Disney World Pixie Dust Pass Blockout Dates, Price, and Perks

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Before making your Disney World Annual Pass selection, review the Pixie Dust Pass blockout dates, pricing, and perks.

The 2021 Disney World Annual Passes go on sale Sept. 8, 2021, ushering in a new batch of passholder tiers. Say goodbye to Silver and Platinum and hello to options like Pixie Dust and Pirate.

The Disney Pixie Dust Pass is the most affordable option, but those savings come at a cost:

  • The most blockout dates.
  • The fewest perks.

The Disney World Pixie Dust Pass is only available to Florida residents. So if you hail from the Sunshine State, don’t mind an absence of perks, and want the cheapest Disney World Annual Pass there is, read on about the brand-new Pixie Dust Pass at Disney.

Note: As Disney warned, due to capacity constraints, Annual Passes can sell out—and they have been doing just that. For up-to-date Disney World Annual Pass sales info, please visit the Disney website.

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Disney World Pixie Dust Pass Blockout Dates

Celebration Buttons Every Ride at Magic Kingdom Castle

Photo Courtesy of Disney PhotoPass

Ahead of the launch of the new Annual Passholder packages on Sept. 8, Disney had already released blockout calendars for each of the passes through October 2022. Blockout dates are dates for which passholders cannot make park reservations.

The Disney World Pixie Dust Pass blockout dates include all weekends and popular holiday times, in an effort to reduce capacity and allow in more guests who are buying individual tickets.

Here are all of the Pixie Dust Pass blockout dates through October 2022:


  • Sept. 11-12
  • Sept. 18-19
  • Sept. 25-26
  • Oct. 1-3
  • Oct. 9-11
  • Oct. 16-17
  • Oct. 23-24
  • Oct. 30-31
  • Nov. 6-7
  • Nov. 13-14
  • Nov. 19-28
  • Dec. 4-5
  • Dec. 11-12
  • Dec. 17-31


  • Jan. 1-2
  • Jan. 8-9
  • Jan. 15-17
  • Jan. 22-23
  • Jan. 29-30
  • Feb. 5-6
  • Feb. 12-14
  • Feb. 19-20
  • Feb. 26-27
  • Mar. 5-6
  • Mar. 12-20
  • Mar. 26-27
  • Apr. 2-3
  • Apr. 9-24
  • Apr. 30-May 1
  • May 7-8
  • May 14-15
  • May 21-22
  • May 28-30
  • Jun. 4-5
  • Jun. 11-12
  • Jun. 18-19
  • Jun. 25-26
  • Jul. 1-4
  • Jul. 9-10
  • Jul. 16-17
  • Jul. 23-24
  • Jul. 30-31
  • Aug. 6-7
  • Aug. 13-14
  • Aug. 20-21
  • Aug. 27-28
  • Sept. 3-5
  • Sept. 10-11
  • Sept. 17-18
  • Sept. 24-25
  • Oct. 1-2
  • Oct. 8-10
  • Oct. 15-16
  • Oct. 22-23
  • Oct. 29-30

Out of the 421 days between Sept. 8, 2021, and Oct. 31, 2022, there are 161 Disney Pixie Dust Pass blockout dates.

That means over 38% of the time, Disney Pixie Dust Passholders cannot go to the park, even though it’s open.


This calendar displays all the Disney Pixie Dust Pass blockout dates through Oct. 22. Photo courtesy of Disney

Disney World Pixie Dust Pass Pricing

But how much does the Disney Pixie Dust Pass cost? Just $399 plus tax. Its low price makes it worth the blockout dates for many Disney passholders.

If you’d rather take on a monthly payment, you can just pay $205 as a down payment and then $19/month for 12 months with no interest.

Disney World Pixie Dust Pass Perks

Disney's Grand Floridan Resort and Spa at Walt Disney World

Discounts on resort stays are just one of the many Annual Passholder perks. Photo by Brett Svenson

Aside from the Pixie Dust Pass blockout dates, the biggest differentiator from the other Disney World Annual Pass tiers is the lower amount of park reservations. With Pixie Dust, you can only hold three park reservations at a time.

Other perks are consistent across all pass levels:

Other 2021 Disney World Annual Pass Options

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Written by Timothy Moore

Written by Timothy Moore

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