How to Make Disneyland’s Mickey Mouse Shortbread Cookies for Santa This Year

by | Dec 7, 2021 | Disneyland Parks, DLR Food

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Ahead of Christmas this year, we tried out a classic Disneyland recipe: Mickey Mouse shortbread cookies. Get the recipe and our tips for perfecting this Disney dessert below.

Let’s establish two things, right here, right now. First, all food should be Mickey shaped. Second, Disney calories don’t count, whether in the parks or recreated at home.

And recreating at home is what we’re doing today! We’re taking our inspiration from the OG park, Disneyland Resort, and recreating their recipe for Mickey Mouse Shortbread Cookies.

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Once you’ve done that, grab your apron, and let’s get started on these delicious Mickey Mouse shortbread cookies!

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Mickey Mouse Shortbread Cookies: Recipe and Ingredients

All the ingredients one would need to make Mickey Shortbread cookies

Photo by Esther Vallins

Once again, here’s the recipe.

Make sure you’ve got all the things you’ll need. With shortbread, lots of the ingredients are staples you may already have in your own home, such as eggs, flour, icing sugar, and butter.

Mmmmmm, butter. What would shortbread be without that crumbly, buttery flavor and texture? So yummy.

You’ll also need white chocolate suitable for melting (I grabbed Bakers chocolate), an orange for zesting, and vanilla extract. What’s nice about this recipe is that there aren’t too many ingredients.

You will also need a rolling pin, and of course, a good Mickey-shaped cookie cutter. I got mine a year or two ago on Amazon.

For a special, allergy-friendly tip: I actually used a gluten-free flour for my version of these shortbread cookies, and 1 teaspoon of xanthan gum to help with binding the dough together.

Wheat and I sadly are not the best of friends (luckily, I know where to find the best gluten-free treats at Disney), so for anyone in your family or friend group who’s celiac or cannot tolerate gluten, they’ll love having a homemade Disney treat that can be made sans the wheat!

Mixing Your Disneyland Shortbread Cookies

Mixing the batter for Mickey shortbread sugar cookies

Photo by Esther Vallins

Another tip: If you want it to look like snowy Main Street, U.S.A. in your kitchen, you should definitely turn on your mixer at full speed after you’ve put your icing sugar in the bowl. Not that that’s what happened to me. Not at all.

OK, spoiler alert … I’m fibbing. My kitchen got so messy. 🤦‍♀️  

So take it from me, you want to start your mixer low and slow as you start to combine your ingredients.

After you’ve mixed everything according to the recipe, take your dough, form it into a disc, wrap in plastic wrap, and refrigerate, and then play the waiting game (and try not to sneak back into the fridge to sneak a taste or two of the delicious cookie dough).

According to the recipe, the dough is ready to roll out after 2 hours. I made my dough in the afternoon, chilled it overnight, and rolled it out the next morning, because I had other things to do after making the dough. Chilling it overnight worked just as well.

Let’s Roll (Our Way to the Oven)

Mickey Mouse Shortbread Sugar Cookies laid out across a baking sheet

Photo by Esther Vallins

After you’ve brought the dough back out, give it 5 to 10 minutes to sit on the counter, so that it’s pliable enough for rolling it out with ease. 

Once the dough is rolled out, grab your Mickey-shaped cookie cutters and cut your cookies. If you wanted to, you could always use other cookie cutters for this recipe too. You could do a few Mickey-shaped and whatever other cookie cutters you have for some variety!

Once they’re cut, you’ll want to get the cookies into the freezer so the dough has a chance to firm back up (remember, there’s a lot of butter in these cookies). I used a smaller Mickey-shaped cookie cutter than the larger size the recipe uses, so I put mine in the freezer for less time.

Then, it’s finally time to get the cookies into the oven. Because I had a smaller Mickey-shaped cookie cutter, I also baked my cookies for less time than the recipe’s instructions. The recipe says to bake for 17 to 20 minutes, and I did mine for about 10 to 11 minutes.

While your cookies are cooling, it’s time to melt the white chocolate. I melted mine in a glass bowl on top of a saucepan filled halfway with boiling water.

Once the cookies are cooled, add your melted white chocolate onto your cookies according to the recipe’s instructions, and let the chocolate cool.

Mickey Mouse Shortbread Cookies: The Results

A close up of one of the finished Mickey shortbread sugar cookies

Photo by Esther Vallins

Oh friends, they’re tasty. I mean really, really tasty.

The orange zest in this recipe is really the star of the show, and its zippy flavor pairs extremely well with the white chocolate. I’m not even the biggest fan of white chocolate, but I looooved it on these cookies. 

Just for fun, I added a little candy snowflake detail on some of my cookies as well, and I personally love the little bow I made out of the snowflakes, because while they’re Mickey cookies, Minnie needs a little festive love too!

Even More Disney Christmas Recipes

Mickey Mouse shortbread sugar cookies on display

Photo by Esther Vallins

Last year, we baked up some super yummy holiday treats from the Disney Parks, such as Disney’s Hollywood Studios Red Velvet Whoopie Pie, Disney’s Grand Floridian Gingerbread Cookies, and the ever iconic Holiday Mickey Cinnamon Roll.

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Written by Esther Vallins

Esther Vallins is a pretzel adoring childless millennial who loves ALL things Disney food, Disney fashion, and Disney Princesses! She is a Disney cosplayer who never misses a D23 Expo, a DVC member, and aspires to hold the world record for most Dole Whips ever eaten (with tajín!) by a single human. Chat with Esther on Instagram!
Esther Vallins

Written by Esther Vallins

Esther Vallins is a pretzel adoring childless millennial who loves ALL things Disney food, Disney fashion, and Disney Princesses! She is a Disney cosplayer who never misses a D23 Expo, a DVC member, and aspires to hold the world record for most Dole Whips ever eaten (with tajín!) by a single human. Chat with Esther on Instagram!