How To Use Disney Park Pass: Our Tips to Get Those Reservations!

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Make A Disney Park Pass Reservation

Are you trying to make Disney park reservations, but struggling, or unsure where to begin? Here’s everything you need to know about how to use the Disney Park Pass System!

For a little more info on what the Disney Park Pass System is, check out our breakdown of the new reservation system and important dates here.

Our Marketing Manager, Tajana, went through the process of reserving park days yesterday morning when the system first opened. She shared her experience and even has some tips for us! Here’s how it went.

1. Getting Started

First things first, you’ll need to log in to your My Disney Experience account. Once you’re logged in, go to the My Disney Experience dropdown menu and select “Disney Park Pass System.”

Disney Park Pass drop down menu

Select “Disney Park Pass System” from the dropdown menu, shown here. Image Courtesy of Disney

The morning reservations opened, Tatjana had to wait in a digital queue for two hours before she was even able to log into her account. Once she got in, it took a while for the login to go through.

Almost in Orbit virtual waiting room disney park pass

Virtual waiting room while trying to login. Image Courtesy of Disney

Many people were attempting to login at the same time, which can cause issues with websites. If you’re attempting to make a reservation at a time when many others are, this is a normal experience. Just be patient as you wait!

Once you click on this, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can click a blue button that says “Make A Disney Park Pass Reservation.”

Make A Disney Park Pass Reservation

Click on the blue button, to the bottom right of the picture. Image Courtesy of Disney

2. Pick Your Party

Next, select all the members of your party. This is similar to how you’d add your friends and families to a FastPass+ or dining reservation. You need to have their account linked to yours to add them.

Select Your Party for Disney Park Pass

Create your party—select your friends and family in this menu. Image Courtesy of Disney

3. Select Dates And Parks

The next step will pull up a calendar where you can select the date you wish to reserve a park day. 

Select a date calendar my disney experience

Image Courtesy of Disney

Once you select your day, the four park options will pop up for you to select. Right now, you can only select one park per day.

Select a park disney park pass

Image Courtesy of Disney

At this stage, Tatjana mentioned that the park selections could appear faded out and gray. If that happens, she suggests reloading your webpage. 

4. Final Steps

Once you’ve selected your date and park, you will be redirected to a page where you select your time for arrival.

Currently, there’s only one option here, which allows you to arrive anytime during your selected date.

Select your arrival time and you’re all set!

You can now view your reservations under “My Plans” in the My Disney Experience dropdown menu.

Tips From Tatjana

Though it took a lot of time and effort, Tatjana was finally able to get all the reservations she wanted for her Disney vacation.

Keep Trying

She said the morning was incredibly difficult and full of website crashes and timeouts. But things were calmer by the evening.

“By the evening Disney seemed to have worked out most bugs and I was able to work through and get my reservations made. I did have to refresh pages a lot to get the park selection calendar page working each time I wanted to select a new day. But eventually, I got everything I wanted.

Use the Right Platform

She also suggests using Google Chrome as opposed to Safari or another web browser. To be even safer, use incognito mode in Google Chrome.

Be sure to book through your computer and not on your phone for optimal results.

Check Available Dates

You can also check on available dates before you book.

Go all the way back up to the first step—click on “Disney Park Pass System” from the dropdown menu (or, click on this link). This time, don’t click on the blue box, and instead, scroll down until you see “view park reservation availability online.”

View availability online disney park pass

Click on the blue link. Image Courtesy of Disney

Click on the blue link, and then select the type of ticket holder you are—this is important and will affect your results when you book. 

Type of Ticket for Park Reservation

Choose your ticket type. Image Courtesy of Disney

Then, you can see what days are available, and this will help you plan out your vacation before you make your reservations.

The image below is just an example of what you’ll see—don’t use this as an accurate calendar. Dates available will change rapidly.

park reservations open on June 23rd

Dates available as of June 23rd, mid-afternoon. Image Courtesy of Disney

Booking your Disney vacation looks a little different than it did pre-COVID-19, but Disney is trying to make the process as simple as possible.

If you’re still having trouble figuring out how to reserve a park day, our friends over at Destinations to Travel can help talk you through it.


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