Disney World Glamping: How to Have a Campfire at Fort Wilderness

by | Oct 17, 2021 | Walt Disney World Resorts, WDW Blog

Here’s how to have a campfire at Fort Wilderness Campground at Disney World… with the right fire pit, that is.

Camping, and even glamping, just isn’t the same without a toasty fire to warm your toes, even in the Florida summer. Is it even a camping trip if you didn’t roast a marshmallow or tell spooky stories in the dark? Here’s how to secure nature’s television at your Fort Wilderness campsite.

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🔥Yes, Campfires Are Allowed at Fort Wilderness

That is… if you brought the right fire pit. Fire pits used to be banned completely, but in recent years, cozy campfires have made a return to Fort Wilderness.

To be able to have a fire at your campsite at Fort Wilderness Campground, you have to have a firepit that meets all of the specifications from Disney.

🔥Disney Approved Fire Pits for Fort Wilderness


We put this fire pit to the test. Photo by Rain Blanken

Here’s your checklist for a Disney approved Fire Pit:

  • Must be made of metal
  • Metal legs lift the campfire off the ground
  • Solid metal top to prevent flying embers
  • Metal grate around the fire area to keep sparks and wood from coming out

A good rule of thumb when you’re looking at fire pits for Fort Wilderness is to think enclosed. Your fire pit should be enclosed enough that bits of flame can’t jump out to catch leaves on fire.

🔥Fire Pits That Won’t Cut It


Typical metal fire rings just won’t cut it at Disney World. No one wants their vacation shortened by, oh, say all the RVs catching fire around a camping loop. While the campsites at Fort Wilderness are generous in size, a fire could spread from one campsite to another fairly quickly.

  • No mesh metal tops. Must be solid metal to prevent sparks from flying out!
  • No fire pits that sit the fire directly on the ground
  • Do not use bricks, etc to create a makeshift firepit

🔥Can You Rent a Fire Pit at Fort Wilderness?


While the shops at Fort Wilderness sell everything from spatulas to Pepto Bismol, they can’t sell or rent you the fire pit required to create those oh-so-essential s’mores.

The shops do, however, sell bags of firewood (currently $11 for about 9 pieces of wood), lighter fluid, matches, and lighters.

🔥Where to Get a Disney-Approved Fire Pit

If you are a local or have access to a service like Owner’s Locker, go ahead and buy a Disney-approved fire pit.

It’s a good way to secure your future campfire memories, and you can use it at home throughout the year. These can also fit in the bed of a truck, so if you’re driving a vehicle down to Florida, buying is still a good option.

Our Favorite Disney-Approved Fire Pits

Bessemer With Wheels



Price: From $93.00 on Amazon.com (paid link)

WDW Magazine tried this one out as part of an RV rental. The Bessemer has wheels, so you can easily move it around the campsite where needed (but please… not while it’s full of fire). We did notice that embers were able to fall out of the bottom vent holes, so make sure that you’ve got it situated on the concrete pad at your campsite.

Blumfeldt Titus Garden Fireplace


Price: From $179.99 (paid link)

Smaller than the Bessemer, but boy is this potbellied stove so cute. If you want to add a bit of elegance to your campsite, and then your porch at home, this is your guy.

🔥Can I Rent a Disney-Approved Fire Pit Off Property?

While stroller and scooter rentals abound around Walt Disney World, there aren’t many services that will rent out just a fire pit for Fort Wilderness. It’s typically a low-ticket rental item and delivering them is not usually worth it for the renters.

But if you rent a travel trailer or 5th Wheel RV through Outdoorsy.com or a private renter, fire pits rentals can be as low as $20, and some are even included in the rental.

🔥What About Propane Fire Pits?

Disney allows propane fire pit models, but not those that have an exposed flame, or have fake logs that allow the flame to be exposed.

That is, you still need to have the mesh surrounding and the metal top on the fire pit.

🔥Does Fort Wilderness Sell Firewood?

Firewood for sale at Ft Wilderness Resort Disney World

Plenty of firewood for sale at Fort Wilderness. Photo by Rain Blanken

I mentioned this above, but for those scanning the screen, yes! 

As of October 12, 2021, I found firewood at both the Meadow and Settlement shops. These were $11.00 for a bundle of about 9 pieces.

Some sites have reported that there is no firewood for sale at Disney World, but trust me, we burnt a bundle of logs to ashes just a few days ago.

🔥Let Chip n’ Dale Make a Fire For You

Campfire Fort Wilderness

Pretend you’re camping at Fort Wilderness with this s’mores coffee. Photo by Brett Svenson

If you don’t want to go to the expense and hassle of bringing a Disney-approved fire pit with you to Fort Wilderness, no worries… as usual, Disney has it covered.

The nightly campfires at Fort Wilderness feature Chip, Dale, marshmallow roasting, and even a guitar-playing cowboy to conjure new Disney memories.

Chip n’ Dale’s Campfire Sing-a-Long is currently on pause due to COVID-19 restrictions, but we hope these guys will be back soon for more rootin’ tootin’ good times.

🔥What About Fire Pits at Fort Wilderness Cabins?

Some cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort include a fire pit outside. All include grills, but guests are not permitted to try to light a roaring fire in those!

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Rain Blanken is a published author and leader in digital media. A DVC Member, WDW Annual Pass holder, and former Disney Vacation Planner, Rain would live inside Boma if they would just stop checking under the tables at night.

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Rain Blanken

Rain Blanken is a published author and leader in digital media. A DVC Member, WDW Annual Pass holder, and former Disney Vacation Planner, Rain would live inside Boma if they would just stop checking under the tables at night.
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