The Disney Treasure Ship Map: What’s On Board Disney’s Newest Cruise Ship

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In September 2022, the name of Disney Cruise Line’s 6th ship (and a sister ship to the Disney Wish in their “Triton Class” of vessels) was revealed: The Disney Treasure. Along with that we discovered that the ships’ guiding theme would be exploration and adventure, with a dark and mysterious color palette and a statue of Jasmine and Aladdin riding the Magic Carpet in the Grand Hall (the main atrium). The Keel Laying Ceremony was held in March 2023, marking a big milestone in the ship’s construction. And in July 2023 the stern characters – Captain Hook and Peter Pan – were announced.

This week we’ll find out even more details about this exciting new ship on August 30th when Disney makes some big announcements, but but in advance of that, they sent us an actual treasure map of some of the ships offerings and we’ve been working to decode what we think it means. Grab your magnifying glass and let’s dive in to see what might be waiting for us on the Disney Treasure!

What Do We Know About the Disney Treasure?

We know that characters from Aladdin and Peter Pan will play a big part in the ship, just like Cinderella and Rapunzel do on the Disney Wish (they’re the corresponding Grand Hall statue and stern characters). We also know that we’ll get a brand new Voyager outfit for Minnie Mouse (she’ll be featured and during the 2022 D23 Fan Expo  this video showing Coco, Moana, and the Hitchhiking Ghosts was shared by DCL.

What Clues Do We Have About the Disney Treasure?

Everything that follows here is purely our our guess and speculation, we have no insider info on what the ship will ultimately offer. But it’s fun to guess, so keep reading and make your own guesses! We’ve updated our guesses below with the information revealed on September 5, 2023!

We know that this Triton class of ship is the sister of the Disney Wish, and that the Dream class ships (Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy) and the Magic class ships (Disney Magic and Disney Wonder) share very similar layouts with a few minor changes in layout and offerings and some thematic changes to spaces like youth clubs, bars and restaurants. Assuming that holds true for the Disney Treasure, we anticipate the layout to closely follow that of the Disney Wish.

Image courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

We have a hunch based on the design of the box sent to press that there are a few things we should expect: Neverland and Agrabah are a a given with what we know about the atrium and stern. Another nod to Coco, Moana, and the Haunted Mansion appear too. But we also got some totally new information: it looks like Castaway Cay will be a destination for the Disney Treasure, than Spiderman will have an onboard presence, and most interesting is a Jungle Cruise hint (the Ems River text is a nice nod to the port of Papenburg, Germany where the Meyer Werft shipyard is building the cruise ship).

Photo Courtesy of

Neither Spiderman nor Haunted Mansion have been labelled on the treasure map as far as we can tell, but our guess is that Spiderman will have a presence in the youth space, Oceaneer Club, just as Marvel characters like Ant-Man and Thor do on other DCL ships. As for Haunted Mansion, our guess is a highly themed adult lounge (how cool would those smoke-bubble cocktails from Nightingale’s on the Wish be with a Madame Leota twist?!). Haunted Mansion could also provide the theme for the onboard cinemas.

Were our guesses correct?

  • Spiderman will appear on board in the Oceaneer Club’s Marvel Super Hero Academy and at the Worlds of Marvel main dining room.
  • The onboard cinemas will be Neverland and Wonderland themed – just like on the Disney Wish.

Map of the Disney Treasure

We were provided with this treasure map and have been hard at work deciphering what we think it all means. The first thing to notice about this “island” is that it’s actually in the shape of a Disney Cruise Line Ship – you can clearly see the funnels, the bow and even the bridge in this outline. Now, it’s a bit hard to tell if the items on the map correspond to which deck they are on or whether on the port (left) or starboard (right) side, but we think it’s a mix of both based on the layout of the Disney Wish.

Was our thinking correct?

  • The stories and characters indicated on the map do not consistently align with their placement on the ship.

Photo by Danny Shuster

Lets start at the front of the ship, or the bow as it’s known in seafaring lingo!

When onboard, this is called the “forward” of the ship – important when you’re picking your room placement or trying to find your way to various activities!

Photo by Danny Shuster

In the top right corner, you’ll see Castaway Cay. That should mean that this ship will be taking guests to Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, and we think this indicates that it will take over the Disney Wish’s 3 and 4 night Bahamian sailings, allowing the Wish to move on to other itineraries.

Was our guess correct?

  • The Disney Treasure WILL sail to Castaway Cay on 7 night Eastern Caribbean and Western Caribbean sailings, departing from Port Canaveral (the route the Disney Fantasy is currently on).

In the bottom right, Donald seems to be coasting along some waves on a float – could this mean that the AquaMouse watercoaster will be a Wish exclusive, bringing back fan-favorite waterslide the AquaDuck from the Dream and Fantasy? Or that Donald’s story is told in the watercoaster format in the way that Mickey and Minnie were featured on the Wish?

