Snow White’s Guide to Washing Your Hands

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snow white guide to handwashing

This week, with coronavirus keeping us indoors, we might not feel like there is much we can do to help our communities or feel productive. 

Kids can feel that way too.  They’re missing their friends, picking up on household conversations about coronavirus news, and adjusting to shelter-in-place life. A disruption to their routine can contribute to feelings of insecurity.

One thing we can do to empower our kids: handwashing!

As an active and tactile way to combat the virus, handwashing can give kids a sense of control over their situation. Show those germs who’s boss!

And who is Disney’s biggest handwashing advocate? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! Here is a PSA from Snow herself. This is a great video to share with kids to get them onboard with washing their hands (there’s more to it than running water on your fingers):

Free Download: Heigh-Ho Handwashing

Need a little visual aid at home? Download the following FREE poster to hang up by the bathroom sink!

Click the image below to download the printable page-sized PDF file:

Snow White Handwashing Poster

Click to download our free printable PDF.

Now those are some sweet handwashing moves.

This poster features the lyrics from “Heigh-Ho”. At 20-seconds long, the lyrics are the recommended length of handwashing time.

I’ve organized the lyrics so that at the end, those clean hands shine like a million diamonds! 

A study in 2015 showed that a pair of eyes and a bit of citrus smell near the sink could boost handwashing habits 50%! So break out the orange-scented soap and let the watchful eye of Snow White assist in your hygiene efforts.

Take it from Doc and the Boys

Need a little more inspiration? Here is Doc trying to teach the importance of washing up. This scene is a good one to watch with your kids to normalize a firm wash-up routine in your house—even the Dwarfs had to learn how to clean properly:

Handwashing by Littles Like You!

If you need some more handwashing inspiration for preschoolers, this video by a little girl named Snow could do the trick:

Sometimes kids really latch on to concepts when they see another kid achieving success.

This “awwww”-inducing video could get handwashing to ‘click’ for your preschooler, as they watch someone their age have so much fun with washing her hands… among a few Disney friends, of course!

Do you have any tips to share with parents so we can all get the kids excited about washing their hands? We’d love to hear your comments on Facebook!

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