Disney Springs Comes Alive After Dark

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Disney Springs - the Landing

During the day my home is full of vibrant life as sunshine streams in to illuminate the goings-on of four rambunctious boys. I love the daylight for all the energy it brings. But when the sun goes down, there’s a different life-giving power that flows over us. The evening brings a subdued connection-building aura full of restoration for the bodies and minds in our household.

A similar vibe can be experienced at Disney Springs. During the day, there are shops and restaurants to entertain and invigorate. But at night, well, those same spaces take on a whole new mood that’s no more or less fantastic than during the daytime—it’s just different.

Disney Springs - the Landing

Disney Springs comes alive after dark! Photo by Wayne Wood.

Performances to Applaud

One of my favorite things about a nighttime visit to Disney Springs is the wide variety of performances available. Around dinnertime you’ll start to see musicians (watch for the Strolling Piano), magicians (don’t miss the illusions of Meraux Dantes in the Town Center), jugglers (funny man Randy Cabral also roams Town Center), living statues, and more popping up throughout the area. Kids love the dance parties hosted in the Marketplace full of sing-a-long tunes from their favorite Disney movies. And for those who prefer to sip cocktails, many of the bars bring in live bands to delight you until the wee hours of the morning. Of course there are ticketed events that set evenings apart too. My concert-going friends adore the House of Blues venue, and there’s no show quite like the stunning La Nouba at Cirque du Soleil.

Disney Springs buskers

Disney Springs nightly performances are astounding! Photo by Wayne Wood.

The Unparalleled Ambiance

It may sound simple, but the Disney Springs lighting at nightfall brings a certain element of magic. In my home, I abhor overhead lighting—it sucks the life right out of an evening, in my opinion. My husband laughs as I go around clicking on lamps and lighting candles to create the rejuvenating atmosphere I crave. So for lighting nuts such as myself, the twinkling glow of Disney Springs after dark will warm your heart like a Christmas tree. Strolling over glittering bridges, glimpsing Paddlefish’s glorious gleam reflected across the water, grabbing dessert on an outdoor patio strung with glistening bulbs—these are backdrops for exquisite memories.

Disney Springs lanterns on the water

You can’t beat the ambiance of Disney Springs after dark! Photo by Wayne Wood.

Disney Springs Events

Finally, Disney Springs runs some fantastic special events, most of which come to life at night. Throughout December, carolers, stilt walkers, and the famous Walk of Trees help bring merriment to holiday evenings. St. Patrick’s Day runs all weekend at the Raglan Road, featuring everything from fiddlers to Irish dancers. And in the past, July 4th brought the one and only time fireworks could be seen at here (future details TBD).

Disney Springs is certainly a fantastic place to hang out during the day. But be sure to come back later too, when the magic of moonlight makes Disney Springs come alive.

By Melissa Richeson


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