Discover the pirates, princesses, and even where to find Pinocchio as we celebrate Disney fairy tales and Fantasyland at Disney World

Skipping through Fantasyland at Disney World is like a dream. No matter your age, it is easy to be swept away in the music and magic that settles over every surface.

Need to know the stories behind the magic? Want to go inside Cinderella Castle and relive the fairy-tale films of your childhood at the parks? Our August issue is your guide.

Fairy Tales at Disney World

Walt Disney World immerses guests in alien worlds, frontier adventures, and futuristic wonder… but some of us are looking to indulge in good old-fashioned fairy tales as only Disney can tell.

We designed our August 2021 issue of WDW Magazine to sweep you away to the harrowing adventure and romance in every Disney fairy-tale story. Here are five stories you can find in our August edition that take you behind the magic of Disney fairy tales:

1. Imagineering “it’s a small world”Its a Small World Fantasyland Disney Fairy tales WDW Magazine August 2021 Preview

In case you had any doubt on what it would be like to work with legendary Imagineer, Mary Blair on her iconic “it’s a small world” designs, just ask Rolly Crump. That’s what Matthew Krul did.

In an interview with Rolly, we hear all about his experience working side-by-side with Mary. Hint: He said it was like heaven.

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2. The (Creepy) Fairy Tales that Inspired Disney Films

Fairy tale Fantasyland Magic Kingdom WDW Magazine August 2021 Preview

Poor Flynn Rider (cough-*Eugene*-cough). They never seem to get his nose right on those wanted posters.

But did you know that this running gag in Tangled actually has centuries-old origins? 

Our Managing Editor, Timothy Moore, is shedding light on the old stories that inspired Disney fairy tales. As you can imagine, there wasn’t always a happily ever after … in fact, these old tales can get downright gruesome.

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3. Hey, Come Inside the Cinderella Castle Suite

Cinderella Castle Suite Fantasyland Disney Fairy tales WDW Magazine August 2021 Preview

Yep. That’s right. Do I need to even hype this? Who among us has not stood outside Cinderella Castle, gazing up at the windows, wondering what’s up there. Is anyone looking back?

WDW Magazine Photographer, Mike Billick, snapped photos of the inside of the suite that will make you feel like you’re there. And we talked to Brandon Johnson, who told us all about his once-in-a-lifetime stay overnight in the castle suite.

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4. How They Popped the Question at Disney WorldFantasyland Disney World WDW Magazine August 2021 Preview

Have you ever witnesses a proposal or wedding happening at Walt Disney World? How about just a matching pair of anniversary t-shirts?

With all these dreams coming true for our Disney fairy-tale characters, it’s no wonder that WDW is an ideal place for romance. Here’s what it’s like to be proposed to, propose, and celebrate your honeymoon at the Most Magical Place on Earth. Just in case you need some ideas…

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5. It’s a Fantasyland Celebration

The Little Mermaid Fantasyland Disney World WDW Magazine August 2021 Preview

You knew we had to celebrate all things Fantasyland in this issue!

Columnist Jamie Cattanach is bringing you behind the magic that created New Fantasyland … the reboot of a beloved Magic Kingdom land that brought us stories with Belle and an undersea sing-along with Ariel.

But did you know that there were a few princesses who were scheduled to get a featured attraction in New Fantasyland … but were scrapped?

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Also in our August 2021 Issue:

Beauty and the Beast Fantasyland Disney Fairy tales WDW Magazine August 2021 Preview

From The Best Beauty and the Beast Experience by TDR Explorer

  • The Best Beauty and the Beast Experience is at Tokyo Disneyland—TDR Explorer, Chris Nilghe is taking us to the ultimate attraction for Belle fans. You won’t believe the detail put into the ride and the area that surrounds it.
  • No One Snacks Like Gaston—A giant cinnamon roll and that delicious brew… here are Gaston’s villainous must-eats, and it’s not five dozen eggs, we promise.
  • Where to Find Pinocchio in the Parks—A classic… so where is here? Here’s every single spot that Pinocchio fans can find him in the parks!
  • Princess Leia Sounds Off—”Get into the garbage chute, flyboy.”
  • Top 5 Loyal Sidekicks—Did your favorite talking animal make the list?
  • Climb the Magic Beanstalk with Funko Games—It’s magic at home when you dare to challenge the giant with Mickey and Friends. Here’s our honest review of this new tabletop adventure.
  • Disneybounders: Peter Pan—Styles so fly … they neverland.
  • Pirate and Princess Resort Rooms—How to theme your vacation with these fantastic rooms.
  • Mermaid Garden Party—How to create your own mermaid party with decorations, drinks, and bubbly entertainment.
  • Enchanted Easter Eggs—Disney’s Enchanted is a love letter to Disney fairy-tale animation. Here are all the secret references to look for!

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Rain Blanken
Rain Blanken

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