Kingdom Hearts III Preview Coming to Disney Springs

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If you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan, you’ll want to check out this pop-up preview coming to Disney Springs!

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts is a wildly popular video game franchise among Disney fans. In this newest installment, you’re invited to join Sora on his quest to fight evil alongside your favorite Disney characters – like Queen Elsa, Hiro and Baymax, Captain Jack Sparrow, and your favorite Toy Story and Monster’s Inc. Pixar pals! The first installment debuted 12 years ago, with the third set to release on January 29th, 2019.

Check out the trailer for the game:


Limited-Time Preview at Disney Springs

From December 14th through January 31st, guests can preview the newest installment of Kingdom Hearts right in the heart of Disney Springs! Guests will have the opportunity to play a 15-minute demo of the new game before it’s even released. There will also be a special exhibit and art gallery featuring artwork from the game. Be sure to stop by Town Center at Disney Springs to experience this special pop-up event!

For more details on the game, click here.

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