Frozen DisneyBounds just in time for Frozen 2!

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DisneyBounds for Frozen 2

Some outfits are worth melting for.

Elsa and the gang will be returning to the big screen this month and I can’t chill out! Frozen 2 is hitting theaters November 22 and I’ve been planning a perfect #OOTD to wear to the opening day since I caught word of the sequel!

DisneyBounding is my favorite way to show off my #DisneyStyle without having to wear a graphic tee. Don’t get me wrong—I love a good Disney Store graphic tee but sometimes I want to add a bit more magic to my ensemble, and not run the risk of bumping into someone with the same shirt on.

I have put together three cozy and cool Frozen DisneyBounds that are definitely worth melting for! Hopefully, these looks will inspire you when you’re creating your very own Frozen DisneyBounds!

Olaf Disneybound

“I’m Olaf, and I like Warm Hugs!” – Olaf

Olaf DisneyBound - Snow Man OOTD Frozen Disneybounds

Some outfits are worth melting for!

Olaf is the most adorable sidekick in so many ways—he’s quirky, warm-hearted, and totally clueless! My favorite Olaf moment is when he says “I like warm hugs”… he is so pure and full of joy. Putting together an Olaf DisneyBound was tricky… he’s a white snowman!

His color palette doesn’t give you much to work with. It consists of white (his body), black (his buttons), orange (his nose) and brown (his arms and hair). I decided that my best bet would be to add some sparkles to this look to prevent it from looking bland.

The top I found for this look is the most huggable and cozy, knitted sweater—perfect for Olaf! The glitter skirt was a great find from the H&M bargain bin, and I loved the idea that this could resemble the snow when the sun reflects off of it.

The leg warmers were a last-minute addition when my sister suggested that it would make the outfit look incredibly cozy! The only real color on Olaf is the orange of his nose, so I added this purse from H&M as an accent piece.

Finally, the hat felt like a no brainer. The brown shades in the Pom-Pom on my hat were a perfect way to express Olaf’s twig hair (without turning it into a costume). Overall, the best way to emulate Olaf is to be as cozy and spunky as possible!

Anna Disneybound

“It’s TRUE love!” – Princess Anna

Anna DIsney Bound Disney's Frozen

Fun fact: my absolute favorite part of Frozen is when Anna punches Prince Hans in the face.

Anna is such a great heroine, she’s spunky and kind, but she’s also deeply loyal to her family. Elsa might have run away into the mountains but Anna went to go find her… and without any special powers. All she had was determination and love for her sister.

I think it’s often overlooked that Anna is equally as strong of a character as her sister, which is why I chose to make them look a little edgier with the belt and hat. The sweater and skirt were the perfect shades to DisneyBound as Anna, and together I think they look really cute—just like Princess Anna!

The sparkly boots add to the two sides of Anna: sweet and sassy!  The best way to put together a Princess Anna DisneyBound is to follow her color palette: pink, purple, blue, black and some greens!

Elsa Disneybound

“That perfect girl is gone!” – Queen Elsa

Elsa DisneyBound, White Shirt, Overalls

For a Queen Elsa DisneyBound adding a braid is a bonus (if your hair is long enough)!


In the first Frozen, Queen Elsa presents herself as pretty icy towards her sister. She is an Ice Queen after all, and she was only trying to protect her sister… who can blame her? By the end of the movie Elsa has opened her heart up to her sister and has let go of her fear.

I wanted this outfit to be more playful than serious, even though being intense is a very apparent characteristic of Elsa. The top was perfect because Elsa’s ice dress has long sleeves, and the overalls are perfect because you can wear them in fall or the summertime—just add tights to stay warm!

Elsa DisneyBound Sparkly Shoes

Adding sparkles to an Elsa DisneyBound is a definite MUST!

The shoes were a fun find from Missguided, and I thought they were a perfect addition to the outfit because the crystals on the shoes can look like the frozen fractals Elsa conjured up in her Ice palace!

Easy Frozen Disneybounds

The best way to DisneyBound as Queen Elsa would be color blocking with blue, white, silver, and of course lots of glitter! Also adding a braid is a big bonus if your hair is long enough!

I hope this helps you when you assemble your very own Frozen DisneyBounds as you get ready for the debut of Frozen 2 on November 22!

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