Disney Fan Interview: Reflections of a Disney Vacation Club Member

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Family at Animal Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort

Disney fans. We come from all over the globe. We all have different backgrounds and upbringings, yet we all have one major thing in common: We have to visit the most magical place on earth more than once in our lifetime.

Let’s take a walk in the shoes of different Disney fans to see how they experience Walt Disney World. We will hear from them, “What makes you a Walt Disney World fan?” 

In our Disney fan interview series, we will meet a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member, an Annual Pass Holder, a Walt Disney World regular guest, and a first-timer. Let’s kick it off with our first Disney fan, Dawn Landry.

Dawn Landry, DVC Member

Dawn is a DVC member and visits WDW once a year, usually in the spring or summer with her husband, Kevin, and two sons, Josh and Logan.

Her first trip was in 2007, and since then she’s been a Walt Disney World fan. In 2011, she became a DVC member with her home resort at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Why did you become a DVC member?

Dawn: It’s one less thing you have to worry about. You don’t have to worry about that hotel stay. It also gave us the opportunity to stay at Bay Lake Tower and Boardwalk and Animal Kingdom Lodge (AKL). At AKL we get a savannah room. It’s the little things like that. It also gives us the opportunity to go every year.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Walt Disney World

Views from the Lobby at Animal Kingdom Lodge, a DVC resort. Photo by Cliff Wang

What has been your favorite WDW experience?

Dawn: It was Logan and I’s first time, and everybody else in our group had already been there multiple times. 

You think you can watch all the YouTube shows and stuff, but until you actually get there and experience it, it’s just breathtaking. I think it would have to be that very, very first time I had ever seen the castle. It’s real!

Who was your favorite character experience with?

Dawn: Minnie Mouse. I’ve always liked Minnie Mouse. She was all happy, and it was in Magic Kingdom and she was wearing her red polka dot dress. It was actually our first time going and Logan was sleeping in the stroller. 

Josh and my husband I think went to Space Mountain, and I was just strolling him around. Minnie made it a point to come and walk up to the stroller and put her finger to her lips to say “Shhh.”

What makes a WDW experience complete?

Dawn: Getting my Christmas ornament!

What is your WDW vacation tradition?

Dawn: Our first day is Magic Kingdom, and it is always Pirates of the Caribbean, then Splash Mountain, and Thunder Mountain.

A family poses at Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort

Dawn and family say cheese at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Photo courtesy of Dawn Landry

What makes you a Walt Disney World fan?

Dawn: I just love Disney. No matter how many times you’ve gone, every time you go, it’s like the first time. When you’re over there, nothing else seems to be affected. They are in their own little bubble. Nobody is in a bad mood and all the worries are gone.

What makes you go back?

Dawn: I’m addicted to Disney.

If you enjoyed my interview with Dawn, stay tuned for our next interview with an Annual Pass holder.

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