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Frozen 2 Elsa Purse Loungefly

Now that we are settling into November, we can finally celebrate our frozen fever in full swing! With Anna and Elsa’s new adventure on the horizon, there are many products that multiple brands are coming out with and we can’t let these new collaborations go!

Here are some products for every budget to help you ice up your life in preparation for the new movie:

Cakeworthy – Winter Collection

Cakeworthy is home to some of our favorite Disney Style pieces including the Royalty jean jacket and multiple flannels with our beloved character’s quotes on the back of them.

Whether you’ve recognized this brand or not, you have definitely seen their iconic all-over print t-shirts around the parks. Cakeworthy just dropped their winter collection that features four pieces to celebrate our favorite sisters’ next adventure!

These flannels are perfect for the cooler months that are fast approaching, and the AOP shirt is a must-have for everyone treating their frozen fever. Each flannel features a quote on the back, and two embroidered details—an embroidered Olaf is featured on the pocket, and the character’s autograph is ordained on the collar.

Cakeworthy carefully selected some of the most iconic quotes from the first film, so the only downside about this new launch is you having to pick your favorite one!  Get them now before they sell out! Quote include “Let it Go”, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”, and “Some People are Worth Melting For”.

Frozen 2 Flannels Cakeoworthy

These flannels are perfect for warm hugs! Photo courtesy of Cakeworthy

Loungefly Bags

Loungefly always has the coolest bags, and I am not ashamed to admit that I have quite a few backpacks from this company! I saw this Loungefly Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Satchel Bag at HotTopic when I was at the mall, and I couldn’t think of a better purse to wear in the parks. It is the perfect size to hold all your park essentials, and the design is great for all your holiday outfits!

Frozen 2 Elsa Purse Loungefly

Photo Courtesy of Loungefly

Pandora Charms

When Elsa made her ice palace, she didn’t miss a single detail—and I have reason to believe she had her hand in this Disney Jewellery Collection from Pandora. The intricate designs on the charms and the attention to detail are so fantastically made, I am having a hard time picking which one I want!

Frozen Pandora Charms

Photo Courtesy of Pandora

Mary Frances Designer Purses

When I am putting together outfits I like to pick pieces that really stand out. I look for accessories that would be different than what most people would be wearing. When I came across the Disney collection from Mary Frances, I instantly knew I found the unique piece of my outfit that I needed!

These purses are amazing because they have an art deco feel to them, so you can satisfy your inner artist. Each purse is beaded to perfection, and you can guarantee that this eclectic piece from Mary Frances will be unlike everyone else’s purse.

Frozen Purse Elsa Mary Frances

Photo Courtesy of Mary Frances

Frozen Purse Mary Frances

Perfect to hold your phone! Photo Courtesy of Mary Frances


Ruthie Davis Shoes

Here is something that Anna might love more than chocolate—these shoes are definitely worth melting for! These Ruthie Davis styles are runway-ready, and I’m hoping to see some of these styles on the red carpet for the Frozen 2 premiere! The collection features stilettos, platforms, runners and heeled booties that were made for the Disney loving fashionista.

Ruthie Davis Frozen Shoes

Photo Courtesy of Ruthie Davis


INSTAX Mini 9 Print Camera

You’ve probably seen these retro-inspired cameras around the parks and on Instagram, and there’s a good reason for their sudden popularity!  When I meet characters at the park I like to take a picture with my Instax so that I can have them sign the bottom part of it (I stole this idea from my best friend—thanks Sam!)

I love that Fujifilm came out with a Frozen themed line because not only is there a camera designed with Frozen fractals, but they have film that features our favorite Frozen characters on the frame! I think this is a definite must-have for folks who love meeting characters, especially for your next trip to the Norway Pavilion!

Instax Camera Frozen 2

Photo courtesy of Fujifilm

Frozen Camera Elsa

Photo courtesy of Fujifilm

Frozen 2 Instax Film

Photo courtesy of Fujifilm

S’Well Bottle

S’well has found a way to bottle up Queen Elsa’s icy powers because these themed stainless-steel containers can keep your liquids cool for up to 24 hours. What is great about these bottles is that they come in smaller sizes, which is perfect for sending them to school with your kids!

I love the way they decided to feature the characters on their bottles—you can either get your favorite character alone on the bottle or you can get the whole gang as well! One of the bottles even features Kristoff, and I barely see him featured on merch!

S'well water bottle Frozen 2

Photo courtesy of S’well

S'well water bottle Frozen 2

Photo courtesy of S’well


I’ve already bought quite a lot of these products in anticipation of the film and I hope you find something special for your Frozen Fever as well!

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