Dining at Disneyland Park: A Complete Food Guide

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We’re covering everything you need to know about the food available throughout Disneyland Park in Anaheim.

Attractions might be the most magical thrills found inside Disneyland Park, but food can be just as fun! Disney theme parks are known for serving up some seriously delicious food – and thanks to incredible theming, many restaurants offer innovative and inventive dishes that are exciting to taste. So, where should you start when you’re thinking about dining at Disneyland? We’ve got your guide to all of the food at Disneyland, from restaurants to snack carts and everything in between.

Quick Service Dining at Disneyland

Enjoy a delicious meal and save plenty of time to make it to your next attraction by dining at a quick service spot! Quick service restaurants can be found throughout Disneyland Park, and they make grabbing a meal easy. With no reservations required, you can walk into these restaurants, place your order, and enjoy your meal in minutes.

As an added perk, most quick service restaurants at Disneyland also offer mobile order. This allows you to order your food in a time slot (or window) of your choosing, then pick it up when it’s ready – skipping the wait in line entirely! That makes quick service restaurants a top choice if you’re in a hurry or don’t want to wait around to dine.

Here’s an overview of all of the quick service restaurants at Disneyland Park, organized by the land in which they’re located.

Main Street, U.S.A.

  • Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe: A Mary Poppins themed dining spot, you’ll find an array of fresh pastries, breakfast favorites, sweet treats, and satisfying sandwiches here. You can grab a snack or a full meal from this cafe, which has a menu that covers just about every taste.
  • Plaza Inn: This Main Street staple is a favorite for good reason – once you try the signature Specialty Chicken, you won’t want to miss a meal here. The fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and mixed veggies make for one hearty theme park meal (though you will find other options on the menu). Stop by for breakfast, and you’ll find character dining available.
  • Refreshment Corner: This turn-of-the-century cafe features a walk-up counter and thirst-quenching fountain drinks, just like the soda shops of bygone eras. Centered around hot dogs and chili, you can also find seasonal specialties on the menu, like Disney100 offerings. My favorite detail, however, is the ragtime piano players who pop in to play tunes while you dine outdoors.


  • Bengal Barbecue: This popular quick service stand features a menu of meals on skewers, including beef, pork, and chicken options alongside veggie-only alternatives.  With affordable prices, it’s a great destination to stop for a hearty and quick meal you can eat on the go.
  • Tropical Hideaway: This tucked-away oasis in Adventureland features a menu filled with exotic eats – like plenty of fresh Dole Whip varieties! As you listen to Rosita (a cockatoo taking flight from the Enchanted Tiki Room), you can snack on classic Dole Whip, floats, swirl floats, and other fun options, along with some savory options like lumpia and bao.


  • Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante: Featuring a shaded patio, colorful painted tiles, and adobe archways, you’ll feel like you stepped into a Mexican oasis when you dine at this restaurant. Here, all of the dishes are inspired by authentic Mexican cuisine, with plenty of flavor and spice. Don’t miss the chance to try nachos with cauliflower in place of meat (it’s my personal favorite!).
  • Stage Door Café: If you’re looking for a stop that’s quick, convenient, and offers a menu of options for even the pickiest eaters, this is the place. This saloon-style quick service spot features straightforward entrées like chicken tenders, corn dogs, and chili cheese fries.
  • The Golden Horseshoe: As one of the original buildings at Disneyland, this old-timey saloon has been part of the theme park since its opening – and today, it’s still a great place to grab a bite. Serving up lunch and dinner options like loaded potato skins, chicken wings, and chili mac, it’s a great place (with air conditioning!) to enjoy a meal. However, dessert is really the star at the Golden Horseshoe, so don’t miss out on the sundaes or floats.

New Orleans Square

  • Cafe Orleans: This restaurant offers dishes with plenty of Cajun charm and nostalgia infused in every bite. You’ll be able to try Southern favorites (don’t miss that classic Monte Cristo!) as you dine with a view of the Rivers of America and the passersby of New Orleans Square.
  • Royal Street Veranda: Enjoy some Southern classics while you sit outdoors and people-watch at this quick service spot. The menu may not be extensive – you can choose from a few different drinks, Mickey beignets, and clam chowder served in a bread bowl, plus a couple of other options – but everything on it is great for a quick bite.

