History of Magic Kingdom Rides, Construction, and 50 Years of Magic

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Magic Kingdom, WDW Blog

The History of Magic Kingdom Comes Alive as We Explore Mickey’s Birthdayland, Opening Day, and Construction Sites.

Been prowling a Wikipedia page and coming up with the same info about the history of Magic Kingdom?

Then maybe it’s time you took a deeper dive with big full-color photos of E-Ticket attractions (and what an E-Ticket was), a tour inside the utilidors under the park, and an exploration of the Imagineering that made it all come together.

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History of Magic Kingdom

In the October 2021 issue of WDW Magazine, we are looking below the surface of those Magic Kingdom facts that every superfan already knows. Instead of glossing over the history of Magic Kingdom, we’re taking a sharp angle on some of the most intriguing bits of park evolution.

Here are a few highlights you’ll find in this month’s issue:

1.  Magic Kingdom Ticket Books

History of Magic Kingdom Magazine Ticket Books WDW Magazine October 2021 Issue Preview

I love paper ephemera from the parks! Here at WDW Magazine, we know that our fans also love looking at vintage pamphlets, fliers, maps, and buttons.

So I hit the halls of eBay and scored some bygone ticket books to scan in at high resolution and share with our readers.

If you aren’t familiar with what these ticket books are, you’re about to get a crash course (and maybe a cringe) on what prices were like back in 1971.

Take a close look at the retro designs, and ponder how the new Disney Genie+ ala-carte ride options are actually nothing new… it’s quite the throwback to this original system of buying tickets for your favorite rides.

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2. Flying With Peter Pan

History of Magic Kingdom Magazine Peter Pan WDW Magazine October 2021 Issue Preview

“Here we GOoooo!!!!”

If you have memories of Peter Pan crooning this famous line from all those Disney VHS tape commercials in the ’90s, then you’re in good company.

WDW Magazine Managing Editor, Timothy Moore had this in mind as he boarded a ship destined for Neverland, and all the feels of Peter Pan came rushing back before London even came into view.

In our October 2021 issue, we are taking a look at the history of Peter Pan’s Flight. For example, did you know it was finished at the very last minute? Alongside a lot of changes to the original Magic Kingdom Fantasyland design, Peter Pan’s Flight had a major makeover when compared to the original plans.

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3. Staying at a Monorail Resort

History of Magic Kingdom Magazine Monorail Resorts WDW Magazine October 2021 Issue Preview

The history of Magic Kingdom just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the circle of classic resorts that line the Seven Seas Lagoon.

Even if you don’t stay at one of these Deluxe Resort locations, they are all worth visiting as part of the Magic Kingdom experience.

Disney has made exploring these resorts an easy jaunt—just hop on the monorail and make stops at the Contemporary, Polynesian Village, and Grand Floridian resorts. Not only can you view the nightly Magic Kingdom fireworks from all around the lagoon, but each resort is so uniquely themed, that a day-long visit to each is in order.

In our October 2021 issue, Kimberly Masimore takes us on an expert tour of these three resorts to help set you up for a day of can’t-miss areas of each.

If you’ve been planning a monorail resort-hopping day, Kim’s article is your guide.

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4. Finding Hidden Mickeys

History of Magic Kingdom Magazine Hidden Mickeys WDW Magazine October 2021 Issue Preview

Do you keep an eye out for Hidden Mickeys at Magic Kingdom, or are you the one in your group who is squinting in a direction and insisting nothing is there?

Some of us even see nothing, smile and nod, then keep moving to the churro cart. Need a little help with your Hidden Mickey game?

We’ve got you covered. In our Magic Kingdom issue, we’re previewing a regular feature in our upcoming 2022 magazine issues … we want to see if you know where to find these Hidden Mickeys.

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5. Hunny, Cupcakes, and Pooh Bear

History of Magic Kingdom Magazine Winnie the Pooh WDW Magazine October 2021 Issue Preview

Magic Kingdom might as well be the Hundred Acre Wood, because this park is where Pooh Bear fans really flourish!

Guests can meet Pooh and friends at Crystal Palace, then board a Hunny Pot to live the life of a silly ol’ bear in The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

We had to give props to Pooh Bear in our Magic Kingdom issue, including a guide on how to Disneybound easy Poohbear looks, so you’re camera-ready when those adorable honey bee cupcakes arrive at your table.

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Also in our October 2021 Issue:

History of Magic Kingdom Magazine Mickeys Birthdayland WDW Magazine October 2021 Issue Preview

  • Mickey’s Birthdayland—Or is it Mickey’s Starland? Toontown? The history of Magic Kingdom wouldn’t be complete without the evolution of the northeast quadrant of the park.
  • A Quote from Jiminy Cricket—Brian McCumsey gives us all the feels as we carry advice from Jiminy into our lives.
  • A Celebration of Love by Cinderella Castle—Get a look inside the day of a bride-to-be getting hitched at Magic Kingdom!
  • Disney Balloons—We just had to include this photo collection of balloon clusters bouncing in the sky at Magic Kingdom.
  • The Keys to the Kingdom Tour—Did you know you can see the utilidors on this tour? Come with Kat Wolfe on her day behind the scenes.
  • Building the Magic—Want to see inside the facades? The exposed beams in these photos capture the construction history of Magic Kingdom
  • Top 5 Zany Ride Vehicles—Teacups, clamshells, and more. Which weird ride vehicle made your top five?
  • Imagineer Blaine Gibson—How he helped sculpt the history of the Magic Kingdom, including this famous statue…
  • Magic Kingdom Magic Shots—Where and how to get the perfect photo memories… with a bit of magic
  • Autographs With Kids—Bring a frying pan or toy hammer in the park? Yep. Here’s why.
  • Disney Family Ties—How to spot personal nods to the Disney family in Magic Kingdom

That’s a lot just in one issue… and here’s how to get it all!

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Written by Rain Blanken

Written by Rain Blanken

Rain Blanken is the frying pan-wielding editorial director for WDW Magazine. She is a published author who has been working in digital media for 15 years. She is a DVC Member, WDW Annual Pass holder, former Disney Vacation Planner, and would live inside Boma if they would just stop checking under the tables at night. Did you like this article? Tip Rain in tartar sauce...

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