Trick-Or-Treat: 2022 Disney World Halloween Merch is Here!

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Calling all ghoulies, goblins, sorcerers, and spirits—2022 Disney World Halloween Merch has apparated!

Witchy wares mystically manifested on shelves last week, ringing in Disney World’s 2022 Halloween festivities. Fans wait frightfully long each year for the spooky season to arrive at Magic Kingdom—and lucky for them Christmas Halloween came early this year!

The frightful festivities were kicked off on August 12th (a month and a half before the big day) and guests welcomed the celebration with open arms. But what’s Halloween without the ghostly garb and witchy wardrobes? 

Thankfully, there’s a slew of creepy commodities waiting for you both in the parks and online at We found these delightful treats at The Emporium at Magic Kingdom, but some items are also available at other parks at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort. Keep reading to virtually peruse the products!

Trick-Or-Treat Disney Halloween Merch Collection 🍬

The word “Halloween” undeniably conjures up images of jolly jack-o-lanterns, cackling witches, pillowcases stuffed with candy, and friendly ghosts soaring across the night sky. If you love these classically creepy icons, you’ll adore the vintage-inspired Trick-Or-Treat Halloween 2022 merch collection!

Halloween All-Over Print Shirt

Disney World Halloween Merch 2022 Trick-Or-Treat Button-Down Shirt Blanken

Pumpkins, skeletons, candy, oh my! This printed button-down hits all the boo-tastic bases. The shirt is packed with scenes from what appears to be a wacky night of trick-or-treating with Mickey and friends.

🎃Button-Down Shirt Price: $59.99

Mickey Treat Pumpkin Hat

Disney World Halloween Merch 2022 Pumpkin Hat Blanken

Swap your pretzel Mickey ears for something a little more festive! Foodies at the parks won’t want to miss a bite of this candy-coated cap.

🎃Hat Price: $34.99

Trick-Or-Treat Sweatshirt

Disney World Halloween Merch Sweatshirt Blanken

Although it’s a bit too warm (and by warm, I mean sweltering) in Florida to don a long-sleeved shirt quite yet, by the time October rolls around you’ll want to cozy up in this trick-or-treat sweatshirt.

🎃Sweatshirt Price: $54.99

Halloween Crocs

Disney World Halloween Merch Trick-or-treat Crocs Blanken

Many guests swear by their trusty crocs as the perfect shoes for the parks – so give your usual pair a rest and slip on these beauties! Plus you get two free Jibbitz of Mickey and Minnie in their Halloween best.

🎃 Crocs Price: $59.99

Halloween Sweatpants

Disney World Halloween Merch Sweatpants Blanken

Cozy up in your resort room for a good ole scary movie night in a pair of Halloween pajama pants. Lovable ghosts, jovial jack-o-lanterns, smiling candies, and whimsical spellbooks are spotted against a black background (which is great for hiding buttery popcorn stains, FYI).

🎃 Sweatpants Price: $49.99

Halloween Hoodie

Disney World Halloween Merch Hoodie Blanken

Bundling up in a jacket doesn’t have to ruin your carefully planned costume. As it starts to cool down, you might want to throw on this Halloween hoodie to stay on-theme without catching a cold!

🎃 Hoodie Price: $69.99

Boo to You Purple Shirt

Disney World Halloween Merch 2022 Boo to You Shirt Blanken

🎶Boo to you… a trick or treat… 🎶 Try getting that tune out of your head while you’re rockin’ this tee! And can we just talk about how adorable Minnie and Daisy’s costumes are?

🎃 Shirt Price: $36.99

White Trick-Or-Treat Shirt

Disney World Halloween Merch White Trick-or-treat Shirt Blanken

Keep it simple in this white t-shirt featuring Mickey and the gang in their candy-worthy costumes.

🎃 Shirt Price: $24.99

Hally Halloween 2022 Fleece Blanket

Disney World Halloween 2022 Blanket Blanken

A fleece throw blanket is just what you need while camped out to watch the special Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party night-time spectacular!  Repurpose it later in the night by tucking in tired tots resting in the stroller while you chow down on a much-deserved pumpkin cupcake.

🎃 Blanket Price: $59.99

Happy Halloween Countdown

Disney World Halloween Countdown Blanken

Magic Kingdom’s Halloween festivities got you counting down the days til the next time you’ll be watching the Boo to You parade? Bring the Halloween spirit(s) home with you with this countdown trinket!

🎃 Countdown Price: $54.99

V-Neck Trick-Or-Treat Shirt

Disney World Halloween Merch V-Neck Blanken

Whether you’re getting your haunt-on outside of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or decided to opt-out of a costume this year, you’ll want to grab a trick-or-treat shirt of your own to keep the party going in the parks.

🎃 Shirt Price: $36.99

Ghost Hat

Disney World Halloween Merch Ghost Hat Blanken

This little guy has grown a cult following of his own since fans first spotted him on Emporium shelves! Cute little ghosts can enjoy the parks too, y’know.

🎃 Hat Price: $29.99

My Spooky Place Grey Tee

Disney World Halloween Merch My Spooky Place Shirt Blanken

And my other ride is a broomstick! Some consider Disney World to be the most magical place on Earth, but some prefer it as the most spooky! The adorable design and cinched tie at the bottom make this shirt as flattering as it is funny.