Was our guess correct? 

  • The AquaMouse watercoaster WILL return, featuring Mickey and Minnie in a new adventure called Curse of the Golden Egg.

At the tip we see Rapunzel’s tower from Tangled and Captain Hook’s ship docked in Neverland – this may mean that Untangled Salon and Hook’s Barbery will return on this ship. The prominent Mermaid Lagoon near Hook’s ship makes us wonder if the Walt Disney Theatre (where Broadway style shows are performed) will be themed as such – or if the popularity of the speakeasy bar in Hooks will lead to a larger Mermaid Lagoon seating area for guests to enjoy?

Were our guesses correct?

  • Hooks Barbery will return on the Disney Treasure. Untangled Salon will return on the Disney Treasure.

Coco and The Lion King have big areas of the ship, exactly where we believe the theatre will be so we expect that these will be two of the stage shows, one brand new and one adapted from the Broadway production? Typically there is a third stage show that’s more of a variety number – Disney Wish features Seas the Adventure which is a format that could be easily adapted to the Treasure’s theme but we don’t expect confirmation on the third show until closer to the Maiden Voyage.

Were our guesses correct?

  • Coco will be featured in a main dining room called Plaza de Coco with two different shows offered throughout the 7 night sailings.
  • Seas the Adventure from the Disney Wish and Beauty and the Beast from the Disney Dream will be two of the three shows on board the Disney Treasure.
  • The Lion King will serve as the backdrop for the multi-use activities venue called Sarabi, which is themed to Luna on the Disney Wish.

In the center of the forward section of the ship we see The Jungle Book – it is possible this is the third theatrical production, the theme of the Walt Disney Theatre, the theme of the onboard cinemas, or even the theme of the Senses Spa. But we think the pink water lily and waterfall area at the bottom of the map represents a serene environment perfect for Senses Spa and it’s signature Rainforest Room.

Were our guesses correct?

  • The Jungle Book will contribute to stateroom theming, including the Bagheera Royal Suites.
  • Senses Spa will return in the same format as on the Disney Wish.

A the top, we see an X-wing from Star Wars which may indicate a return of the Hyperspace Lounge or a variation on that more in line with a dusty cantina for a new take. At the bottom is the Cave of Wonders which could represent cinema themes, a lounge, or a very cool gift shop theme.

Were our guesses correct?

  • The Cave of Wonders represents Aladdin which will contribute to stateroom theming, including the Raja Royal Suites.

Then we come to the first of two mountain ranges, we we believe are unmistakably the elevator banks/stairwells.

Now, in the center of the ship, or “midship,” we have some really exciting things to dream about.

Photo by Danny Shuster

Starting near that first, forward mountain range, we see the Mad Tea Party, which we think will be one of the ship’s specialty coffee bars. Look over to the center of the aft mountain range for the Up balloons, which we think will be another coffee bar.

Moving down we can see Motonui, with Hei Hei and a round hut in the center – we’re pretty sure this will take the place of the Bayou Lounge on the Disney Wish, which is a great open space that serves as a gathering point, bar, and space for activities. It’s possible it could be the theme for the multi-use space known as Luna on the Wish.

We see Rex and Trixie at the bottom which looks like Toy Story Splash Zone will be making a return to the pool deck.

Were any of these guesses correct?

  • A Jungle Cruise themed space called Skipper Society, not a Motonui themed space, will occupy the space corresponding to The Bayou on the Disney Wish.
  • Hei Hei Cafe will be one of the specialty coffee bars.
  • Luna from the Disney Wish will be made over with a new theme inspired by The Lion King and called Sarabi on the Disney Treasure.
  • Toy Story Splashzone will return on the Disney Treasure.

In the dead center we have Agrabah, no surprise there because we know the theme of the Grand Hall is inspired by Aladdin, and the overhead fireworks likely mean that a light show will happen nightly here – perhaps an upgraded version of the Kiss Goodnight on the Disney Wish?

At the top, Spaceship Earth is in the forward funnel – we think that this marks the theme of the Funnel Suite – but is the theme Spaceship Earth, or more generally “Epcot” – because World Showcase would make an excellent theme for this multi-room suite.

Up in the clouds is a pyramid with a slide coming out – this hopefully means that the Oceaneer Club will once again have a slide from the Grand Hall down into registration, and that the exterior theme of the club will be Egyptian or Mayan themed! But if it’s position in the sky means anything, it may be the theme of the watercoaster gliding high above the pool deck.

Were these guesses correct?

  • The forward funnel will house the Tomorrow Tower Suite, with a Spaceship Earth motif.
  • The AquaMouse will be themed to an ancient temple adventure short called Curse of the Golden Egg.
  • A Jungle Cruise themed space, not a Motonui themed space, will occupy the space corresponding to The Bayou on the Disney Wish.

