Five Pandora Details You Probably Missed at Disney World

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Pandora – The World of Avatar still makes my jaw drop every single time I walk through it.

But there are a few things you won’t ever notice about this incredible land unless you take the time to talk to cast members, or really spend time exploring it.

Here are a few Pandora details that I’ve uncovered over many visits to this strange and wonderful land.

1. Each Plant Species Has a Backstory

Each Pandoran Plant has a purpose

You’ll find all kinds of strange plant life on Pandora. Photo by Mike Billick

When creating the plant life on Pandora, Imagineers didn’t just dream up funny looking flowers and call it a day. Oh no! They went all out, designing the ways in which each plant fits into the Pandoran ecosystem.

See those blue, slightly pear-shaped pods in the photo above? If you were to bite into one, (please don’t actually do that) it would taste almost like a pickle!

That’s because these plants pull up salty minerals from the earth and store them in their pods. You’ll likely find these plants near the water.

The carnivorous plants of Pandora

Don’t put your hand inside these red plants! They bite. Photo by Mike Billick

You definitely won’t want to put your hand inside these red, cone-shaped plants with pink lids.

Much like the Venus flytrap of earth, these plants wait for unsuspecting bugs or small animals to crawl inside, then snap their lids shut, trapping their prey and digesting them.

Even though they’re carnivorous, I can’t help but picture them flapping their lids open and closed while singing Under the Sea, like the clams in The Little Mermaid do, every time I look at them.

2. The Trees are Interactive

A bubbly looking sap hides secrets on Pandora

This bubbly looking sap hides secrets! Photo by Laurie Sapp

If you’re passing by a tree, and see this pink and purple bubbly looking goop, stop for a second!

Right next to it there will be a hidden opening where you can insert your hand, activating a strange noise in the trees.

You see, there are all kinds of strange creatures living in the trees on Pandora, and when you touch their homes, they get a little upset.

The chirping sounds you’ll hear are their way of saying, “hey get your hands out of my house, please!”

3. There are Alien Creatures Everywhere!

Some creatures on Pandora spray water

There are more than just three creatures in this pond. Photo by Mike Billick

Speaking of strange creatures being everywhere, you might have noticed these three little guys floating in a pool surrounded by foliage. If you wave your arms hard enough, they’ll spurt water into the air!

This is how they catch their prey, and they can sometimes mistake human hands for small bugs or their usual flying snacks.

But keep looking at this pond next time you’re there. There’s more than just the three creatures floating on the water.

Turn your attention to what’s on the outer edges of the pool, just under the surface of the water. You’ll see several different brightly colored creatures hiding in the shallow waters. 

And while you’re at it, pay close attention to what’s living upon the floating mountains of Pandora too! You might spot more than one creepy looking animal.

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4. Look Again – You Might See Something Different!

There are details woven into the land.

Did you see the Banshee the first time you looked? Photo by Brett Svensen

The more you look – really look – at Pandora, the more you’ll see!

There are several woven figures throughout the land that have been crafted by the Na’vi—the native species of Pandora.

The next time you see one make sure you look at it from every angle. There’s one that’s been woven the in form of a Na’vi shaman near the exit of Na’vi River Journey.

And just look at the one in the photo above. Do you see the Banshee head woven into the structure? 

5. Even The Ground Tells A Story

The ground on Pandora glows at night

There are even details imprinted in the ground on Pandora. Photo by Brett Svensen

You probably know that the ground, like the plant life on Pandora, is bioluminescent. But that’s not the only secret hidden under your feet!

Next time you’re walking around this strange and wondrous land, be sure to keep an eye out for the odd footprints you’ll see scattered about. 

You’ll be able to find Na’vi footprints, which are nearly double the size of an adult human’s footprint! Just try stepping into one to compare.

This is just another one of those small details that make Pandora really come alive.

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To say that I’m obsessed with Walt Disney World is an understatement. Luckily, as Communications Director for WDW Magazine, I get to live and breathe my passion every day! Follow me on Instagram for all my Disney adventures!

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Tatjana Lazar

To say that I’m obsessed with Walt Disney World is an understatement. Luckily, as Communications Director for WDW Magazine, I get to live and breathe my passion every day! Follow me on Instagram for all my Disney adventures!
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