Grand Opening of Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs

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Join us for a photo recap of the grand opening ceremony of Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs!

Three-piece chicken tender meal with a choice of two sauces from Chicken Guy! Photo by Courtney Reynolds.

Grand Opening Ceremony

Although Chicken Guy! has already been serving up delicious chicken for a few weeks, August 30th marked the grand opening of Disney Springs’ newest quick-service restaurant. The event was open to the public and showcased a red carpet and ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the occasion. Guest speakers included Matt Simon (Vice President, Disney Springs), Lisa Onopa (Director of Operating Participants Department, Walt Disney World), and Brandon Peters (Walt Disney World Ambassador).

Restauranteur Robert Earl, Chef Guy Fieri, and Mickey Mouse had the honors of cutting the ribbon and then handed out free samples of chicken to guests. Even though I was towards the back of the crowd throughout the ceremony, I was still lucky enough to get a chicken tender from Guy himself!

The Exterior

After the ceremony, guests could jump in line if they wished to purchase a meal to try for themselves. I jumped at the chance to get more of those yummy tenders, so let’s take a look at what Chicken Guy! has to offer!

The restaurant entrance is located immediately to the right of the Planet Hollywood gift shop. There is both indoor and outdoor seating, and they’ve recently added umbrellas to some of the outdoor seating. The exterior fits in very well with the industrial theme of Disney Springs.

The Interior

The trendy theming continues inside with bright and fun chicken-inspired artwork and signage. The queue starts to the right as you enter where you’ll receive a paper menu to review as you wait.

The Chicken Guy! cast members are extremely kind and helpful and are genuinely excited to be there. Even during the after-ceremony rush, these cast members were calm and smiling!

Chicken Guy! uses a tracker system, so once you place your order you’ll be given a tracker so a cast member can find you and deliver your food. You can even get your meal to go, which is what I did. The indoor seating was packed so my plan was to eat at a different location so I could take photos and do a food review. That was my plan… until Chef Guy Fieri showed up inside the restaurant just feet away from me!

The question I keep getting is, “Is Guy as nice in person as people say he is?” The answer is YES. He is passionate about providing a great food experience for every single guest. He is so proud of the hard work put in by everyone involved in making this restaurant a reality, and even prouder of the high-quality ingredients and in-house food preparation. He’s extremely down-to-earth and humble. He even admitted he was a bit star struck standing alongside Mickey Mouse.

The Food

The Chicken Guy! menu features a variety of chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, salad bowls, side dishes, and frozen treats. The sauce selection includes 22 house-made sauces ranging from the standard Sweet ‘n’ Sour to the spicy Nashville Hot Honey and everything in between.

The Chicken Guy! menu features 22 house-made dipping sauces. Photos by Courtney Reynolds.

I ordered a three-piece chicken tender meal which came with a choice of two sauces for $5.99 (plus tax). You can also upgrade this meal to include fries and a drink for $11.49 (plus tax). You can purchase additional sauces for $0.50 each. For my sauces, I chose Sweet ‘n’ Sour and the Special Sauce. I had tried the Garlic Parmesan and Avocado Crema on a previous occasion.

Chicken Guy! packaging design. Photo by Courtney Reynolds.

The chicken is delicious and moist white-meat chicken. This is not a fake chicken nugget. This is REAL chicken, lightly breaded and fried in-house. The seasonings in the breading make the chicken tasty enough to eat without a sauce. The seasonings aren’t spicy, but add a great amount of flavor.

Close-up of Chicken Guy! chicken tenders. Photo by Courtney Reynolds.

While I haven’t had a chance to try all the sauces yet, I can at least tell you which are my favorites out of the ones I have tried. Full disclosure, I can’t eat anything spicy so spicy sauces are not for me and never will be. I have heard great things about the Nashville Hot Honey and the Peri Peri though, so if you like spice I recommend giving those a try!

During my first visit, I tried the Garlic Parmesan and Avocado Crema. I thought I would love the Avocado Crema since I am a die-hard avocado fan, but I was disappointed in this sauce. It was so thick that it wasn’t really a dipping sauce as much as it was just a container of mashed avocado. It would be fine atop some nachos, but it just didn’t work with chicken tenders.

The Garlic Parmesan, on the other hand, is a true winner! I am OBSESSED with this sauce. It’s creamy, full of garlic, and goes great with the chicken. You might want to have a mint on-hand for afterwards though (…Or maybe not, if you’re a vampire hunter).

At the grand opening event, I tried the Sweet ‘n’ Sour and Special Sauce. Both of these were really good, but I think I liked the Special Sauce better. The Sweet ‘n’ Sour was very tangy but a bit heavy on the vinegar, which is why the Special Sauce outranks it in my opinion. I’m assuming the “special spices & seasonings” listed in the Special Sauce are similar to the seasonings in the breading so naturally it pairs perfectly with the chicken.

Overall, I’m very happy with the sauces and can’t wait to try more!

Chicken Guy! packaging design. Photo by Courtney Reynolds.


 If you’re looking for a fast, delicious, and affordable meal at Disney Springs, I definitely recommend Chicken Guy!

 By Courtney Reynolds

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