Next we see Goofy diving into a network of pools – this should mean that the clusters of smaller pools from the Disney Wish will be seen here again, perhaps with a Goofy’s Learn to Swim theme? The inner tube around his waist may indicate the watercoaster will be Goody themed.

Was our guess correct?

  • The upper decks will contain multiple small pools like on the Disney Wish.
  • The AquaMouse will star Mickey and Minnie.

The Jungle Cruise is the next prominently displayed area which could be the theme of the watercoaster but we think it’s going to be the first of three main dining rooms – combining Skipper Canteen at Magic Kingdom, Voyageurs Lounge at the Riviera Resort, and 1923 on the Disney Wish. If that’s the case, the slide to the kids area could be Jungle Cruise themed as well.

Was our guess correct?

  • Jungle Cruise will be featured as a central gathering point in the ship, serving as a bar and activities space (taking the same spot as The Bayou on the Disney Wish)

A the bottom of the ship, it looks like Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods will return (and the crowd goes wild!), and perhaps that a Mulan inspired bar will be located off the Grand Hall.

Was this guess correct?

  • Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods will return on the Disney Treasure.
  • Jade Cricket Cafe will be one of the specialty coffee bars.

In the ocean at the bottom of the island is a nod to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – perhaps setting the stage for a new themed version of Disney Uncharted Adventure?

And now we’re at the aft elevator mountain range. On the Disney Wish, the elevators area Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty themed – we’re hoping the mountains mean we get Matterhorn/Everest and Big Thunder themed elevators on the Treasure!

Were these guesses correct?

  • Periscope Pub will be themed to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and will give guests a look at the watery world below through an intriguing glass ceiling.

And finally, at the back of the ship, known as the stern (or the”aft” when you’re onboard) there are some more surprises.

Photo by Danny Shuster

At the top near a paw print pool we have Nick and Judy enjoying some icecream, which looks like the poolside sweets shop will be Zootopia themed (and we’re crossing all our fingers that mean Pawpsicles will be served!)

Did we get this guess right?

  • The poolside ice cream parlor will be called Jumbeaux’s Sweets, after the shop in Zootopia.

Below that we have Lumiere, Cogsworth and a rose garden, indicating that the Beauty and the Beast adult dining area featuring Enchante, Palo Steakhouse and Enchanted Rose will return.

Was this guess correct?

The top of the ship has Olaf from Frozen, and the bottom has Captain America’s shield and a Quantum Core which suggests that Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure and World’s of Marvel will return here from the Wish. Whether or not the shows are the same, we expect the menus will be. This would not be surprising, because with the Dream and Fantasy, all three main dining rooms are the same, and on the Magic and Wonder two are the same with a variation only in the 3rd dining room).

Was our dining guess right?

In the middle of the ship we see the area that has us the most puzzled: is it Cars? Big Thunder Mountain? Hercules? the amphitheatre style presentation suggests this may be somewhere you can particupate or just watch – like Hero Zone on the Disney Wish.

At the end of the ship we see Porgs from Star Wars, Donald’s Boat, and an Incredibles area which look like they’ll be part of the Oceaneer Club spaces. Maui’s hook is there too, so he may factor into the kid’s activities.

Were these guesses correct?

  • That puzzling area is the Walt Disney Theatre.
  • Hero Zone, including the Incredibles themed obstacle course, will return as on the Disney Wish.
  • The Oceaneer Club will mirror the Disney Wish exactly with Star Wars: Cargo Bay, Marvel Super Hero academy, Mickey and Minnie’s Captain’s Deck, Fairytale Hall, Walt Disney Imagineering Lab, and It’s a Small World Nursery.

Finally, Captain Mickey is in the top left hand corner, steering the ship, and Minnie is in the bottom left in her Voyager ensemble. This likely just confirms the character outfits we already knew about.

Were our character guesses correct?

  • Minnie may be in a Voyager outfit, but just like Mickey she’ll still be called “Captain” while aboard.

One thing we haven’t touched on at all here is the stateroom themes – whether those will be revealed or not is a mystery but we do expect multiple room themes to be used on this ship, just like on the Wish.

Did we get the staterooms right?

Get the Lastest Information on the Disney Treasure

Be sure to come back on September 5 to our Disney Treasure page where you’ll be able to find out all the details revealed so far about DCL’s newest and most mysterious ship!

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A lifelong Disney fan with a passion for globetrotting, I’m driven by a desire to build a community where people like me can let their Disney flag fly with pride. As CEO and Owner of WDW Magazine, I lead a team that connects thousands of Disney fans to the Most Magical Place on Earth from wherever they are.
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