Disney World Fan Interview: Dreams of a Frequent Visitor

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Disney Fan at Animal Kingdom Darla Pacetti

Disney World Fan Interview: Let’s Chat With a Frequent Visitor

Darla Pacetti Minnie Mouse Makeup

Darla or Minnie Mouse? Photo courtesy of Darla Pacetti

In the previous installment of this series, we spoke with Alisa, an Annual Pass Holder. Today, we are going to meet Darla Pacetti, a Walt Disney World guest who visits annually with no annual pass or Disney Vacation Club points.

Darla typically visits WDW at least once a year during the school holidays — even if it’s just to take a trip to Disney Springs for the weekend. Her most recent trip was in July to celebrate her birthday.

What is your favorite memory or experience at WDW?

Darla: I cannot say enough about what it’s like to be at Disney for your birthday. I would have to say meeting Mickey Mouse in the Polynesian lobby on my birthday. He made a big impression of being excited and using his hands to show that I was 50. I guess because I wasn’t expecting to see a character while we were there on that particular trip. It was so unexpected.

What is your favorite character experience?

Darla: It has to be meeting Tinkerbelle. She is by far my favorite character. I have a tattoo of her on my leg, and she got so excited when I showed it to her.

What is a souvenir you must get each time you go?

Darla: My Minnie Mouse ears. I have a collection of them.

Darla Pacetti Disney World Fan Interview

Darla poses in front of the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom. Photo courtesy of Darla Pacetti

What makes going to WDW worth it?

Darla: I leave all my cares and worries behind. It’s just like you are in a whole other world over there. You don’t think about sadness or anger or anything. You’re just so happy. Everything it takes to get over there. Every dime it takes. Every hour driving to and from. It’s so worth it because once you get there, you forget all the bad things, all the negativity. You’re not sad. It’s just happy happy happy, and that is worth every penny.

What makes you go back?

Darla: That is what they call, my happy place. My home away from home. It’s so happy and magical.

What makes a trip to WDW a true Disney experience for you?

Darla:  It wouldn’t be a trip to Disney if there weren’t any fireworks. I watch the fireworks each time I go even if we don’t go to the parks, I make sure I see the fireworks.

If you enjoyed my interview with Darla, be sure to watch out for the final post in this series where we will talk to a first-timer. Also, take a look at the first and second installments of the series where we talked to Dawn, a DVC member, and Alisa, and Annual Pass holder.

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