Escape to Magic Kingdom with our Spectacular Day and Night Issue

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Get ready to melt away into the magic of Disney no matter where you are! The Magic Kingdom Day and Night issue of WDW Magazine is our most immersive yet!

If you’ve been hit with snowy weather these past few days then I can guarantee that you’ve daydreamed about escaping to sunny Florida at least once. 

My happy place is at Walt Disney World– specifically at Magic Kingdom. There isn’t a place that makes me feel more at home than Magic Kingdom, and I think many people can relate to this sentiment. 

Thanks to WDW Magazine, I’m able to melt away into the pages and escape for a few moments into the most magical place in the world– even if it is just in my imagination. 

Day and Night Issue

Photo by WDW Magazine

When the winter blues start to hit, escaping to Disney is essential for me, and I like to dive into The Magic Kingdom Day and Night Issue. 

It is different from our monthly issues of WDW Magazine because it was designed to be an even more immersive experience. Not only is this issue double sided, but it takes you through each land of Magic Kingdom, and comes equipped with a soundtrack to guide you through the happiest place on Earth. 

The link for the soundtrack is available on the table of contents page, and it includes all of the wonderful sounds you’d expect, capturing the ambience of each land in the Magic Kingdom perfectly. 

Not to mention… the center fold of this edition is a spectacular edit from our photographer Judd Helms– a split image of Cinderella Castle during the day and at night! 

day and night center fold caslte

Photo by Judd Helms

I mentioned that this issue is double sided… and that’s so that you can leaf through the pages of the park during the daytime, and then flip the magazine, and start to stroll through the park during the night.

There are so many beautiful things to see at Magic Kingdom during the day, but when the sun starts to retires, the park comes alive in a different way!

The soundtrack will not only let you know when to turn the pages, but it will also let you know when it’s time to flip the magazine and explore the park at night.

You’re going to want to add this edition to your WDW keepsakes collection, because every day is a good day to escape to Disney’s Magic Kingdom with our Day And Night Issue! 

You can get YOUR copy of the Day and Night Collection HERE!


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