Disney Princess Midnight Masquerade Showcases Rare Characters

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Disney Princess Midnight Masquerade

ShopDisney has dropped a stunningly classic new theme inspired by the original costume party—a Disney Princess Midnight Masquerade! Midnight Masquerade is inspired by the magic and rich culture of masquerade balls, and this collection is extra special because it features Disney heroines that are usually forgotten when designer collections like this is introduced to Disney fans!

Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana and Aurora are featured in the collections, but the extra magic is in the inclusion of uncommon characters! Megara, Esmeralda and Giselle all have a special place in this collection, and fans could not be more excited!

The theme is set to have a makeup collection from ColourPop in addition to Designer Dolls, stationary, pins, mugs and plates on the ShopDisney website!

Here’s what we can look forward to:

Colourpop X Disney – Midnight Masquerade

Colourpop has already blessed our makeup bags with two other Disney collaborations: Designer Collection and Disney Villains. The collections have featured lipsticks, lip glosses, a pallet, glitter, and cream highlighters. What is new and special about the Midnight Masquerade collection is that they will be featuring blushes as well as a new formula liquid lipstick.

Colourpop has made it really easy to buy your favorite pieces from this collection—you can either buy each piece individually or in sets. The products are also reasonably priced: the lipsticks are $8, the blushes/highlights are $10 and the pallet is $22.

These two colors are PERFECT for Meg! Photo Courtesy of Colourpop


Midnight Masquerade - Cinderella

Each lipstick is named after the Prince in each movie! Photo Courtesy of Colourpop

As an added bonus, Colourpop is a cruelty free brand, which means you can make this splurge a guilt free purchase!

Designer Dolls:

Megara is one of my favorite Disney characters so I was ecstatic when I saw what the Megara designer doll looks like, and when I caught a glimpse of what the rest of the designer dolls look like, I started picking spots where all 5 would fit in my house! These luxurious dolls have had the finest details put into them.

Disney Designer Dolls

These heroines are ready for their grand entrance! Photo Courtesy of ShopDisney

The gowns are designed with intricate detail, featuring embroidery and beaded embellishments, and each doll features a sculpted mask. Every one of the princesses will be ready for their grand entrance with costumes like these!

Masquerade Pins:

The designer dolls are set at a higher price point—you definitely won’t want your kids to play with your new $130 doll. Disney came out with two sets of pins that are the sketches of the designer dolls, as well as the mask that each doll holds. If the dolls are out of your budget, or you’re just more interested in the pins, these will make a great addition to your pin collection!

Mugs and Plate Set:

Call your girls and arrange a gossip session where you can spill all the news over some tea and coffee in these new mugs! There’s even more to love about these mugs—on the back of each of the mugs features a quote from the heroine on the mug!

Midnight Masquerade - Mugs

Obsessed! When was the last time we saw Esmeralda merch? Photo Courtesy of ShopDisney

In addition, you can serve your guests treats on these matching plates.

Midnight Masquerade - Plates

What a great addition for your next dinner party! Photo Courtesy of ShopDisney


The only thing I get in my mailbox is bills, flyers, and of course my copy of WDW Magazine—and every now-and-then a friend will surprise me with a cute card. There’s nothing better than getting a surprise letter in the mail, and with this elegant stationary you can surprise your best friends with these royal designs.

Midnight Masquerade - cards

How cute would it be to get one of these in the mail? Photo Courtesy of ShopDisney

Jewelry Box:

I am thrilled with this theme—the jewelry box was the perfect addition to their new collection. I lose my earrings all the time.

Disney Jewelry Box

This is a stunning addition to your room! Photo Courtesy of ShopDisney

They always turn up…eventually…. but with one of these jewelry boxes I’d be able to keep track of all my jewelry – which is why I already ordered one.

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