in turn, became the princess of an enchanted castle. While her taste in men may be questionable, she is undoubtedly a Disney princess!


Aladdin and Jasmine ride around the world on the Magic Carpet

Courtesy of Disney

Unlike some of the other ladies on the official Disney princess list, Jasmine was born a princess and made her love interest transform from a peasant to a prince. Being the daughter of a sultan, Jasmine was born into a life of royalty– whether she liked it or not. 


Pocahontas from Disney's Pocahontas

Courtesy of Disney

Pocahontas’ peaceful and harmonic spirit combined with her diplomatic personality gives her the royal qualities that make for a great princess– not to mention that she is the daughter of her tribe’s chief, making her a noble figure of her community!


Mulan fights Shan Yu

Courtesy of Disney

While Mulan was neither born nor married into royalty, her extraordinary accomplishments in the Chinese military earned her high honor and accolades in her country. Talk about a girlboss, right? Despite not being monarchical, she is recognized as an official Disney princess. 


Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana, after turning back into humans

Courtesy of Disney

Tiana may have received the biggest promotion ever when she went from a humble waitress to the princess of Maldonia all in one week! Her marriage to Prince Naveen made it official– even if it was a frog wedding. 


Rapunzel painting the mural in her tower

Photo Courtesy of Disney

Rapunzel, a.k.a. “The Lost Princess,” was royalty in the kingdom of Corona her whole life, although she didn’t know it until she turned 18. Trading in her frying pan for a crown and her hidden tower for a castle, she finally took her rightful place in the kingdom as their princess!


Merida competes for -and earns- her own hand in marriage

Courtesy of Disney

Her flaming locks match her fiery personality, she may be an official princess, but her status is certainly not defined by marriage. Merida was born into a monarchy, but the royal rules couldn’t confine her. Either way, Merida is very much an official princess!


Moana leads her people to explore the seas

Courtesy of Disney

She is Moana of Motunui, and being next in line to lead her tribe makes her an official Disney princess! Despite her differences with her father, the chief, she proved to be a fit leader when she risked her life to save her island and her people. 


Raya meets Sisa, the titular Last Dragon

Courtesy of Disney

The newest addition to the official Disney princess list is Raya, who has joined the ranks of Mulan, Moana, and Merida after being confirmed as an official Disney princess during World Princess Week in 2022. Being the daughter of a chief, she is a warrior princess that can win any fight!

Former Disney Princesses

Although they are still beloved characters, these ladies are not considered “certified” royalty as part of the list of official Disney princesses. 

Tinker Bell

Tinkerbell from Disney's Peter Pan

Courtesy of Disney

While Tinker Bell could be found on merch sprinkling her pixie dust over a lineup of official princesses, she is not considered an official Disney princess. 


Esmerelda plays the tambourine in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Courtesy of Disney

Esmerelda possesses many qualities of a princess, such as beauty, grace, fierceness, kindness, and empathy, but she is not of royal descent or relation.

Jane Porter

Jane Porter says goodbye to Tarzan

Courtesy of Disney

Jane Porter is the daughter of a professor, not a king, and the love interest of an ape-man, not a prince. No royalty here, but we still love her!

Unofficial Disney Princesses

You may think some of these iconic characters are princesses, but you’d be mistaken! 


Queen Anna in Frozen 2

Courtesy of Disney

If you haven’t seen  Frozen 2, you may be wondering, wait– how come Anna isn’t a princess? Well, after Elsa was crowned as queen of Arendelle, she then resigned to become the fifth spirit, and Anna took her place.  This made Anna the queen, and you simply can’t be a queen and a princess all at once!


Elsa in Frozen 2

Courtesy of Disney

Elsa was once a princess before her coronation as queen but has since become the fifth spirit. I know all this royal technicality may be confusing, but I suggest you just let it go. 


Giselle speaking with the bird woman in New York's Central Park

Courtesy of Disney

Giselle was never a princess, although she was engaged to be married to Prince Edward of Andalasia before being sent to our live-action universe. She ends up marrying a divorce attorney. So, while she gets to live out her happily ever after, she never becomes an official Disney princess in her journey (even in the sequel).


Megara and Hercules outside of Olympus

Courtesy of Disney

Megara is the love of Hercules, a demi-god whose parents have much more power than human royalty. That’s arguably much cooler than being an official princess, so who’s complaining?


Nala and Simba in The Lion King

Courtesy of Disney

No, Nala isn’t excluded from the official Disney princess list just because she’s a lion. It’s actually because she didn’t marry Simba until after he became king of the savanna, immediately making her queen!

Ariel’s Sisters

Ariel with her sister Attina

Attina and Ariel. Courtesy of Disney

Ariel’s siblings could form a troop of Disney Princesses on their own! But alas, her siblings aren’t as official as Ariel. How many sisters does Ariel have, anyway?

Vanellope Von Schweetz

Vanellope Von Schweetz having a slumber party with just about everyone else from this list!

Courtesy of Disney

Vanellope is transformed into a princess during Ralph Breaks The Internet, but she is not considered to be an official Disney Princess. 

Mirabel Madrigal

disney encanto trailer

Photo courtesy of Disney

Mirabel is brave, kind, and cares deeply for her family. While not an official Disney Princess, she certainly fits a lot of the qualifications of being one!

This may be because Vanellope says herself: Her code may say she is a princess, but she is actually a racer. I’d take her word for it.

Who’s your favorite Disney princess, and what makes them “official” to you? Tell us your thoughts over on our Facebook page!

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Evelyn Long is a proud University of South Florida Bull and Disneyphile. She has been going to Walt Disney World since she was a child and is now an Annual Passholder. Witnesses say she has unashamedly cried at the sight of the Magic Kingdom Rapunzel bathrooms on multiple occasions.
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