Harvey’s Bao Collection Drops Just in Time for Food and Wine

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Here’s every piece in the new Harvey’s Bao Collection with prices and detailed photos.

The new Harvey’s Bao bags and accessories dropped yesterday at 8:00 AM on the shopHarveys.com site!

We are so happy to see this new set of delectable styles because we’ve already started planning our outfits for booth-hopping at the 2021 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival.

Harvey’s Bao Collection

What is Bao? Well, in case you missed this 10-minute beloved Pixar short that first premiered in theaters with Incredibles 2 in 2018, watch it right now:

I saw this in theaters, and I have to say, it isn’t fair, Pixar, that you try to get me to shed a tear before the main film even starts up.

The adorable steamed bun that comes to life in Bao is rarely seen in Disney merch, so fans are well-poised to gobble up these Harvey’s styles:

Bao Streamline Crossbody


Harvey’s Bao collection Streamline Crossbody.

So cute, and so many bao poses! Who loves the grouchy bao? We do!

The details on Harvey’s bags are what make them stand out, so of course this little charm comes clipped to the Crossbody.

Bao Lapel Pin


Harvey’s Bao collection pin.

At $12.00, this is the lowest-price piece in the collection, and an easy way to add Pixar’s cute lil steamed bun to the front of your Food & Wine ‘fit.

Harvey’s Plush Bao Bag


Harvey’s Bao collection plush purse.

This is the show-stopper… and it is ALREADY sold out online!

We knew this one would be a jewel of the collection. The other side of that happy face is a grumpy one, and everyone loves the adorable grumpiness.

Keep your eyes peeled for resale bags, and hopefully the arrival of this collection in Disney Springs. 

Bao Key Charm


Harvey’s Bao collection key charm.

This cute key charm is still in stock, and at the price, it is a quick and affordable buy to add some Bao detail to any bag you already own.

Bao Grumpy Shopper Tote

Harveys-Bao-Shopper Tote

Harvey’s Bao collection shopper’s tote.

Buying groceries to make your own bao buns at home? Well, this tote is just perfect and features those grumpy bao faces. That’s the face I make when I try to cook just about anything, so this feels appropriate.

Bao Tie Knot Headband


Harvey’s Bao collection knot headband.

This is the Food and Wine Festival accessory of the year! So cute, and the faces are a subtle detail in what looks just like polka-dots from a distance.

Matching Harvey’s Bags

Harveys-Lava Tote and Crossbody

Harvey’s Lava bags match the Bao collection.

The Lava Streamline Crossbody and Tote bags are not Bao-themed, but the collection was designed to pair perfectly with them.

We love the idea of wearing that knot tie headband while carrying alternate Minnie ears one of these.

Stay tuned to our 2021 Food and Wine Festival booth coverage so you’ll know exactly what kind of bao bun will be served at the China Pavilion booth this year!

In both 2020 and 2019, a bao bun was served, so we think it’s pretty likely that we’ll get another one this year. But the filling? That hasn’t been announced yet!

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Written by Rain Blanken

Written by Rain Blanken

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