Fort Wilderness 50th Anniversary Merch: The Vault Collection Goes Camping

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Fort Wilderness Campground opened hot on the heels of Magic Kingdom on November 19th, 1971. It’s only fitting, then, that this resort was the first to get its own line of 50th Anniversary merch.

This resort is a fan-favorite, so it always has lots of resort-specific goods in stock. With the 50th, even more cool clothing and accessories have descended for fans to rep the best campground in Florida.

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The Vault Collection Display

OK, before we get to the actual merch, we have to talk about the amazing display at The Meadow store. The Settlement also has a little display, but head to the Meadow area to take in this labor of love:


Photo by Rain Blanken

The Vault Collection is only the most sought-after component of the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary merch. Check out more of the Vault Collection here for vintage-esque finds that will remind you of the days when it was under $5.00 to get into Magic Kingdom.

At Fort Wilderness, they have gone all-out with a display featuring an old television showing clips from 1971, and lots of canned goods from your favorite Disney characters!

Photo by Rain Blanken

Photo by Rain Blanken


Photo by Rain Blanken

Take Time to Read the Cans


Photo by Rain Blanken

Fort Wilderness Baked Beans, Polynesian Pineapple Cocktail, and Contemporary Soda…


Photo by Rain Blanken

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Puree, Flora’s Instant Cake, Chip’s Rosebud Tea, Ursula’s Shrimp Cocktail…


Photo by Rain Blanken

WED Enterprises (the original Imagineering department) chili (Walt loved chili!), Dumbo’s Peanuts and more.

We wish THESE cans were for sale. A lot of love went into this kitschy-cool display.


Photo by Rain Blanken

Love the suitcases, shoes, and old-fashioned Mickey Mouse emblem. Makes us want to take a time machine and see Magic Kingdom in 1971!

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For Wilderness 50th Anniversary Merch

On to the actual merch! There are many more Fort Wilderness items available at the Settlement and Meadow shops, but here we’re just featuring the new 50th Anniversary items.

Fort Wilderness Water Bottle – $27.99


Fort Wilderness Sipper – $13.99


Photo by Rain Blanken

Great if you need a reusable sipper at the resort or the parks.

Fort Wilderness Grey Tee – $24.99


Photo by Rain Blanken

This material was very soft and thin, the kind of thing you might wear a camisole under.

Fort Wilderness S’mores Kids Shirt- $24.99


Photo by Rain Blanken

Why isn’t this in an adult size???

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Fort Wilderness 50th Anniversary Pin- $12.99


Photo by Rain Blanken

Spare Tire Cover- $79.99


Photo by Rain Blanken

Available in small and large sizes. Fort Wilderness is the only place you’ll find this pretty unique piece of 50th merch due to all the RVs and heavy-duty vehicles that haul travel trailers.

Fort Wilderness Chip ‘n’ Dale Mug- $22.99


Photo by Rain Blanken

So cute, it looks like a lil stump.

Fort Wilderness Dog Dish- $18.99


Photo by Rain Blanken

Because your dog needs a matching thing to drink water out of. Looks just like the Chip ‘n’ Dale mug on the rim!

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Fort Wilderness Long Sleeve Button-Up- $59.99


Photo by Rain Blanken


Photo by Rain Blanken

It’s got it all. An emblem on the front pocket area, a patch on the arm, and a big print on the back.

Fort Wilderness Hawaiian Shirt- $85.00


Photo by Rain Blanken


Photo by Rain Blanken

If you are a collector of the Disney Hawaiian shirts, this one is for you! It is the kind that has more of the synthetic feel rather than regular cotton.

Fort Wilderness 50th Anniversary Raglan Tee- $34.99


Photo by Rain Blanken

My fav kind of tee, here. Since you can’t feel it on the interwebs, I did for you. Very soft material, but enough to give a bit of warmth on a fall night!

Fort Wilderness 50th Anniversary Beach Towel- $29.99


Photo by Rain Blanken

This towel features acorns on the back, too!

Fort Wilderness 50th Camping Chair- $89.99


Photo by Rain Blanken


Photo by Rain Blanken

Another VERY unique piece of 50th merch, only available at Fort Wilderness Campground. It has pockets for holding all your gear and a mini table with a drink holder. A must-get for avid campers.

Fort Wilderness 50th All-Over Print Shirt- $34.95


Photo by Rain Blanken


Photo by Rain Blanken

Gotta be one of the cutest 50th selections. Ready for adventure, yet?

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Rain Blanken

Rain Blanken is a published author and leader in digital media. A DVC Member, WDW Annual Pass holder, and former Disney Vacation Planner, Rain would live inside Boma if they would just stop checking under the tables at night.
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