Walt Disney World is not just for kids. Yes, I’m serious and so is Disney about making Walt Disney World not only a great place to take the kiddos, but somewhere for the grown ups too!

This month we look at the the adult side of Walt Disney World!


Sunrise over Cinderella Castle

Watching the sun come up over Cinderella Castle can be spectacular – Photo by Matthew Cooper

WDW Isn’t Just For Kids

This month we take a look at a more “adult” side of Walt Disney World. The sophisticated, upscale, and even adult only offerings available around Walt Disney World. From the adult only restaurants to the behind the scenes tours and even a place or two to get an adult beverage in an adult setting. It’s all available.

I know, I struggle at times, now that my kids are grown, with all the noise, hustle and bustle of being at Disney. Sometimes I just need some quiet time. We look at some places and ways to get away from that hustle and bustle like a Spa day, walking around Port Orleans French Quarter or heading over to the Wilderness Lodge to just sit in a rocking chair by the fireplace (not a real fire, it is Florida).

Walt Disney World isn’t just for kids!

The sign for Citricos

Citricos is definitely a not just for kids experience – Photo by Laurie Sapp

The Best of WDW

This month we change up our Best of WDW lineup a little. This is July and playing in the water is part of the fun of going to Walt Disney World so we have a great article about making a splash. Then we start a new series that looks at some of the non-Disney Resorts around WDW.

This month we have a review of the Four Seasons Resort Orlando. Have you ever considered going to one of the more “adult” restaurants? Check out a date night at Citricos. Looks pretty awesome. Our brand new merchandise column takes a look at bows and ears that are specially made for the parks. Pretty cool.

Check out our own Nuts 4 Disney cartoon starring Wally D.

WDW Family

Isn’t Wally D. so cute? Even when he’s not the star of the show he kind of steals it. This month in our WDW Family section Wally D. kicks things off with a look at how parents and kids are a lot alike. Then we talk about how to plan a kid-free night out. Yes, Walt Disney World is not just for kids and sometimes the adults need some time away. Right?

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