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A couple of weeks ago I got to experience first hand the Epcot Internation Flower and FOOD Garden Festival.  This is one of my favorite times of year at WDW, and I really do love all of the gardens, flowers, and educational exhibits.  Especially because it gives me time to digest between stops at the outdoor kitchens!  Let’s get this #WDWGardenParty started – foodie style!

While I didn’t manage to visit EVERY booth, I did my best to sample a lot of their offerings!  The photos you see below are basically lunch or dinner for 2 people, 3 times!  That’s right, my hubby and I challenged ourselves to make meals out of dishes on 3 different days of our trip.  We found that usually 3 booths, with 2-3 items at each would suffice to leave us stuffed – and by sharing we maximized our sampling!

Without further adieu…

La Isla Fresca

This was our first booth at the festival and once of the most outstanding!  The jerk spiced grouper was topped with a mango based salsa that was extremely flavorful and interesting, and the Jamaican braised beef was melt in your mouth tender.

Jardins de Fiestas

Jardin de Fiestas offered tasty but very small dishes (only 2-3 bites) for the price.  The shrimp taco was unique, and the veggie quesadilla came with a sauce that way delicious and very spicy.  The rose margarita was refreshing – I’d love to see it on the La Cava del Tequila menu.

Lotus House

Here we sampled the Gaoli beef bun (good, but nothing really compares to the bao at Morimoto) and the candied strawberries that were a colossal size, but way too sweet for more than a nibble – this would be great to share!

Primavera Kitchen

One of my favorite dishes of the festival – the creamy dreamy mezze lune primavera was found in Italy and the view while I ate was GORGEOUS.

The Smokehouse

The burnt ends hash was rich and delicious – the only item we ordered 2 of.  The pulled pig slider was good if standard – shown above before adding sauce and after.  At least 3 sauces were on hand, we chose the Carolina style BBQ sauce.

Florida Fresh

Undoubtedly the best themed booth at the festival, Florida fresh offered garden seating, lush landscaping reminiscent of local crops and educational components.  The shrimp and grits were well prepared, but the kale salad was a bit dry and wilted.  Also the cocktail here – a watermelon cucumber slush with Hendriks gin – was barely larger than a shot glass… and it had the same price as other full sized drinks a the festival.

Fleur de Lys


We were so stuffed by the time we hit France, there was only room for a refreshing frozen treat.  The La Vie En Rose slush was tart and balanced, while the Grand Marnier push pop was sweet and delicious (it deserves points for cute presentation, but do note that it ended up a bit melty and sticky).

Cider House

At the cider house, we certainly got great food and value for money.  The green salad with dried blueberries and stilton was one of the best dishes at the festival (even my carnivorous hubby agrees) and the salmon biscuit was light and herby but still filling.  The beer and cider flight was fun and plenty to share (pear, black cherry, and blueberry cider plus one lager).

Urban Farm Eats


I scarfed down the watermelon feta salad so quickly, there was no time for a picture.  Sorry!  But trust me – you need to eat that salad!

What was YOUR favorite dish at this year’s Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival?

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