How Our Experiences Will Change When Disney World Opens

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When Disney World Opens

There’s no denying the Coronavirus has greatly impacted and changed our lives. That includes the part of our lives where we go to Walt Disney World. So, when Disney World opens again, how will our park experiences change?

One thing I’ve thought about recently is how our Disney park experiences are going to differ as well. For me, I know I’m going to see and do things differently when I’m at WDW.

Self-quarantine has taught me that the little things that I used to complain about at the parks really don’t matter.

When Disney World opens, I’m going to be happy to finally be back in my special place.

The things that used to bother me at the most magical place on earth are going to be the least of my concerns moving forward.

So, let’s talk about the ways future parks experiences will change and for the better when we come out of this on the other side.

Break Out Those Fans and Celebrate the Sweat

Florida heat is no joke, especially during the summer months. Most avid park goers even have handheld fans (*raises hand*), because the sweat is real, my friends.

This might be TMI, but I sweat a lot and it’s not pretty when I’m at the parks in the humidity and 90+ degree weather.

fans at Disney World

Lots of people get fans and misters to stay cool in the Florida summers! Photo by Judd Helms

Anytime I visit WDW in the summer, I know it’s going to be hot and something I just have to deal with during my trip.

It’s easy to let the heat get the best of you, along with all the complaining that comes with it.

But, now after practicing social distancing, I will gladly take that Florida heat while exploring my favorite place on Earth.

Oh, and Crowds? Yes, Please.

I will never complain that there are too many people at WDW again.

When Disney World Opens

The crowds at WDW can be overwhelming, but welcomed after social distancing. Photo by Judd Helms

Crowds can get crazy at WDW, especially during peak times.

I’ve always been one to just accept that it’s going to be busy, but sometimes too many people can be just way too much, especially when you’re trying to make the most of your visit. We’ve all been there.

Social distancing has changed me. I will never take for granted being at WDW with massive amounts of people. I would rather be at Magic Kingdom battling crowds than avoiding people at all costs.

Sitting on an Ice Cold Disney Bus is Basically an Attraction

Waiting for a bus at WDW can sometimes be the worst. I feel like more often than not buses know you’re waiting and they purposely don’t arrive just to mess with you.


Buses can be difficult at Disney World—but not anymore! Photo by Judd Helms

If that isn’t enough, you even have to budget at least an hour of travel time between your resort and park, which can be a hassle.

However, I will now gladly wait 30 minutes for a bus and another 15 to 20 minutes to get to a WDW theme park over a global pandemic.

The More Strangers We Meet, the Better

I think far too often we take for granted the people we can meet and connect with at WDW.

The parks are all about having fun and bonding, but not only with your family and friends. Most of us visit WDW because we love Disney and we should start bonding over that more — in person.

Disney Balloons and Castle

There are so many people to meet at Disney World! Photo by Brett Svenson

You can meet some really amazing, grateful, and happy people at the parks who enjoy WDW just as much as you do. 

After all of this is said and done, let’s make sure we take the time to interact with strangers at WDW and be thankful in the process that we don’t have to worry about a 6-foot rule.

Lastly, Loosen Up that Schedule and Enjoy the Magic

Magic at Disney World

Stop and enjoy the magic! Photo by Cliff Wang

I’m a planner. It’s in my blood. It’s one of the reasons I have my own Disney blog. I want to help others make the most out of their trips.

I’m not as extreme as some who make spreadsheets, but when I visit WDW, I definitely have a plan for each day.

I like to be organized and sometimes I’m not very good at going with the flow. But, this pandemic has shown me that we can’t control every single thing. 

I want to make my parks experiences less about a schedule and more about simply enjoying my time at the parks.

I always tell people to take their time and don’t jam too much into one day and I need to be better at taking my own advice.

We all need to enjoy every moment of life, because tomorrow isn’t promised and we never know what’s waiting for us around the corner, like a global pandemic. I don’t know about you, but I’d give anything to have these previously mentioned “problems” again.

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