Disney Mirrorverse Trailer: Heroes And Villains Join Forces

by | Jun 24, 2022 | News Outside the Parks, WDW Blog, WDW News

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It’s the team-up we didn’t know we needed. Merida, Scar, and Baymax join forces in the new Disney Mirrorverse trailer.

Disney Heroes and Villains working together? Hey, it wouldn’t be the first time a Disney property has dabbled in the multiverse.

Check out the cinematic trailer for the new Disney mobile game, Disney Mirrorverse. 

What Is Disney Mirrorverse?

Disney Mirrorverse logo and promotional artwork

Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

Disney Mirrorverse is a mobile-exclusive action role-playing game from Disney and Kabam Games.

The game’s premise is pretty cool. It takes place in a dark, alternate universe called The Mirrorverse. Here, Disney heroes and villains work together to defend their world from dangerous fractured hordes. 

Together, they are the Guardians of their universe. They use their battle-ready abilities to protect The Mirrorverse from total destruction. 

The game’s story is already enchanting players. So much so, that many are asking for an animated TV show spun off from the game! (Make it happen, Disney+.)

WATCH: Disney Mirrorverse Trailer

Choose Your Guardian

Disney Mirrorverse characters

Screenshot: Disney Mirrorverse

Heroes … Villains … In the Mirrorverse, they’re all Guardians.

In order to defeat the Fractured, players need to unite their Guardians and figure out the best strategy for using their special abilities. As players complete quests, they’ll receive rewards and story progression items that they can use to level up and customize their team members.

Currently, there’s quite an impressive roster of team members to choose from. Who’s destiny will you have a hand in rewriting?

Let’s take a look at some of the Disney heroes and villains that are preparing for battle.

Anna, Ward of Arendelle

Disney Mirrorverse Anna

Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

In the Mirrorverse, Anna is described as “a selfless protector” and “resilient defender who cares deeply about the people around her.”   

Woody, Heavy Hitting Cowboy

Disney Mirrorverse Woody and Anna

Woody and Anna team up in Disney Mirrorverse. Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

One of the game’s earliest quests involves preventing the Fractured from obtaining a new power source. Players will team up with Anna, Woody, Elsa, and Buzz to complete the mission. 

Merida, Rebellious Wisp Archer

Disney Mirrorverse Merida

Photo courtesy of Disney Mirrorverse

Determined and rebellious. Merida uses the ancient power of the will o’ the wisps to create a bow, arrows, and axe that she can use in battle.  

Scar, Shadowy Manipulator

Disney Mirrorverse Scar

Photo courtesy of Disney Mirrorverse

We know Scar as the murderous brother of King Mufasa. But in the Mirrorverse, he emerges from the shadows to attack the Fractured with his claws and fangs. 

Baymax, Personal Battle Companion

Disney Mirrorverse Baymax

Photo courtesy of Disney Mirrorverse

Baymax’s role in the Mirrorverse is that of a combat-ion robot. He’s big enough to shield his team members from enemy attacks and he’ll even heal nearby Guardians. 

Even More Disney and Pixar Guardians To Choose From

New powered-up versions of your favorite Disney and Pixar characters are added to the game every month. (This month, it’s a certain robot from Buzz Lightyear’s own rogues gallery.)

To see the full list of current characters, visit the official Disney Mirrorverse website

Download Today And Save The Disney Mirrorverse

Ready to save the Disney Mirrorverse? The game is now available for free download worldwide RIGHT. NOW. Head over to the Apple App Store or Google Play to get started. (Note: While the game is free to play, there are in-app purchases.)

Written by Natasha Szostak

Natasha is a brand copywriter, storyteller, and unapologetic pop culture lover. As a ’90s kid who lived in great fear of the Disney Vault, Disney+ is the childhood dream she always wished would come true.
Natasha Szostak

Written by Natasha Szostak

Natasha is a brand copywriter, storyteller, and unapologetic pop culture lover. As a ’90s kid who lived in great fear of the Disney Vault, Disney+ is the childhood dream she always wished would come true.