Glowing Debut: New Entrance Lighting at EPCOT

by | Mar 9, 2021 | EPCOT, WDW Blog, WDW News

Here’s why the new entrance lighting at EPCOT demands you linger at the entrance a little longer.

OK, EPCOT fans… raise your hand if you have been booking it past the Leave a Legacy tombstones and straight to Spaceship Earth. Not much to look at in the EPCOT entrance for the past decade, right?

A New Place to Linger

Those who love to sit and absorb the atmosphere at EPCOT will have a new place to soak it in. The Leave-a-Legacy stones are gone, opening up this area (a new Leave-a-Legacy rainbow wall now faces Spaceship Earth).

The new nighttime lighting at EPCOT is paired with fluttering retro-style flags bearing symbols of each pavilion.

That famous awe-inspiring EPCOT music rises and falls around guests, Spaceship Earth looms nearby, and there’s that fresh smell of a Disney World water feature.

1. A Virtual Banner

EPCOT Entrance Lights and Flags Disney World Turner

The glowing banner wraps guests in color. Photo by Todd Turner

On your initial visit to this new entrance, you may first notice the banner of color that circles around the courtyard.

This banner, like the pylon and fountain lights, slowly cycles through a rainbow of colors. The effect is that you are completely surrounded by a prism of light.

The flags that run along the banner near Spaceship Earth are illuminated at night, too, the flapping cloth giving movement and grace to this area.

2. Lucite Pylons

EPCOT Entrance Lucite Pylons color change Disney World turner

Blue, green, pink? They are ever-changing. Photo by Todd Turner

Look at the top of these pylons and you’ll see the symbol for EPCOT.

This vintage symbol is a rich part of the park’s history, and fans love to see it return to prominence on these glowing statuettes.

While the pylons look like stunning ice in the above photo, they do change color along with the banner and fountain lights:

And see below for a pink and orange cycle, too!

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3. Fountain Lights

EPCOT Entrance lighting fountain lights Turner

The fountain lights give this area a calming glow. Photo by Todd Turner

The lighting in the fountains and in the three new pylons changes subtly throughout the night.

Watch the full cycle of lights, and don’t forget to look at the edges of the fountain vs the middle… the lights are different colors, so be sure to take in every angle.

4. Spaceship Earth

EPCOT Entrance Lucite Pylon Statues Disney World turner

The Lucite pylons change color in a matter of seconds. Photo by Todd Turner

Now, this is why you can’t call it a golf ball.

Our beauty shines at night in twilight colors, now accentuated by the bright pylons that announce your arrival.

The rainbow of Spaceship Earth mirrors all off the colors now happening in unison here at the entrance.

No longer will be rushing past this area of the park... we may have a little strut going on and a look of wonder as we reflect on our EPCOT day.

EPCOT Entrance Lighting

The EPCOT entrance was formerly lacking the kind of wow factor that we can be hit with at Magic Kingdom, but now I think this spot will be a favorite of guests to linger in as they wind down their EPCOT day.

What do you think of the new EPCOT entrance during the day, or at night? Let us know on Facebook.

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Written by Rain Blanken

Written by Rain Blanken

Rain Blanken is the frying pan-wielding editorial director for WDW Magazine. She is a published author who has been working in digital media for 15 years. She is a DVC Member, WDW Annual Pass holder, former Disney Vacation Planner, and would live inside Boma if they would just stop checking under the tables at night. Did you like this article? Tip Rain in tartar sauce...

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