🎃 Shirt Price: $36.99

Trick-Or-Treat Pumpkin Bucket

Disney World Halloween Mickey Pumpkin Bucket Blanken

Leave the pillowcases at home – Disney’s got the candy bucket to rule all candy buckets. Not only does it feature the iconic Halloween motifs that are signature to this collection, but it also lights up and plays music!

🎃 Candy Bucket Price: $24.99

Happy Halloween Wreath

Disney Halloween Wreath 2022 Blanken

Magic Kingdom’s Halloween decor is simply unrivaled. Bring some of the spell-binding ambiance home with this vintage-style wreath! The characters are sewn on as individual patches, reminiscent of cozy Halloweens at grandma’s house.

🎃 Wreath Price: $49.99

Ceramic Mickey Pumpkin Votive Holder

Disney World Halloween Merch Ceramic Tea Candle Holder Blanken

Skip the mess of pumpkin carving with a ceramic Mickey jack-o-lantern votive! Perfect for the front porch or the center of your dining room table. No pumpkin guts required!

🎃 Votive Holder Price: $19.99

Halloween Mickey-Shaped Foam Soap Dispenser

Disney Halloween Merch Soap Dispenser Blanken

A long Halloween night (if you’ve done it right) typically ends with fingers coated with melted chocolate and candy wrappers covering the floor. Wash up this hand soap dispenser with a Mickey head-shaped spout.

🎃 Soap Dispenser Price: $19.99

Happy Halloween Dog Shirt

Disney World Halloween Merch Pet Spirit Jersey Blanken

Save some frights for Fido! Your pup is patiently waiting for you to arrive home from the big party – at least bring back a souvenir!

🎃 Dog Spirit Jersey Price: $39.99

2022 Halloween Keychain

2022 Disney Halloween Keychain Blanken

Photo by Rain Blanken

As scary as Halloween can be, there are few things more frightening than losing your keys. Keep this cute keychain on you to avoid a spook. It may be small, but this is one of our favorite Disney World Halloween merch pieces (and a rather inexpensive souvenir).

🎃 Keychain Price: $11.99

Kids Tie-Dye Orange Spirit Jersey

Disney World Halloween Merch Orange Tie Dye Blanken

Disney World Halloween Merch Orange Tie Dye Back Blanken

This jersey gives a whole new meaning to “spirit”! The 2022 Halloween spirit jersey brings the collection’s whimsical ghosts to life alongside Mickey himself on the back of the shirt.

🎃 Spirit Jersey Price: $49.99

Mickey Pumpkin Bubble Wand

Disney World Halloween Merch Bubble Wand Blanken

Boo bubbles? Bubble-boos? Boo-bles? There’s a joke in there somewhere. Keep the magical vibes going with a Mickey pumpkin bubble wand!

🎃 Bubbly Price: $30.00

Boo! Infant Onesie

Disney World Halloween Merch Boo Orange Onesie Blanken

Who says Halloween is too scary for babies? The “boo!” infant onesie takes the creepy and transforms it into cute. Also great for fussy littles who just won’t cooperate with a costume.

🎃  Onesie Price: $19.99

More Disney Halloween Merch for 2022

From Thanos snap shirts (yes, it’s a thing) to your own Hocus Pocus witchy cauldron, Disney is serving up lots of different Halloween merch this year:

Star Wars Disney Halloween Merch

Grogu Mummy Baby Yoday Candy Bowl shopDisney Star Wars Halloween Merch

This year has brought some of the spookiest merch in the galaxy. For those who’d rather trick-or-treat down the alleyways of Batuu than Main Street, look no further than our pick of the must-have Star Wars Halloween merchandise!

Hocus Pocus Halloween Merch Collection

Hocus Pocus mug from the Disney Halloween merch preview

Photo courtesy of Disney

Spell-binding spirit jerseys and curious cauldrons await you this Halloween season. Only the most ghoulish of guests would pass up on these mystifying goodies! Take a look at what the Sanderson sisters have to offer at the parks and beyond

Nightmare Before Christmas 2022 Merch

Nightmare before Christmas Merch Puzzle Long

Photo by Evelyn Long

This is Halloween! That means it’s time to stock up on your Nightmare Before Christmas merch. Plus, it basically makes it worth double when you consider the fact that you can keep using it til New Year! Check out this year’s merch, shipped straight from Halloween Town.

Disney 2022 Halloween Pins

Donald Ghost Disney Halloween Pin Blanken

Scary? No, just adorable. Photo by Rain Blanken

Don’t worry – I haven’t forgotten about all my pin collectors out there. As always, the holidays bring around limited edition beauties that won’t be on shelves long! Don’t miss our list of 2022 Halloween pins that are just begging to be added to your collection.

A Few Haunted Mansion 2022 Collections

Haunted Mansion tie-dye spirit jersey (back)

$74.99. Photo by Ilana Robinson

We have to make a special call-out for the Haunted Mansion collection. Disney really outdid themselves for Haunted Mansion fans this year with everything from Spirit Jerseys to Crocs that tout a blue-purple-black mansion color scheme! There is even some special upscale merch on Main Street, with a Haunted Mansion dress and new Dooney & Bourke bag designs!

Scare up some fun—share your Halloween finds (and costumes!) with us by tagging us on Instagram.

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Evelyn Long is a proud University of South Florida Bull and Disneyphile. She has been going to Walt Disney World since she was a child and is now an Annual Passholder. Witnesses say she has unashamedly cried at the sight of the Magic Kingdom Rapunzel bathrooms on multiple occasions.
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