Disney Withdrawal: Symptoms and Treatment

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“I’m sorry, ma’am. It looks like you’ve got… Disney withdrawal.” 

You’re not alone. “Disney Withdrawl”, or the more extreme, “After Disney Depression”, affects thousands of Walt Disney World fans each year.

Symptoms include pointing out clouds that look like Andy’s wallpaper, literally whistling while you work, and insisting that Target adopt Extra Magic Hours.

While there is no known cure, Disney withdrawal can be managed through daily treatment and a prescription of Mickey-shaped foods. The following treatments have been approved by Dr. Nigel Channing of the Imagination Institute:

Plan Your Next Trip

Whether it’s calling in a down payment during dinner at Boma on the last day of your current trip or casually clicking through My Disney Experience on the office computer (I swear, I was working), the urge to plan your next Disney vacation is your body’s natural reaction to Disney Withdrawal.

Incorporate journaling into your healing process as you build a plan for your next trip. Compare your must-dos to your never-done-befores and soon you’ll be smiling like Dopey and staring off into space at your desk. That’s better.

Join a Support Group

Communicating your feelings with other Disney fans is an essential part of coping with Disney Withdrawal. Complicated feelings about how you feel about Beverly should be shared among those who can actively listen and provide constructive feedback. 

Don’t struggle alone with thoughts about which Dole Whip flavor is superior or projections on Yeti repair. Help is here among a Disney community that understands.

Contact your local WDW Magazine Facebook page to join a group.

Take Your Medicine

Talk to your doctor about WDW Magazine. Taken in conjunction with Mickey-shaped foods, WDW Magazine can help improve your overall state of “goofiness”. 

The full-color photos and vivid stories inside work to release the TripleDent gum theme song in the “memory storage” area of the brain, enabling Joy to take control of the switchboard.

Side effects of WDW Magazine are rare but can include an increase in visible hidden Mickeys. Do not open WDW Magazine if you are allergic to pixie dust, laughter, or Fozzie Bear. WDW Magazine is not recommended for Villains. Ask your doctor if you’re not sure if your involvement at the Snuggly Duckling makes you ineligible for WDW Magazine.

Express Yourself

It can be hard to bottle up your love of Walt Disney World upon your return home, where people just don’t seem to understand that scaled mermaid leggings and mouse ears are a perfectly fine outfit for the PTA meeting.

Photo by Danny Shuster

To prevent Disney Withdrawal from escalating to After Disney Depression, express your love of Disney while maintaining the respect of your peers by incorporating character touches in your everyday outfits. 

You may be screaming “Heya Pal!” in your head at co-workers, but try a Mickey tie instead to keep things characteristically professional. A polka-dot dress can work to channel your inner Minnie while maintaining the appearance of an actual serious adult that certainly isn’t looking for the 2nd star on the right.

Self-expression is an important way to responsibly channel your Disney withdrawal. Pulled over for a traffic stop? Take solace in your outfit’s subtle nod to the Purple Wall and definitely do not try to imply that you have personally met Officer Hopps.

Time-Release Treatment

No matter what kind of treatment you seek out, it’s important to create a management plan to help combat Disney Withdrawal. 

Keep a calendar of Disney milestones to remind you of how many days you’ve made it through reality, and how many are left until you go back Home. 

disney withdrawal

WDW Magazine Wall Calendar

We recommend crossing off the days in your WDW Magazine 2020 Calendar. Set to arrive in October 2019, This 16-month calendar starts in November of 2019, jumpstarting your treatment plan ahead of the next year. 

Each month features a beautiful photo from WDW and includes dates marked with important milestones. Holidays, sure, but we mean the Disney ones, like the first day of your Fast Pass window and… when did Lady and the Tramp come out? Now you’ll know.

Emergency Response

For emergency treatment of onset Disney withdrawal blues, an edition of Best of WDW – Volume 2 is recommended due to its quick-release action. This potent formula of mind-blowing photos is big and beautiful enough to transport you back to the sights and spectacle of Walt Disney World. 

The Best of WDW Volume 2 Disney withdrawal

Use in moderation. Do not attempt to jump into pictures in Best of WDW – Volume 2 unless under the direct supervision of Mary Poppins.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV.

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