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The old “Downtown Disney” was tons of fun when I was a kid and a teen – it was a great spot to convince my parents to go when the parks closed early and my brother and I wanted to keep going.  With the transition of the area into Disney Springs, night time at WDW is getting even better!  This isn’t just a spot for when the parks are closed, it’s a destination in itself for families, big groups, and couples!

Here are 5 reasons why Disney Springs make my nighttime “must do” list at WDW:


  1. I love all the food at WDW, but Disney Springs really brings something new to the mix.  In addition to some great cheap eats (Earl of Sandwich) and spots that are perfect for kiddos to blow off steam before bed (T-Rex Cafe), there are vibrant upmarket options perfect for folks looking for something a little more “grown up” – sometimes a romantic date at Morimoto Asia or Portobello is just what the doctor ordered.
  1. Disney Springs is beautiful in the day but it shines at night – literally!  With the signage brightly lit, merchandise twinkling in store windows, lively patios, and great effects like the Rainforest Cafe volcano eruption – it has to be seen to be believed.
Head to Raglan Road for a laid back evening.  Photo by Cliff Wang.

Head to Raglan Road for a laid back evening. Photo by Cliff Wang.

  1. We all LOVE Disney, right?  Me more than most.  But even so, sometimes I need a night “off” from Disney.  Sort of.  Disney Springs still has that Disney feel, but instead of standing in line for rides and waiting endlessly for fireworks, there are those nights when I want a little freedom to do what I want – no schedule, no PLAN.  Disney Springs is perfect to just explore.
  1. I always go overboard on souvenirs, but I often feel rushed in the parks – either it’s closing time, or I’m too tired to carry anything more or I’m worried about missing my next FastPass+ reservation.  At Disney Springs I can meander through store for hours – checking out all the classic Disney merch and some really special items too!
Splitsville is great for groups.  Photo by Laurie Sapp.

Splitsville is great for groups. Photo by Laurie Sapp.

  1. Disney Springs is GREAT for groups.  Maybe you’re a bunch of friends who want to grab a unique cocktail and some nibbles and chat the night away at Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar.  Perhaps you’re organizing a whole night of food and fun at Splitsville for co-workers or a family reunion.  Whatever the size of your group, Disney Springs is more than big enough to hold you!

When Disney Springs is complete in late 2016, there will be over 150 different entertainment, dining, and shopping opportunities.  So make sure you plan a night – or two – to see it all!

Want to learn more about Disney Springs, including all the shopping, dining, and entertainment options available for your family?  See our February issue of WDW Magazine!
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