Critter Country

  • Harbour Galley: Set right at the waterfront of the Rivers of America, this seaside-themed quick service restaurant offers a menu centered around seafood. It’s a great place to grab a hearty lobster roll or lighter tuna salad sandwich (in fact, you’ve probably seen the lobster rolls all over your social media feed – that’s how popular they are!).
  • Hungry Bear Restaurant: This woodsy dining destination set along the shores of the Rivers of America is a great option for home-style meals. It might be a quick service restaurant, but its menu of cheeseburgers, crispy chicken sandwiches, and cheesy macaroni paired with the backdrop of a peaceful waterfront view (and you’ll even spot some Disneyland wildlife, too). 

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

  • Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo: Fuel up with some galactic grub at this working hangar bay turned dining destination on Batuu. Using a variety of fresh ingredients sourced from across the galaxy, you’ll find fun food picks like Endorian Fried Chicken Tip-Yip and Trandoshan-style Pasta with Braised Bantha, giving your theme park meal a fun Star Wars twist.
  • Ronto Roasters: Grab a meal that’s been heated up from the fiery insides of a podracer engine while you’re browsing the shops of Batuu – you won’t regret it! Home to the popular Ronto Wrap and all of its variations, including plant-based alternatives, this restaurant in Galaxy’s Edge is a must-visit for both the experience (keep an eye out for the droids “cooking” your food!) and the delicious menu items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


  • Red Rose Taverne: Themed with French-inspired flair and touches that bring the characters of Beauty and the Beast to life, this quick service restaurant invites you to step inside for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The menu items are inspired by Belle’s provincial village – and obviously, you have to try the grey stuff!

Mickey’s Toontown

  • Café Daisy: Step up to windows of this toon-run café, and you can order lunch, dinner, snacks, and even late-night treats. Featuring kid-sized dining options as well as adult-friendly picks with items like fun-sized corn dogs and pizzas, it’s friendly for all palates and tastes.


  • Alien Pizza Planet: This out-of-this-world restaurant is inspired by the adorable aliens from Toy Story, and it serves up a literal feast of options. The menu features a variety of different patas, pizzas, and salads. Plus, if you’re a Disney history buff, you’ll love the nods to the original attraction, Mission to Mars, that once called this spot home.
  • Galactic Grill: This centrally-located space-themed outdoor restaurant in the heart of Tomorrowland offers plenty of seating and a menu full of sandwiches, snacks, and sips. There’s something for everyone – including late-night diners looking for a meal, thanks to the special Dance Party Offerings menu that’s served alongside live entertainment.

Table Service Restaurants at Disneyland

If you’re looking for a more leisurely lunch or a sit-down dinner that isn’t quick or grab-and-go, you’ll want to visit one of Disneyland’s table service restaurants.

Table service restaurants are places where you can sit down, grab a bite, and relax. These restaurants do typically require an advance dining reservation (ADR), as they can fill up fast on busy days. Walk-ups are accepted, but know that the wait can be lengthy if you aren’t able to secure a reservation ahead of your visit.

Here’s a look at the different table service restaurants at Disneyland Park, organized by the land in which they’re located.

Main Street, U.S.A.

  • Carnation Cafe: Here, classic American comfort food reigns supreme. With Victorian-inspired styling and a nostalgic menu, this Main Street institution serves up some of Walt Disney’s favorite dishes, including Walt’s Chili, hearty sandwiches, and chicken fried chicken. 


  • River Belle Terrace: With its riverfront views indoors and outdoors, this Frontierland table service spot offers as much to see as it does to eat. You can enjoy brunch, lunch, and dinner here with dishes inspired by classic American cuisine like buttermilk fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, stacks of pancakes, and pulled pork sandwiches. Plus, it’s a great spot to see the Mark Twain Riverboat cruise on by.

New Orleans Square

  • Blue Bayou Restaurant: Featuring a menu of Louisiana-inspired Cajun and Creole cuisine and one seriously unique setting, Blue Bayou is a true dining experience. This Disneyland restaurant allows you dine right inside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction – and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to dig into your Monte Cristo while you sit waterside, watching the boats float by.

Snack Carts and Other Dining Options at Disneyland

Snack carts abound throughout Disneyland Park, and you have plenty of options to grab something sweet or savory, fresh or packaged. There are basics, like popcorn, churro, pretzel, ice cream, and even fruit and turkey leg, cart options scattered throughout the theme park. However, there are additional carts or dining spots that fall somewhere between a cart and a true quick service restaurant.,

Below, we’re highlighting some of the different options beyond restaurants and basic snack carts you can visit (and even mobile order from, in some cases).

Main Street, U.S.A.

