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Two Joffrey's Coffees

I’m known around the WDW Magazine office as a bit of a coffee addict (though I prefer afficianado). So last week on a trip to Walt Disney World, I decided to try out all the seasonal offerings that Joffrey’s Coffee had at EPCOT.

Over two days, I completed an iced latte and donut pairing crawl (offered as part of the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts lineup) as well as a taste-test of their seasonal latte and house roast on tap currently at EPCOT.

It was a wild, delicious, and caffeinated time. And just in case you’re heading to EPCOT anytime soon and want to know what the best on the list were, I’ve made a handy list, ranking all six coffee beverages I tried!

6. Rennaisance Pairing

(World Showcase Plaza, $9.50)

It really pains me to put this at the bottom of the list, because frankly, I wish I was enjoying this pairing right now. But the other contenders were too strong, knocking this one to the back.

Joffrey's Renaissance Pairing

The Renaissance Pairing features an iced mocha latte with a glazed donut. Photo by Stephanie Shuster

It’s perfect for the less adventurous⁠—a chocolatey but not overly sweet iced mocha and a plain glazed donut (this was a cakey/cruller type … if it had been a Krispy Kreme style donut this might have shot up to the number one spot!). The colorful sprinkles on top really added to the whimsy of this pairing.

5. Cafe Femenino Organic Sumatra

(Any of the 4 EPCOT locations of Joffrey’s Coffee, $3.49 or DDP Snack Credit Eligible)

Joffrey's Sumatra

Joffrey’s Cafe Femenino Organic Sumatra is available at EPCOT now! Photo by Stephanie Shuster

This is a great value for those who don’t like anything but coffee in their coffee. The flavor was rich and roasty but smooth, and for a dark roast, it lacked the earthy bitterness that can sometimes turn off lighter coffee roast drinkers. I’ll be getting this again when I need a non-sugary coffee to go alongside some sweet World Showcase treats.

4. Lovestruck Latte

(Any WDW theme park Joffrey’s Coffee location, $5.69 or DDP Snack Credit Eligible)

Joffrey's Lovestruck Latte

The Lovestruck Latte features caramel, coconut, and dark chocolate flavors. Photo by Stephanie Shuster

I love that this latte is available hot or iced! Visiting on a chilly Florida afternoon, it was so nice to have a warm pick-me-up. I’m a sucker for coconut and caramel, which were nicely balanced with dark chocolate undertones in this latte. Also an excellent use of a Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit.

3. Modern Pairing

(Future World East, $9.50)
I’m not the biggest chocolate fan, so you know this had to be amazing to make it to number three on this list!

The chocolate cake donut was soft and moist⁠—it reminded me of those fudgy box cakes I’d make in college, in the very best nostalgic day. And the coconut iced latte was absolutely to die for! Can I get this all year long? I’ll have to ask on my next visit.

2. Impressionism Pairing

(Canada, $9.50)
I really expected this pairing to hit the bottom of my EPCOT coffee crawl list. I’m always up for trying new flavor combos but a blackberry latte didn’t sound appealing at all.

I am woman enough to admit when I’m wrong! The coffee tasted like when you sip a latte alongside a muffin or scone… a perfect breakfast drink! And the blueberry cake donut on top was like a fritter/muffin hybrid. I’d get it all on its own. YUM.

1. Baroque Pairing

(The American Adventure, $9.50)

This little beauty won my heart. I’m a huge fan of red velvet but sometimes it doesn’t come out right… this, however, was moist and airy yet toothsome.

The color was gorgeous. The gold and silver sprinkles on top gave it that WOW factor. And the iced white chocolate mocha latte was just perfect to wash it all down. I guess Cogsworth was onto something when he said… “If it’s not baroque, don’t fix it!”

Joffrey's Coffee

Joffrey’s Coffee is the official specialty coffee provider to Walt Disney World Resort. Photo by Stephanie Shuster

One thing I’ll say about the iced latte and donut pairings is while they are yummy and inventive… you have to be quick with them! Get that Instagrammable photo if you’re so inclined, but then pick up the donut, scrape the whipped cream and sprinkles on to the top of your latte, and enjoy sipping and snacking the two items separately yet simultaneously.

Otherwise, between the whip on top and the latte below, your donut will get latte-logged and simply fall apart in your coffee, and no one wants that!

Overall, I’d be happy to enjoy any of the coffees on this list again. Head on over to our Facebook group and tell us, what’s your favorite coffee at WDW?

Joffrey’s Coffee invited us to be seasonal beverage ambassadors and supplied us with these beverages for free. Opinions here are my own.

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