Is Marvel Day at Sea Worth It?

by | Mar 8, 2024 | Disney Cruise Line, Disney Dream, Themed Cruises

Whether you’re a huge Marvel fan or wholly new to the world of superheroes, we’re breaking down whether or not experiencing Marvel Day at Sea aboard a Disney Cruise is worth it.

When you book a Disney Cruise Line sailing, you have the opportunity to experience Marvel Day at Sea. This special single-day adventure, which is available on certain itineraries on board the Disney Dream, is a total dream come true for Marvel fans – after all, it’s your chance to meet so many superheroes, sidekicks, and even villains, in addition to partaking in fun themed treats, stage shows, and more. But what if you’re not the biggest Marvel fan? For cruise Guests of all ages, is Marvel Day at Sea really worth experiencing? Well, we’re breaking down our experience during Marvel Day at Sea aboard the Disney Dream so you can decide if it’s worth it for you.

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Marvel Day at Sea is Worth Experiencing

If you’re a Marvel fan, Marvel Day at Sea is absolutely worth it, 100 percent! Let’s run through all of the best parts of this single-day cruise event and all of the different aspects you can enjoy.

It’s an Immersive Experience

When Marvel Day at Sea begins aboard the Disney Dream, the magic is everywhere – and it starts as soon as you wake up! The first thing I noticed as soon as I stepped out of my stateroom was the Marvel music playing in the hallway. It’s a great way to set the stage for all that’s ahead, and the music is playing all throughout the ship the whole day; it just makes you feel so pumped. You’re like, “Yes, I’m in a Marvel movie, this is amazing!

Bring Your Marvel-Inspired Outfits

Of course, everybody on the ship is dressed up, so I definitely recommend you bring some Marvel-inspired outfits. Some people are just in matching t-shirts; other people are in full costume. Those who went all out really stood out (in the best way!), and there were definitely a couple of stars of the show! 

For example, on my cruise, there were multiple men dressed up as Fat Thor, and people were stopping them to take pictures with them. It was pretty fantastic. There were a lot of kids in full costume, but adults too, which was just really fun. There were a lot of Scarlet Witch as well – but the Fat Thors were just hilarious! 

We also had the Tracksuit Mafia walking around from Hawkeye, the Disney+ series, and there was a girl on the ship dressed as Kate Bishop. She sort of tried to give them a hard time, and they also gave her a hard time. Their back-and-forth throughout the day as they ran into each other was very fun and cute. 

So, if you have the opportunity to dress up or take part in the dramatics of Marvel Day at Sea, it’s well worth it! For Marvel fans, it’s particularly special – you can’t get these immersive experiences and special character encounters anywhere else, because it really does feel like you’re interacting with real Marvel superheroes, sidekicks, and villains.

Marvel Day at Sea is Filled with Entertainment

If you’re looking for things to do onboard your Disney cruise, you’ll find plenty during Marvel Day at Sea! This day is action-packed, with so much to do that it’s actually a bit difficult to fit in every single event (especially when it comes to character encounters). 

I struggled to meet all of the characters and see all the shows. I was just running from one thing to the next because I wanted to experience everything. That’s how much there is to do – and to me, that really makes the Marvel Day at Sea experience worth it – when you have to choose between events because there’s just so much to do and see!

marvel day at sea

Photo by Mark Quach

In addition to all of the characters stationed through the Disney Dream (and those who wander the ship’s decks!), there are some great shows for Marvel fans of every age. Here’s an overview of the different shows and who they’re most worthwhile for.

Heroes Unite

Consider this a must-see moment! The Heroes Unite show is absolutely worth watching during Marvel Day at Sea. It takes place at the end of the day, brings all of the heroes together, and is fun for all ages.

This is the big show that takes place at the end of the day, so you’ll have plenty of time to fit in meals, snacks, character encounters, and more! Make sure to save time to catch this grand finale as the perfect way to wind down Marvel Day at Sea.

The Star-Spangled USO Show

If you’re a Captain America fan, you won’t want to miss the Star-Spangled USO show featuring everyone’s favorite patriotic Avenger! I loved this show – it’s inspired by the Captain America show that Steve Roger performs in the movies, with the chorus line girls who come out to sing and dance before the “troops” (or the Marvel Day at Sea audience).

Photo by Mark Quach

t’s just lovely; the actors are so talented, and (spoiler alert!) Captain America does come out to make a surprise cameo at the end, which is fun.

Kid-Friendly Shows

There are also a few shows just for kids that take place during Marvel Day at Sea. Adults will likely want to skip them, unless you have little ones traveling with you. 

One is the Avengers Training Initiative, which takes place on Deck 11. Kids get to go up on stage, and the Avengers teach them how to shoot a bow and throw Captain America’s shield (not actually – these are toys, of course!).  It’s a very kid-centric show. Then, there’s another show featuring the fab five – Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald – who are dressed as their favorite Marvel characters. The characters show kids how to do their signature moves. 

While adults may not find these Marvel Day shows the most exciting, they are worth watching for younger fans! These shows are definitely a must-see for the right age group. 

You’ll Enjoy Marvel-Themed Treats and Tidbits as You Dine

If you’re looking for even more to explore during Marvel Day at Sea aboard the Disney Dream, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the themed treats available. Vanellope’s serves up a few specialty treats both during Marvel Day and throughout the entire duration of your sailing.

Overall, however, the details are a bit more subtle when it comes to food and dining experiences. For your rotational dining meals, the menus will be themed for the day – look for Marvel puns and fun superhero-inspired dish names. The food itself, however, won’t really be Marvel-themed, at least not in the way it is at Pym’s Test Kitchen and Avenger’s Campus

If you’re hoping for fully themed dishes and meals, you could find the food available during Marvel Day at Sea a little lacking in that regard. But ultimately, I don’t think anyone really missed it; the Avengers aren’t exactly known for their food, so I would say it’s still very worthwhile!

Final Thoughts on Marvel Day at Sea

Overall, Marvel Day at Sea is well worth the experience. It’s a fun-filled day with so much to see and explore! 

Unsure if Marvel Day is really worth it for you? Here’s something to keep in mind: it’s just one day out of your entire cruise. Only one day is Marvel-themed, while the rest of your trip is a typical Disney cruise. You’re not going to see Marvel characters wandering around the rest of the time. So, if you’re not a huge Marvel fan, it’s just one day. The rest of the time, you can sit back, relax, and cruise as per usual.

In conclusion: If you’re a Marvel fan and you have the chance to do a Marvel Day at Sea cruise over another cruise, definitely pick the Marvel Day at Sea cruise. You will not regret it – it’s just so much fun!

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To say that I’m obsessed with Walt Disney World is an understatement. Luckily, as Communications Director for WDW Magazine, I get to live and breathe my passion every day! Follow me on Instagram for all my Disney adventures!

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Tatjana Lazar

To say that I’m obsessed with Walt Disney World is an understatement. Luckily, as Communications Director for WDW Magazine, I get to live and breathe my passion every day! Follow me on Instagram for all my Disney adventures!
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