  • Gibson Girl ice Cream Parlor: Step inside this old-fashioned ice cream parlor, and you’ll have plenty of sweet treats to choose from. You’ll find scoops of ice cream in cups or cones as well as more filling options like floats and sundaes covered in toppings.
  • Market House: If you can’t do a Disney day without Starbucks in hand, this is where you need to stop! Market House on Main Street serves an array of Starbucks coffee (and non-coffee) beverages, along with artisan sandwiches and snacks that are perfect to grab as you head towards your favorite attractions. 


  • Tiki Juice Bar: As Disneyland’s original Dole Whip destination, this spot near the Enchanted Tiki Room serves a selection of pineapple treats from the whip to Dole Whip floats to juice.
  • Tropical Imports: A convenient snack stop that sells healthy options like whole, cut, fresh, and dried fruits along with pickle spears, trail mix, and some veggie options. You’ll also find a selection of cold beverages here. 

New Orleans Square

  • Mint Julep Bar: Technically a quick service spot, this New Orleans Square favorite is a must-visit when you’re craving a mint julep or a few Mickey-shaped beignets. You’ll find a few beverages and some sweet snacks on the menu here. 

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

  • Kat Saka’s Kettle: If you love Disney popcorn, you don’t want to miss this quick service snack spot! You’ll have four different colorful flavor combinations to choose from, with additional snacks and drinks available seasonally.
  • Milk Stand: This is where you’ll find that legendary blue and green milk on Batuu. Keep an eye out for seasonal twists on these milks, too (like the Tenoo Swirl Crunchies Cereal).
  • Oga’s Cantina: The local cantina of Batuu, Oga’s offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Pop in to try the extensive menu of fantastical drinks (both alcoholic and nonalcoholic) and light snacks while you listen to the beats of droid DJ R-3X. Just be warned this is the hottest spot in Galaxy’s Edge – so you’ll want to make a reservation, if you can get one.


  • Edelweiss Snacks: This Matterhorn-adjacent snack stop is home to one of the most popular snacks at Disneyland: the turkey leg. Of course, that’s not all you’ll find here, thanks to a menu of soft-frozen drinks and savory snacks.
  • Maurice’s Treats: Find deliciously sweet and savory pastries along with some signature drinks inspired by Maurice’s wild inventions in Beauty and the Beast at this old-world European snack wagon. 
  • Troubadour Tavern: Make your way over to the Fantasyland Theatre and you’ll find this quick service snack counter tucked away. It’s a popular spot to grab a giant loaded baked potato – but depending on what’s showing at the theatre, the menu can change. 

Mickey’s Toontown

  • Good Boy! Grocers: This fun Toontown snack stand offers a bit of a unique twist on grab-and-go snacks. You can purchase items to enjoy now or later, like bottled drinks, cookies, and fresh fruit. Or, you can opt to package your items together as a picnic to enjoy in the land, giving you an experience and family-friendly snacks in one.


  • Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace: This unique Disneyland restaurant offers both delicious food and some seriously incredible views of the theme park. However, it’s only open to those who book the Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Dinner Package – available from 6:30 to 10 PM on select nights. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Food and Dining at Disneyland

What type of food can be found at Disneyland?

Disneyland Park offers just about everything you could want or dream of! From simple theme park picks like chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese, and corn dogs to more culinary adventurous meals like gumbo, Monte Cristo sandwiches, and braised short rib, you can try just about anything here. Some restaurants, like Rancho del Zocalo and Alien Pizza Planet, also offer different cuisines like Mexican and Italian food.

How much money do I need to eat at Disneyland?

Your food budget will depend on a number of different factors, from how many meals you plan to eat inside the park to the types of restaurants you choose to how many people you’re visiting with. While quick service restaurants can offer entrées priced between $10 and $20 per person, table service meals typically cost significantly more. You also won’t want to overlook snacks, treats like ice cream, or additional beverages. It’s a good idea to estimate the cost of your Disneyland food by looking at the menus of the places you’re hoping to eat before your visit.

What is the best time to eat at Disneyland?

Whether you’re hoping to secure an ADR for a table service restaurant or just want to avoid crowds at quick service restaurants, it’s always a good idea to plan your meals for less popular times. For example, you can expect a big lunch rush between 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM – but you’ll find less demand and fewer crowds between 2:00 and 3:00 PM.

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Heather Adams

Heather is a lifelong Disney fan who grew up at Disneyland and loves spending as much time as possible in the parks. As WDW Magazine’s Content Operations Manager, Heather is a content creator and strategist with experience at a wide variety of different outlets. She’s written for publications including Clean Eating Magazine, Fatherly, The Drive, Task and Purpose, Healthversed, Nation.com, and Car Bibles. Heather also authored the book Fidget!: 101 Ways to Boost Your Creativity and Decrease Stress.
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