EPCOT Overhaul Rumors: Confirmed or Busted!

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We’re keeping track of all the EPCOT overhaul rumors so you don’t have to!

Spaceship Earth. Photo by Matthew Cooper.

At D23 in 2017, it was announced that EPCOT will be undergoing an extensive overhaul and “reimagining”. Some of the initial rumors have since been confirmed, some busted, and others are still floating out there without answers. We’re here to give you the scoop and keep track of what is happening and what is not!

Illuminations. Photo by Matthew Cooper.

RUMOR: IllumiNations will end its run


A few weeks ago, it was confirmed by Disney that IllumiNations will be ending its 20-year run at the end of summer 2019. Disney Parks Live Entertainment is already in the works creating a new nighttime lagoon experience to take its place. Check out our blog post about the announcement!

A scene from Spaceship Earth. Photo by Cliff Wang.

RUMOR: Spaceship Earth to close for a two-year refurb


While no official announcement has been made by Disney, WDW News Today is reporting that Spaceship Earth will be closing in 2020 for a two year refurbishment / enhancement. This overhaul is rumored to include an update to the ride track, updates to certain scenes, incorporating new effects like projection mapping into certain scenes, creating new load / un-load areas, and possibly a complete overhaul of the Project Tomorrow area.

We will keep you updated with any new information regarding this rumor!

World Showcase Lagoon. Photo by Mike Billick.


RUMOR: New pavilions coming to World Showcase


This rumor has been floating around for many years now, but we still have no official word from Disney. Rumors about exactly which countries would be featured in these new pavilions have changed over the years, but the overall rumor is still alive and well and doesn’t seem to be going away.

The one potential pavilion that keeps getting talked about is Brazil. Orlando Weekly has a good article about this, and mentions that the pavilion could replace the model train exhibit in between the Germany and Italy pavilions. It also mentions that this pavilion could include a gondola-style dark ride and a Brazilian steakhouse.

There is a new rumor floating around that India might also be the focus of new World Showcase pavilion. WDW News Today is reporting that the pavilion could potentially tie-in with the live-action Jungle Book movie. It’s rumored to include a boat-ride based on the film and would include a ride system similar to Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle of Sunken Treasure at Shanghai Disneyland.

We will keep you updated with any new information regarding these rumors!

U.K. pavilion in World Showcase. Photo by Mike Billick.

RUMOR: Mary Poppins ride coming to the U.K. pavilion


It’s been rumored for a little while that Mary Poppins would be receiving her own dark ride in the U.K. pavilion. While there are still whispers of Mary Poppins getting her own ride, the rumor has changed slightly. WDW News Today is reporting that the ride is believed to be a spinner ride similar to Dumbo the Flying Elephant – not a dark ride as originally rumored. It also mentions that the ride is likely to replace the gardens and bandstand area towards the back of the U.K. pavilion.

We will keep you updated with any new information regarding this rumor!

The Gran Fiesta Tour featuring The Three Caballeros. Photo by Cliff Wang.

RUMOR: Characters from Coco will replace The Three Caballeros on The Gran Fiesta Tour


This rumor really has me really emotionally conflicted. Coco and The Three Caballeros are two movies that are extremely high up on my “Top Animated Films Of All Time” list. This rumor started floating around prior to the actual theatrical release of Coco, and back then I was 150% against replacing my beloved “Birds of a Feather” for any reason. Once I finally saw Coco though, I started to be a little more open to the idea.

Disney seems to be testing the waters a little bit by adding the Remember Me! exhibit to the Mexico pavilion last year. This on-again off-again rumor is a bit hard to follow. WDW Theme Parks has a good day-by-day timeline of updates so you can see just how much this rumor really has gone back and forth. At this time it is still unconfirmed by Disney.

We will keep you updated with any new information regarding this rumor!

Here is a list of official Disney-confirmed EPCOT rumors already underway:

Keep checking back to this page for the latest updates on these rumors!

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