How to Prep Your Body for Your Trip to Walt Disney World

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Magic at Home, WDW Blog

Check out these healthy, immune-boosting habits to help you prep your body before your next vacation to Walt Disney World!

We’ve all heard these phrases over and over “Wash your hands!” “Cover your cough.” “Wear a mask and social distance.” These are all good things to do during this pandemic. But there are additional ways to help prevent the spread of any illness at Walt Disney World.

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Prep Your Body Before Disney World

A view of Cinderella Castle and the monorail

Photo by Brett Svenson

1. Rest!

The days before a Walt Disney World vacation are filled with excitement! Plan ahead and gather items you may need in the months preceding your trip.

That way, you’re not frantically running around the week before your trip trying to pack! Instead, use those days to rest up!

Get adequate sleep. You’re going to be physically active while on vacation, so getting an ample amount of sleep in the days prior to your vacation will help boost your immune system!

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2. Take Your Vitamins!

Boost your immune system with Vitamins C, D and zinc! If you don’t regularly take vitamins, make it a new habit and begin them at least 6 weeks prior to your vacation. As always, talk to your Doctor for recommended dosages. 

3. Take Daily Walks!

You’ll be doing plenty of walking at Walt Disney World, why not start daily walks 2 months prior so you’ll be ready?! Just 20 minutes a day of walking, 5 days a week, can boost your immune system and help protect you during cold and flu season!

Already walking? Take it a step further and start jogging in preparation for Disney!

The bridge to Adventureland, during the morning.

Photo by Judd Helms

4. Minimize Contact with Others Prior to Leaving

If possible, minimize your contact with others before you leave for vacation so you don’t pick up an unwanted virus.

Even before the pandemic, I’d try to keep my social gatherings to a minimum the week prior to our trip. The last thing you want is to come down with an illness at the beginning of your vacation!

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5. Eat Healthy!

Sugar isn’t going to build your immune system; but fruits and vegetables will! Try to maintain a healthy diet, and keep the desserts to a minimum.

Once you make it to Walt Disney World, you can reward yourself with a sweet treat!

6. Wash Your Hands and Use Hand Sanitizer!

Prior to the pandemic, my biggest fear was catching a stomach bug while on vacation! The biggest culprit for stomach viruses is eating with unclean hands.

Stomach bug viruses can live on surfaces for days. Even though Disney cleans multiple times per day, they can’t clean in between every hand that touches a handrail or door knob. That’s why it’s critical for everyone to wash their hands or at least sanitize before eating anything! 

Peace of Mind.

Spaceship Earth and mutlicolored banners on EPCOT's opening day

A view of Spaceship Earth on Epcot’s Opening Day. Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

If you’ve done everything you possibly can to avoid illness prior to your vacation, then you get the added benefit of peace of mind!

These tips aren’t foolproof and illness can happen to anyone, but if you’ve done your best to get adequate sleep, maintain a healthy diet, participate in daily exercise, and follow smart health protocols, then you’ve done your part to truly minimize your risk of picking up a virus. Having that peace of mind can allow you to really enjoy your vacation!

What are YOU doing to prep your body before YOUR next trip to Walt Disney World? Tell us over on our Facebook page!

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Terri Miller is creator, owner and a writer for WDW Hints. Terri enjoys all things Disney, especially researching tips, tricks and little known things about the Disney parks (and then sharing them with you!)
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